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MEDIAPRO presents Mediapro Labs, the new talent incubator from MEDIAPRO Group

The content hallmark seeks to identify digital audiovisual talent to associate with for the production of new ideas and formats.

MEDIAPRO presented Mediapro Labs, the new content hallmark from MEDIAPRO, which aims to identify digital audiovisual talent with whom to forge associations and produce new ideas and formats, connecting the different divisions of the Group with the community of independent creators. The project is designed to explore new formats and narratives and to produce a minimum of one audiovisual project in categories such as fiction, entertainment programmes, documentary series, e-sports and podcasts.

Mediapro Labs will be co-directed by Maya Maidagan, Digital Content Director for the MEDIAPRO Group, and Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi. “The Javis” will primarily focus their attention on the selection process for fiction projects through their production company SUMA LATINA, and in association with MEDIAPRO, the co-production of the winning project, for which they will act as Executive Producers.

Javier Méndez Zori, Director of Content at MEDIAPRO, highlighted that “for MEDIAPRO, creative talent is an absolute priority. In a world where digital natives will soon become the largest audience, MEDIAPRO is looking to make contact with young creative minds and to develop innovative projects.” Maya Maidagan explained that Mediapro Labs is a meeting point for the community of independent creators and MEDIAPRO, as well as a development program. “It goes without saying that the industry must implement change to adapt to the radical disruption the content business is currently undergoing, and Mediapro Labs is one of the MEDIAPRO Group’s investments in this direction. Innovating in the world of audiovisuals is risky, but Mediapro Labs wants to give a clear ‘YES’ vote to innovative and distinctive projects”.

mediaprolabs_javisThe permanent headquarters for Mediapro Labs, in Calle Maratón 11 in Madrid, will be inaugurated this coming December 18 with an open-day. Office installation include an auditorium, studios, workstations and networking zone, where regular sessions of Mediapro Talks are scheduled to take place given by leading names from the sector. Mediapro Labs will also have an office in Barcelona, where proposals will be screened for selection and consultancy services provided to Barcelona-based creators.

Leading lights from the sector and young creative minds will act as project patrons, mentoring creators, sponsoring projects and actively participating in talks organized by Mediapro Talks. Those who have already confirmed their participation include Javier Olivares (“The Ministry of Time”), Thais Villas (journalist and presenter), Quique Peinado (journalist, writer and presenter), Facu Díaz and Miguel Maldonado (“No te metas en política”), Carmen Aguilera (Director of “El Intermedio”), Ibai Llanos (LVP caster) and Esty Quesada (responsible for the Flooxer-based series, “Looser”). In addition to project sponsors, the Mediapro Labs presentation event was also attended by creators including Sr Forfast, Kiron, Abi Power, Toni Emcee, Gominuke, Kikillo, Juan Arroitia, Isaac F. Corrales y Living Postureo.

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