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MEDIAPRO to train the next generation of Spain’s creative fiction minds

Launch of a master's degree with the Complutense University to detect new talent, training it to face the current audiovisual revolution. The entire Audiovisual Group, including its audiovisual productions, is made available to the Master in both the academic and practical field.

The MEDIAPRO Group announces its firm commitment to the formation of new creative talent with the announcement of an official Master of Creative Writing and Screenwriting in collaboration with the Complutense University. Faithful to its origins, the Group takes up the historic initiative of Globomedia, who for more than 13 years has identified and trained the most outstanding fiction creators in Spain through its Master in Screenwriting in collaboration with the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

MEDIAPRO seeks storytellers and story creators who know how to hook in the viewer and manage to keep them glued to the screen from the pilot episode all the wat through until the end of the season, in movies, on TV or through new windows and digital formats. The company brings its wealth of experience, the talent of its creators and the possibility of putting into practice the knowledge acquired in one of the more than 20 productions the Group has in operation around the world. The goal: to create a new generation of storytellers who bring Spanish fiction to the entire world through its 53 offices in 35 countries.

The MEDIAPRO Master in Creative Writing & Screenwriting gets underway this coming academic year, 2019/2020, endorsed as an official degree qualification from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid’s Faculty of Information Sciences. The master, divided into 3 major areas (film, TV and digital) will have the collaboration of prestigious fiction professionals linked to the Group. Javier Olivares (“The Ministry of Time”, “Isabel”); Iván Escobar (“Locked Up”, “Kamikaze”); Ran Tellem (“Homeland”, “The Paradise”); Daniel Burman (“Lost Embrace”, “Edha”) and Los Javis (“Paquita Salas”, “On The Line”) are just some of the creators that will be part of the large group of lecturers. Students will be able to do internships in the big productions, national and international, that the Group has in development.

Rich and successful experience in the creation of fiction content

The MEDIAPRO Group is a world leader in multimedia content, specialising in content integration, production and distribution. Their products have been successful in the prime time of the main Spanish channels for over 20 years and their productions are present on all the latest platforms. The Group’s content division develops, creates, produces and distributes content of all genres and in all formats for television, cinema or exhibitions. The Group also produces content in the United States, Portugal, Argentina and the Middle East working with directors such as Woody Allen, Fernando León Aranoa, Isabel Coixet, Patricio Guzmán, Manuel Huerga, Roman Polanski, Ernesto Daranas and Gaston Duprat, among others. TV fiction from creators such as Ran Tellem, David Simon, Paolo Sorrentino, Daniel Calparsoro, Daniel Écija, Javier Olivares, Fernando González Molina, Eduardo Sacheri, Michel Gaztambide, Àlex and David Pastor, Daniel Burman and Esty Quesada.

Several of the Group’s recent projects produced for Netflix (“Edha”, “Bomb Scared”), Amazon (“Six Dreams” and “All or Nothing: Manchester City”), DirectTV (“Side Games”), Fox (“Locked Up”), Turner (“Vote Juan”) and Viacom (“N00Bees”). Currently, the MEDIAPRO Content Division is involved in projects with HBO (“The New Pope”), YLE (“The Paradise”), Turner and Disney (“Miracle Hunters”), among others. Recently, the company announced agreements with VICE Studios and Pol-ka.

With an outstanding presence in the main film festivals, MEDIAPRO productions have won 2 Oscars and received 3 nominations, 2 Golden Globes, 1 BAFTA, 2 Independent Spirit, 1 Vulcain Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, 1 Silver Bear at the Berlinale, 28 Goya and 1 Golden Shell from the San Sebastian Film Festival.

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