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TNT presents the first images from “Vota Juan”

An exclusive TNT series, produced by 100 Balas (MEDIAPRO Group) and Turner, starring Javier Cámara and María Pujalte. Diego San José and Juan Cavestany are the creators of this comedy series directed by Víctor García León and David Serrano.

TNT have just released the first images from Vota Juan, an exclusive TNT series, produced by 100 Balas (MEDIAPRO Group) and Turner, which is scheduled to air on the channel this coming January 25. The comedy stars Javier Cámara (“Narcos”, “Truman”, “The Young Pope”) and María Pujalte (“Los misterios de Laura”, “Periodistas”), and was jointly created by Diego San José (“Ocho apellidos vascos”) and Juan Cavestany (“Vergüenza”). Víctor García León (“Selfie”) and David Serrano (“Tenemos que hablar”) were in charge of directing the episodes.

Set in the world of Spanish politics, “Vota Juan” revolves around the figure of Juan Carrasco, an anaemic Agriculture Minister who, after a series of political coincidences sees awaken in him an ambition which leads him to stand for the leadership of his party and as a consequence, Prime Minister. Party intrigue, petty jealousy and crisis are par for the course for Juan in pursuit of his goal. But he won’t be alone, as he’ll have the help of his loyal press chief, his head of cabinet and his personal consultant. A campaign team that, just like its leader, will try to make up for its lack of experience and political nous with large doses of cheek and on the fly improvisation. The big question on everybody’s mind is, will Juan make it to La Moncloa?

The production, consisting of 8 episodes, is one of the first attempts in Spain at a TV genre with a long history in other countries: political comedy. Episodes will be available on SVOD of all operators once the show has aired on the channel.

Javier Cámara admits that it’s a comedy which has been a challenge: “It’s been fun, the characters are living on the limit and the more they suffer, the more the viewers will enjoy it”.

Diego San José highlights the freedom given to the creators to go beyond what had previously been attempted: “Us comedy creators are obliged to force the viewer to sit up and take notice. With this comedy we’ve stepped into new territory for what is considered a prime-time sitcom. If we get some abuse on Twitter, it means we’ve hit the mark”.

Cast of Vota Juan

Javier Cámara plays a run-of-the-mill politician who dreams of making it big. María Pujalte plays Macarena Lombardo, the chief of staff who needs all the patience she can muster and plenty of political skill to help save some of the ideas that turn up in the minister’s head.

Esty Quesada (“Soy una pringada”) plays Eva Carrasco, Juan’s teenage daughter. The relationship between reveals the main character’s warmest and most intimate side.

The cast is completed by Nuria Mencía (“La princesa de Éboli”, “Tirando a dar”) as Carmen Müller, the chief of staff, who does everything possible to cover up the cock-ups made by the minister and Adam Jezierski (“Con el culo al aire”, “Gym Tony”) as Víctor Sanz, Juan’s personal secretary, who’s waiting for his big chance in politics biding his time working for the minister.

Joaquín Climent (“El comisario”, “Gran reserva: El origen”) plays Luis Vallejo, an old-school politician with an inside track into the Moncloa; Pedro Ángel Roca (“Ella es tu padre”, “La tira”) is the minister’s well-informed bodyguard, and Mona Martínez (“Vis a vis”, “Anclados”) plays Juan’s housemaid and witness to his most intimate moments with Yaël Belicha (“Apaches”, “Los Protegidos”) playing Paula, Juan’s long-suffering wife.

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