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MEDIAPRO to present “LALI ACROSS THE UNIVERSE” at Cartoon Movie 2019

The full-length animated feature is co-produced by MEDIAPRO and ROKYN ANIMATION. Screenplay by Joaquín Reyes and Miguel Esteban, who, together with Manuel Sicilia, will also direct the full-length feature.

MEDIAPRO and ROKYN ANIMATION coproduce “LALI ACROSS THE UNIVERSE”, an animated feature film chosen for CARTOON MOVIE 2019, the co-production forum for European full-length animated features.

The 21st edition of CARTOON MOVIE takes place this coming 5-7 March in Bordeaux. Many of the most successful titles to compete at the top international festivals launched their foray into the world of cinema at previous editions of the forum, including Oscar nominated productions in the Best Animated Film category such as “Chico & Rita” (2011), “My Life as a Zuchini” (2016), “Shaun the Sheep Movie” (2015), “Loving Vincent” (2017) and “The Breadwinner” (2017). “Wrinkles”, winner of the Goya for Best Animated Film was the Spanish production presented at the forum in 2012.

With “LALI ACROSS THE UNIVERSE”, MEDIAPRO begins its maiden voyage into the world of animated production. The leading company in the European audiovisual sector in terms of cinema and television, joins forces on this project with ROKYN ANIMATION, animated feature production company whose creative minds have over 20 years’ experience in the industry.


Actor, comedian, and screenwriter Joaquín Reyes (“La hora chanante”, “Muchachada Nui”, “Camera Café”, “Fibrilando”, “Cuerpo de Élite”, “El Intermedio”) and fellow screenwriter Miguel Esteban (responsible for “The End of Comedy”, 2017 Alma award-winning series for Best Screenplay and 2017 Emmy nominee in the Best Comedy section) are responsible for the screenplay of this full-length feature project.

The director, in conjunction with both scriptwriters, is Manuel Sicilia, a director and producer with 20 years’ experience in animation. Sicilia directed “The Lost Lynx” and “Justin and the Sword of Valor”, feature films premiered in more than 160 countries; he also produced “The Lady & The Reaper”, a short film which was nominated for an Oscar in 2009. Projects directed and produced by Sicilia have amassed almost 100 international awards, including two Goya awards.

“LALI ACROSS THE UNIVERSE” narrates the adventures of Lali, a young girl with a great imagination and an excellent sense of humour, but who is not all that popular at school where Andus makes her life impossible. The 9-year-old girl enthusiastically receives the news of an upcoming move involving a change of school. But, surprise! The family is moving to X-222, a new dimension where there is no place for Monster, Lali’s imaginary friend who has been her mainstay throughout her life. The other principal characters include Roboto, a robot in charge of this rather extraordinary move, and Mr. Chot, a hamster who suffers from aerophagia.

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