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MEDIAPRO Labs receives over 200 proposals in its first month

Creative minds of all ages presented their projects for series, programmes, documentaries, podcasts, films, animation and shorts.

Mediapro Labs, the new MEDIAPRO content label created to identify new digital audiovisual talent and to serve as a bridge to the community of independent creators, has received over 200 proposals for content projects in all formats since its presentation this past December 11. The ideas submitted during the label’s first month include projects for web series, TV series, documentaries, entertainment programmes, podcasts, films, animation and shorts.

Creative minds whose interests cover every possible genre answered the call, which remains open, to present their ideas including delirious comedies, medieval thrillers, transmedia narratives, love and sexuality, interactive crime projects, fake documentaries, space sitcoms, stories of overcoming adversity and personal quests, psychological horror, feminism and empowerment, among others. The proposals also cover a broad spectrum of content formats including vertical, digital, streaming, content for social networks, live content, etc..

In addition to the many projects submitted via its website, in its search for new creative talent, Mediapro Labs maintains contacts with digital talents and influencers who have expressed an interest in developing joint projects.

Mediapro Labs also aspires to become an experience-sharing platform for leading professionals within the sector.
Upcoming Mediapro Talks:

  • Javier Olivares, creator of “The Ministry of Time” (January 22, 18:00 CET)
  • Esty Quesada (Soy una pringada), responsible for “Looser” from Flooxer (January 29, 18:00 CET)
  • Carmen Aguilera, director of “El Intermedio”, and Thais Villas, journalist and “El Intermedio” collaborator (February 5, 12:00 CET)Gustavo Salmerón, winner of a Goya for Best Documentary Film for ‘Lots of Kids, a Monkey and a Castle”. (February 12, 18:00 CET)

During the second week in February, the MEDIAPRO auditorium in Barcelona will be transformed into the pop-up headquarters of Mediapro Labs over a two-day period. The team will be in contact with well-known creative minds, as well as film and TV school students and to provide information to anyone interested in submitting their proposal.

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