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NHL Wins With DoCaption LRBox Ancillary Data Platform Scoreboard Data Encoder and OSD

The DoCaption Hat Trick: Ancillary Data Encoding, Instant 'Burnt-in' Display on Video, and Frame-Accurate Sync Between Game Clock and In-Net Camera Feed.

DoCaption proudly announced that the United States’ National Hockey League (NHL) has incorporated the company’s scoreboard data encoder and decoder with on-screen display (OSD), part of its newly updated LRBox platform-based product line, into all of the league’s in-net camera systems. This solution enables the NHL to embed scoreboard data, including the game clock, as ancillary data into the SDI video feed captured by the in-net camera and to “burn” this information frame-accurately into the video used by referees and the NHL’s situation room.

“Entering major sports leagues, thanks to the NHL, is a great experience and an exciting challenge that we took up on the spot with great pleasure,” said Renaud Desportes, director of marketing and product management at DoCaption. “Thanks to its versatility, flexibility, and power, our company’s scoreboard data encoder and decoder, based on our already-successful LRBox hardware platform, has fully addressed the NHL’s technical requirements.”

DoCaption’s flagship LRBox line features a comprehensive series of hardware tools for 3G/HD/SD-SDI ancillary data management including, but not limited to, closed captioning and subtitling. The scoreboard data encoder and decoder, a new addition to the LRBox line, encodes, inserts, and decodes sports venues’ scoreboard data as ancillary data into an SDI video signal, frame accurately. The system gets data from various scoreboard brands by connecting directly to them using their specific protocols.

Because the LRBox instantly encodes and decodes scoreboard data, including the game clock, and simultaneously burns this data into the video feed, it guarantees an accurate sync between the game clock and the video captured by the in-net cameras. In the case of NHL games, this capability enables referees and situation rooms to review crucial moments from the game with the utmost confidence.

“While a single LRBox can handle simultaneous local decoding and scoreboard data OSD, users can deploy two LRBox devices to facilitate remote decoding and data display. The scoreboard data may be passed through video encoders and can be easily recorded with video for later replay. The compact LRBox device is small enough to be installed alongside the NHL’s in-net cameras and “green” enough to be battery-operated along with those cameras.

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