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Pikolo Systems and Digital Alert Systems Partner to Streamline EAS Alert Management

Pikolo Data Systems announced a technology partnership with Digital Alert Systems (DAS), a leading innovator of next-generation Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) and Emergency Alert Systems (EAS) that integrates Pikolo's ITracker broadcast operations management workflow with DAS' DASDEC™ and its exclusive EAS-Net™ communications software.

Pikolo ITracker is the No. 1 broadcast incident tracking and discrepancy reporting solution. Now incorporating EAS-Net, ITracker allows similarly configured DAS devices to communicate directly with the ITracker service, eliminating the need for operators to document EAS alerts. ITracker captures both the textual content and the audio stream, allowing for playback verification and documentation.

Pikolo President Vernon Omegah said, “With the complexities of modern broadcast operations, operators are already tasked with performing many functions. Having emergency alerts automatically and accurately documented helps relieve the workload. Our partnership with DAS continues Pikolo’s commitment to helping our clients streamline their operations.”

ITracker can communicate with any number of defined DAS devices. The updated interface allows an organization to define the processing workflow and classification metrics for incoming alerts. The integration supports all alerts — whether static or live events — including required weekly and monthly tests.

“Digital Alert Systems welcomes Pikolo Data Systems, as a new EAS-Net partner, to our award-winning DASDEC platform,” said Bill Robertson, vice president of business development at Digital Alert Systems. “The ITracker integration is a natural fit as it is seamlessly blends the overall station logs, thereby eliminating the need to document alerts separately or manually.”

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