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Nevion adds cinema HDR to its Virtuoso platform for movie post-production

Nevion announced that it is adding support for cinema-grade High Dynamic Range (HDR) 4:4:4 12-bit JPEG 2000 compression to its flagship software defined media node, Virtuoso.

The product already supports HDR for 4:2:2 10-bit content.

Nevion equipment is widely used in movie post-production for remote review and color grading – in fact, for many the process is known as a “T-VIPS session”, named after a company which has been part of Nevion since 2013. By enabling the transport of color-accurate video in real-time over IP networks, Virtuoso allows people involved in the production to work collaboratively over any distance.


With high-end HDR increasingly being adopted in the movie industry to provide greater color depth and augment the viewer’s experience, Nevion is enhancing Virtuoso, to enable post-production houses to work in 4:4:4 12-bit HDR for various color spaces (RGB and XYZ, as well as YCbCr) and formats (including 2K, 4K and stereoscopic). A single Virtuoso unit can handle, for example, up to eight 2K HDR streams, two 4K HDR streams, or one 4K HDR stereoscopic stream.

Johnny Dolvik, Chief Product and Development Officer at Nevion says: “Our involvement in movie post-production workflows goes back over a decade, and we are very proud that our equipment has been used to produce some of the biggest blockbuster movies of recent years. Adding cinema grade HDR to our media node Virtuoso is just the latest development of the platform to meet the evolving needs of movie industry.”

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