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GeoBroadcast Solutions Welcomes Harvey Wells as Director of Sales Development and Marketing

Wells will leverage his extensive entrepreneurial and sales background, along with his past experience with GeoBroadcast Solutions’ game-changing technologies, to help radio stations empower their businesses.

GeoBroadcast Solutions has appointed Harvey Wells as Director of Sales Development and Marketing, effective immediately. Wells is responsible for the continued roll-out of GeoBroadcast Solutions’ patented MaxxCasting technology, and will help introduce the company’s patented, game-changing ZoneCasting technology to a broader audience.

MaxxCasting is now live in several medium-to-major markets around the United States, and was most recently deployed at WXLO(FM) in Boston. MaxxCasting leverages Single Frequency Network (SFN) architectures to optimize a radio station’s signal strength within its FCC-allocated contour, allowing greater numbers of potential listeners and Nielsen Personal People Meter encoding. In the case of WXLO, it is estimated that more than one million people will hear a much clearer signal than before the MaxxCasting system was turned on.

ZoneCasting, pending FCC approval, will allow a radio station to divide its signal based on a market’s geography. ZoneCasting, for the first time, will allow a radio station on its single frequency to air different news, traffic, weather, public service announcements and advertisements based on where a listener is located.

“I spent several months working with the GeoBroadcast Solutions team in the earliest development stages of MaxxCasting and ZoneCasting technology,” said Wells. “It’s amazing to see how far these products have come. MaxxCasting and ZoneCasting have the ability to literally change the relationship that radio stations have with their three major consumers: listeners, advertisers and the communities they serve. These technologies promise to be game-changers for our industry, and amplify the power of local radio for generations to come.”

A native of Chicago, Wells’ impressive career has spanned programming, sales and senior management for some of the broadcast industry’s largest corporations (CBS, Infinity and Westinghouse), as well as in entrepreneurial environments. Most recently, Wells was General Manager for five radio stations owned by Mid-West Family Broadcasting in Springfield, Illinois. He has spent most of his career in Chicago, along with a four-year stint in Southern California.

Wells brings additional value to his new role beyond his vast industry experience, given his long-standing relationship with GeoBroadcast Solutions and its technology.

GeoBroadcast Solutions CTO Bill Hieatt added, “With successful MaxxCasting deployments delivering real-world results and ZoneCasting in FCC approval, it was time to bring someone onboard with both experience and passion for both technologies. Several years ago, Harvey actually was involved in an early form of ZoneCasting in the Chicago area, but it took three radio stations to do it. Our new technology will allow a single radio station to do what it took Harvey three stations to do. He is the perfect person to help us build on MaxxCasting’s strong momentum, and officially launch ZoneCasting once approved.”

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