Veritone® Announces Agreement to Deliver One-Two Combo for Golden Boy Promotions With Core™ and Digital Media Hub™

Veritone Inc. announced an agreement with Golden Boy Promotions, one of boxing’s most active and respected promoters, to use Veritone’s Core and Digital Media Hub as its digital asset management solution and white-label portal to store, access, and manage its more than 14 terabytes of video content and streamline asset delivery to its broadcast and press partners.

Based in Los Angeles, Golden Boy Promotions was founded in 2002 by world boxing champion Oscar De La Hoya. Previously, the company’s archived assets were stored on various hard drives, organized on its internal systems, and distributed via Dropbox and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) accounts. Over the past six years, the volume of Golden Boy’s fight content and live studio shows such as “Between the Ropes” and “Mano a Mano” has outpaced its internal capabilities, and the company needed a content delivery system that would allow it to increase efficiency and store content in a more organized manner.

“We required a solution that would not only save us time and money in delivering content to our partners but would increase efficiency by allowing our editors and media team to access materials more quickly,” said Jackie Grant, manager of international television at Golden Boy Promotions. “We’ve enjoyed a long relationship with Wazee Digital, now a Veritone company, and their professionalism and expertise in the field made them an easy choice for digital asset management. We’re still in the process of uploading the bulk of our assets to Core and Digital Media Hub, but the solution is already paying off.”

Core is an enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) digital asset management platform built specifically for the cloud, which Veritone added to its offerings through its acquisition of Wazee Digital, Inc. in August 2018. Core manages the complex tasks of content acquisition, effective workflow, universal access, and metadata enrichment and management, as well as automated delivery to any authorized user. The platform provides powerful metadata management and streamlined workflows to give content owners maximum operational efficiencies and control. With Core, Golden Boy editing teams can search for specific fight footage in a more organized manner and easily review its archive.


Digital Media Hub provides a central location for valuable content and makes it available for immediate global access. Through the portal’s elegant user interface, customers can acquire, enhance, and distribute media gleaned from production, postproduction, marketing, and even live-event environments. Digital Media Hub allows Golden Boy to share material with its partners for re-air as well as developing shoulder programming and promotional pieces. In addition, the company can restrict permissions for certain partners and track footage downloads. The portal also provides Golden Boy with the flexibility to change the layout specific to each fight event and sort content in folders specific to fight activities, making it clear to its partners what they are viewing.

“Golden Boy Promotions is one of boxing’s most active and respected promoters, presenting bouts in packed venues around the world,” said Mike Arthur, senior vice president of sports and licensing at Veritone. “In its 15-year existence, the company has promoted some of the biggest and highest-grossing fights in the history of the sport. It is an honor to partner with such an important figure in the world of boxing promotion and to help manage and monetize its trove of valuable content.”

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Black Box 2019 NAB Show Product Preview

The Black Box booth, SL12716, will feature demo areas dedicated to Emerald KVM solutions that address the need for convenient and intuitive real-time access to multiple computers from multiple locations, whether across rooms, floors, buildings, sites, or even cities. Black Box offers consultation and design services along with every solution delivered, and the company’s representatives at the 2019 NAB Show will highlight complete IP-based and 4K AV visualization and distribution solutions tailored to the unique requirements of modern control rooms, post and media productions, and broadcast playout environments.

Emerald™ Unified KVM-over-IP Platform


Developed and manufactured by the Black Box team in Ireland, the Emerald™ KVM-over-IP product family provides the high degree of flexibility and network security essential to state-of-the-art KVM extension and switching. At the 2019 NAB Show, Black Box will feature the Emerald 4K and Emerald SE transmitter-receiver pairs for connecting users at their workstations with remote computers and servers across distances up to 10 km over single-mode fiber, or even farther over IP. With more capabilities than other KVM solutions currently on the market, Emerald delivers superior value by lowering the cost of ownership and helping to extend the life of existing IT investments. The award-winning Emerald 4K delivers pixel-perfect HD or 4K video over an IP network with support for mixed resolutions. It allows reliable extension and switching of video (DisplayPort or DVI), transparent USB 2.0, and bidirectional analog audio and serial signals across any combination and number of physical and virtual servers. Emerald SE units give users an economical point of entry into KVM-over-IP and support a measured, cost-effective migration to enterprise KVM matrix switching through a simple software license upgrade. In addition, as operations expand, Emerald allows users to scale up by simply adding endpoints.

Boxilla™ KVM and AV IT System Manager

At the 2019 NAB Show, Black Box will demonstrate how its Boxilla™ enterprise-level KVM manager is changing the way businesses deploy, configure, monitor, and manage equipment on their networks. Integrated with solutions such as the Black Box Emerald KVM-over-IP platform, Boxilla provides an intuitive interface for monitoring system performance, configuring proactive security alerts, checking on real-time device status, and identifying active devices, connections, and users, as well as their current bandwidth usage. Offering a precise view of network bandwidth, Boxilla also provides at-a-glance access to dropped frames, round-trip time, and other critical system and device data.

Radian Flex™ Software-Based Video Wall Processing Platform


Radian Flex™ is a software-based video wall processing platform that delivers the future-proof flexibility and scalability essential in digital signage, corporate, education, and mission-critical visualization applications. The intuitive software from Black Box makes it easy to display high-quality content from multiple sources across multi-screen video walls in any imaginable configuration. Users simply add, move, resize, and change content on the Radian Flex interface, and those changes are reflected in real time on the target video wall, distributed visualization system, or other display devices. Radian Flex supports an unlimited number of inputs, screens, and endpoints and limitless resolution. Users can easily daisy-chain monitors to display hundreds of H.264 and VNC video streams across multiple screens. Integrated SmartFrame technology ensures perfect picture quality and automates optimal placement of content on screen with minimal setup. The platform’s robust video engine supports 4K 60fps video up to an industry-leading resolution of more than one billion pixels, paving the way for higher resolutions.

Black Box Control Bridge™ Multisystem and Room Control

Control Bridge™ is a complete multisystem and room control system for control rooms and building automation. Using a single touch panel to control KVM, AV, and other in-room devices, users can program room temperature, control video wall solutions, turn lights on and off remotely, or launch a preset room configuration with the touch of a button to prepare a room for a presentation.

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SMPTE Engages the Next Generation of Storytellers

SMPTE®, the organization that is defining the future of storytelling, has completed a two-day meeting concentrated on bringing the next generation of technology talent into leadership roles within the Society. During the SMPTE annual strategic planning meeting, held on Feb. 10 in Palm Desert, California, SMPTE hosted seven rising industry members that served as advisors to the SMPTE Board of Governors.

“With the approval of SMPTE’s three-year strategic plan at our October 2018 Board meeting, SMPTE committed to a strategy that would attract, engage, and delight the next generation of motion picture, television, and professional media storytellers,” said SMPTE President Patrick Griffis, vice president of technology at Dolby Laboratories, who began his two-year term as president on Jan. 1.

Sharing insights and suggestions with the SMPTE Board were independent producer and animator Alyce Tzou, Jack Gravina of Gravina Films (commercial and narrative content production) and Nimble Music (music library for TV and film), Brian Cabral of Facebook, Monica Escalante of EFILM, Josh Berkowitz of Technicolor, Kyle Tedeschi of Cisco, and Jackson Miller of Epic Games.

“SMPTE has provided so much to so many over the past five generations,” said SMPTE Executive Vice President Hans Hoffmann, senior manager and head of media production technology at the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). “SMPTE has always been an innovator and leader for large-scale technology transitions in the media industry. These transitions naturally included attracting new technical and creative talent to the Society. We recognize that the media industry at large is undergoing another significant transformation. Our strategic approach ensures that the Society is a welcoming home for new talent and continues supporting a technical community dedicated to solving challenges, and creating new opportunities, for our wonderful and expanding medium.”

SMPTE video excerpts from this unique strategic planning session will be posted over the next few weeks so that the whole industry can leverage critical insights to attract, engage, and delight new and future industry professionals — the next generation of storytellers. The videos will be available on SMPTE’s YouTube channel.

“SMPTE has some 7,000 members worldwide and 250 corporate sustaining members,” said SMPTE Executive Director Barbara Lange. “In fact, 2018 was SMPTE’s strongest year in terms of event participation, educational courses offered, and standards downloaded, but we know we can do so much more. We need to be rigorous in demonstrating to the next generation of industry professionals the value SMPTE offers individuals throughout their careers and the benefits of gaining access to the Society’s rich network of mentors and colleagues.”

The seven industry representatives invited to the SMPTE strategy session discussed topics including their reasons for entering the media and entertainment industry, the tools and resources they use to learn, the face-to-face and connected social interactions they prefer, and the organizations they belong to and why. The SMPTE Board and guest representatives also collaborated to create specific plans for broadening SMPTE’s next-generation membership and, in turn, strengthening the overall community of the Society.

“The perspectives we gained during this strategic planning session will be of enormous value in shaping further membership initiatives, networking events, and educational opportunities — and even the way we approach standards development,” said SMPTE Membership Vice President Peter Wharton. “If these new SMPTE members are representative of our industry’s next generation of professionals, the Society has a bright and exciting future ahead of it.”

In recognition of their contribution to SMPTE’s strategic planning work, each participant received a SMPTE membership and a copy of SMPTE’s “Magic and Miracles: 100 Years of Moving Image Science and Technology.”

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