Sonnet Technologies at the 2019 NAB Show

Thunderbolt™ 3 to PCIe® Card Expansion Systems.

Sonnet-echo_express_iii-d_t3eAt the 2019 NAB Show, Sonnet will showcase its dual lines of Thunderbolt™-to-PCI Express® (PCIe®) card expansion systems, devices that house PCIe adapter cards that add connectivity options and processing power to computers without card slots, and connect them to the computer through a single Thunderbolt cable.

Sonnet will demonstrate multi-GPU support for the Mac® enabled by eGFX Breakaway™ Boxes. These systems were designed and qualified specifically for large power-hungry video graphics processing unit (GPU) cards, which many pro video editing, rendering, color grading, animation, and special effects applications rely on to do heavy computational work. Harnessing the power of GPUs — including the latest GPU cards from both NVIDIA® and AMD — Breakaway Boxes can significantly accelerate video production workflows. Lists of supported computers and GPU cards are available.

Sonnet-egfx_breakaway_box_650Enabling workflows in ways not possible otherwise, Echo™ Express systems — available with one, two, or three card slots, and accommodating from low-profile to full-height, full-length cards — support high-performance non-GPU cards, including pro audio I/O and DSP cards, pro video capture and transcoding cards, network and storage interface cards, and other high-performance PCIe cards.

Portable eGPU Solutions

sonnet_egfx_breakaway_puckSonnet will demonstrate its two Apple®-qualified all-in-one external graphics solutions (eGPU), the eGFX Breakaway™ Puck Radeon RX 560 and eGFX Breakaway Puck Radeon RX 570. Compact and powerful, these integrated Thunderbolt 3 external graphics processing unit systems are highly portable and offer users tremendously improved graphics performance — on the computer’s primary screen or on an externally connected display — when used with thin and light laptops, mini desktops, and all-in-one computers.

NEW: 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) Networking Product Family

Sonnet-solo10_sfp_pcie_card_w_transceiverAt the 2019 NAB Show, Sonnet will feature the industry’s most comprehensive line of 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) adapters and cards: Solo10G™ single-port and Twin10G™ dual-port 10GbE Thunderbolt™ adapters, plus Solo10G single-port and Presto™ 10GbE dual-port 10GbE PCI Express® (PCIe®) cards, including all-new low-cost 10GbE optical adapters. Sonnet’s 10GbE solutions enable users to connect their computers easily via copper or optical cables to high-speed network infrastructure and storage systems using the 10GbE standard.

NEW: SF3™ Series Pro Card Readers

Sonnet_sf3_readers_stackedSonnet will show its line of SF3™ Series dual-slot Thunderbolt™ 3 pro media readers, showcasing the soon-to-ship SF3 Series — Sonnet RED MINI-MAG® Card Reader. Featuring dual Thunderbolt 3 ports, the reader can support a bus-powered device (such as the SF3 Series — CFast™ 2.0 Pro Card Reader) and can simultaneously ingest files from two RED MINI-MAG cards at their maximum supported data transfer speeds. Each SF3 Series reader, including the SF3 Series — SxS™ Pro Card Reader, features a compact rugged aluminum enclosure designed for stacking multiple readers and can simultaneously ingest files from two cards at their maximum supported data transfer speeds. Depending on media type, concurrent data transfer speeds up to 1,000+ MB/s from two cards are supported, while daisy-chained SF3 Series readers can leverage Thunderbolt 3’s 2,750 MB/s bandwidth.

NEW: Thunderbolt™ 3 Pro Dock

Sonnet-Echo11Thunderbolt3DockAt the 2019 NAB show, Sonnet will demonstrate a companion to its popular Echo™ 11 Thunderbolt™ 3 Dock, revealing an all-new rugged and powerful Thunderbolt 3 Pro Dock designed specifically for pro video and audio industry users.

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Qligent to Highlight Multi-Platform Compliance Monitoring and Analysis Innovations at 2019 NAB Show

Continuing to help broadcasters and service providers easily meet regulatory requirements and expanding audience expectations, media delivery quality assurance innovator Qligent will highlight the expanding compliance recording and analysis capabilities in its Vision monitoring system in booth N4215 at the 2019 NAB Show. Intelligently aggregating extensive data from multiple points in the content delivery chain, Vision’s compliance capabilities provide customers with deeper insights that allow them to more quickly identify and address the root cause of both legal and revenue-impacting issues.


Qligent’s cloud-based Vision solution provides comprehensive, holistic monitoring and analysis of four quality management pillars that impact the viewer experience: compliance errors (regulatory and SLA considerations), objective errors (QoS), subjective errors (QoE) and programmatic errors (intended presentation to the viewer). Vision’s unique distributed data collection approach uses software-based virtual and IoT probes to monitor live and on-demand content across varying platforms – including OTA, satellite, cable and OTT– at multiple points ranging from the origin facility to the last mile. This enables verification that content is in compliance not only when it leaves the headend, but also when it reaches consumers in their homes or on the go.

“Customers’ compliance requirements are evolving, as they combine live and linear channels to capture the first impression with on-demand distribution on new platforms to create a one-to-one relationship with each viewer,” said Ted Korte, CTO of Qligent. “Addressing this trend requires a unified compliance management system which can combine file-based, stream, and VOD analysis in a single tool. The Vision platform provides flexible compliance recording, logging and analysis far superior to traditional purpose-built boxes, supplemented by QoS, QoE and programmatic checks for more realistic and complete verification.”

Vision’s compliance tools enable operators to record at high or low resolution, store transport streams, and capture PCAP network traffic at multiple points in the delivery path. Recordings can be retained locally or in the cloud on customer-specified storage for any desired duration. In addition to regulatory requirements such as Closed Captions, Emergency Alerts (EAS) and commercial loudness, Qligent Vision can automatically check secondary events and attributes such as the timing of Digital Program Insertion (DPI) triggers as well as the presence of Nielsen watermarks, logo bugs and more.

“Vision gives broadcasters and service operators a flexible toolset to create their own definition of compliance,” explained Korte. “We can verify anything they are trying to deliver to their audiences, and do so in multiple ways in multiple locations, all the way out into the field.”

Adding a powerful new dimension to Vision’s rich compliance analysis capability is the optional As-Run module. Making its North American debut at the NAB Show, the new option enables operators to visually correlate compliance events and anomalies against an imported program schedule. The module overlays additional columns of monitored compliance characteristics – such as QoE issues, audio loudness and SCTE triggers – alongside the playlist, enabling deeper analysis than would be possible in isolation while helping differentiate legal compliance violations from audience-impacting but non-regulatory issues.

“For example, an abrupt audio loudness spike within a program may be annoying, but is not a violation of the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act,” said Korte. “If it occurs at the start of a commercial break, however, that is a violation. By correlating the detected loudness against the program schedule, customers can conclusively and automatically monitor CALM compliance. This is just one example of how the As-Run option makes it easier for broadcasters and service providers to manage by exception, helping them detect and remedy anomalies more rapidly.”

Automated alert notifications and reporting bolster monitoring by exception while minimizing effort. In addition to enhancing automated compliance checking, the As-Run option also offers greater control of manual verification tasks. An enhanced clip player allows frame-accurate review for precise correlation against captured data properties and events, while integrated search functionality helps users quickly locate specific shows, commercials, IDs or secondary events for further validation, reporting, export, repurposing or affidavit requirements.

“We have designed Vision’s compliance features with three key goals in mind: providing flexible recording from more points in the delivery path, automating compliance verification as much as possible, and making any remaining manual tasks as simple as we can,” said Korte. “We look forward to showing NAB Show visitors how our latest advances make these goals a reality, giving customers the most comprehensive validation possible across all of their distribution channels.”

Austin-Peay State University Delivers Hands-On, Educational Production Experiences with Hitachi HDTV Cameras

Hitachi_Austin_Peay_State_U_3The Department of Communication at Austin-Peay State University (APSU) is proud to offer students real-world, hands-on experience in a full array of television and sports broadcasting disciplines. Building on positive experience with cameras from Hitachi Kokusai Electric America, Ltd. (Hitachi Kokusai) in the university’s athletic arenas, the department has expanded its use of Hitachi cameras into its instructional television studio by purchasing three new Z-HD5000s.

Hitachi Kokusai will exhibit in booth C4409 at the 2019 NAB Show from April 8 to 11.

Located just 45 minutes from Nashville in downtown Clarksville, Tennessee, APSU is a four-year public university with more than 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students. APSU Television (APSU-TV) operates 24 hours per day and features student-produced news, public affairs, sports and special event programming. The APSU Department of Communication also offers the only Sports Broadcasting major in the state of Tennessee, providing students with live production experience on APSU football and basketball broadcasts, as well as video scoreboard productions.

While APSU-produced programming can be seen on outlets ranging from the campus cable channel to the EPSN+ streaming service, the department’s primary focus is on the educational experience.

“Even though our department does productions, they are all embedded within our curriculum,” said Kathy Lee Heuston, professor and interim chair, Department of Communication at APSU. “Even our sports broadcasts are part of the curriculum. We properly train the students, and then they apply those skills on actual productions.”

That emphasis on experiential learning was core to the university’s earlier purchase of six Z-HD5000s from Hitachi Kokusai for its basketball and football venues, the Dunn Center and Fortera Stadium.

“Our objective was to have a professional camera to teach the students on, so they would be prepared when they went out into the real world,” said Lee Heuston. “The Z-HD5000 met all of the requirements while best fitting the budget, making it the first time the department was able to purchase professional-level cameras.”


“While streaming Ohio Valley Conference games on EPSN+ was not a consideration when we bought the Hitachi cameras, it was a huge benefit when we started with ESPN+ that we already had cameras that met ESPN standards,” added Steve Sawyer, video production coordinator at APSU.

When it came time to upgrade the department’s educational television studio, the Hitachi cameras were again a natural fit.

“Our previous studio cameras were not professional-grade and were due for replacement, so we needed to upgrade to make everything function the way we wanted,” explained Lee Heuston. “Adding more Z-HD5000s gave us consistency, so once the students learn how to use them in the studio, they’re immediately able to use them in our other venues.”

While the three new Z-HD5000s are deployed in fixed positions in the studio, the arena cameras are deployed in various combinations of tripod-based, ladder-mount and handheld operation depending on the sport. Sawyer highlights the cameras’ durability as particularly valuable for the rigors of their athletic productions.

“The Z-HD5000s are very rugged,” he said. “We’re constantly setting up and tearing down the cameras, and moving them across campus. We’ve had absolutely no problems – they’re like tanks.”

The visual quality of the Hitachi cameras has also benefited APSU’s productions.

“We use other cameras in certain situations, such as robotic basketball backboard cameras, and there’s just no comparison in quality,” said Sawyer. “When we do need to take those other shots, we use them very sparingly, because you can definitely see the difference.”

The quality improvement compared to APSU’s earlier studio cameras was similarly evident.


“When we had the older cameras in the studio alongside content coming from the Hitachi cameras in the arena, you could see the quality difference,” said Lee Heuston. “Now, with the Z-HD5000s feeding our NewTek TriCasters, we get very clear pictures and the results really look professional.”

Last but certainly not least, Sawyer compliments the intuitive nature of the Z-HD5000s as well-suited to their educational goals.

“The Hitachi cameras are very easy to teach,” he said. “Everything is very well-placed in the layout of the controls.”

Those instructional benefits align nicely with the department’s primary objective.

“We are very fortunate to be able to use the Hitachi cameras in our classroom environment as well as in our productions, to give our students hands-on experience with professional equipment that will benefit them after graduation,” concluded Lee Heuston.

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Actus Digital Amplifies Compliance and Logging Suite at 2019 NAB Show

Actus Digital will bring the latest innovations for its industry-standard compliance monitoring and media intelligence platform to the 2019 NAB Show, where the company will demonstrate how broadcasters and service providers (MVPD, OTT) can expertly manage multiple workflow tasks under the compliance umbrella from a single platform.

Rather than force customers to rely on disparate workflow components, the Actus Compliance and Logging Suite streamlines the recording and management of content, clips creation and content repurposing, export into one centralized, unified platform – adding a built-in multiviewer to monitor and analyze overall quality of service. Actus Digital adds value with competitive and ratings analysis tools to understand the performance element, with rich data and statistics that amplify media and business intelligence for customers.


The Actus Compliance and Logging Suite is a self-managed solution that is simple to deploy and integrate, requiring a minimum of rack space and power requirements for enhanced total cost of ownership. Actus Digital will demonstrate the Actus Compliance and Logging Suite and its new features at Booth SU13905 in the Las Vegas Convention Center from April 8-11.

“As the industry accelerates the migration to IP, Virtual machines and cloud workflows, there is a need to bring more advanced software toolsets and workflow tasks into a common, centralized solution,” said Raphael Renous, CTO, Actus Digital. “As we will communicate at NAB, we continue to enhance our platform in alignment with these trends and requirements, with the goal of helping our customers work more efficiently, optimize production and reduce costs.”

Renous points to the Actus Clip Factory that is another example of the company’s innovations in this direction, which addresses the growing need to manage content for social media consumption.

“Clip Factory answers the call from our customers to create and export clips to all social media platforms instantly and simultaneously, quickly and cost-effectively.”

Actus Digital’s delivery solutions are architected as HTML5-based platforms to ensure unified experiences on any device. On the compliance side – the company’s bread-and-butter focus for NAB – Actus Digital addresses all FCC requirements including closed captioning, loudness control, multi-lingual audio, Dolby decoding, subtitle recording, SCTE, Nave and metadata extraction among other components.

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Magewell to Showcase Robust Production and Distribution Solutions “from Start to Finish” at 2019 NAB Show

Magewell continues to expand its innovative offerings into new product categories, bringing its highly-acclaimed quality, reliability and price/performance value deeper into professional media workflows. At the 2019 NAB Show, the company will demonstrate its latest feature-rich tools spanning key steps in the content production chain, from capture and conversion to playout and streaming. Magewell will exhibit in booth SU5724 at the show, taking place April 8-11 in Las Vegas.


Magewell_Pro_Convert_HDMI_4K_Plus_1Highlighted among Magewell’s newest products on display will be the Pro Convert family of standalone NDI® converters. Making the transition from traditional video architectures to IP-based workflows more affordable and practical, Pro Convert devices lets users bring HDMI or SDI sources into live, IP production networks using NewTek’s popular NDI technology. Available in 4K and 1080p60 models with a choice of input interfaces, the plug-and-play devices automatically detect the input signal format to easily and cost-effectively connect existing equipment into next-generation IP media infrastructures.

For users of Magewell capture products or who prefer a software-based conversion solution, the company will also demonstrate its new Magewell Bridge software for NDI.  Magewell Bridge allows video and audio from any Magewell ingest device to appear as a live source to any other NDI-enabled software and systems on the network.


Magewell_Pro_Capture_Dual_HDMI_4K_Plus_LTMagewell’s comprehensive array of capture devices continues to grow, enabling end-users, integrators and OEMs to choose the perfect ingest solution for their exact needs. Featured products will include the USB Capture Plus family of plug-and-play, external, USB 3.0 capture devices; the ultra-compact, power-efficient Eco Capture series of M.2 cards; and the company’s flagship Pro Capture line of PCIe cards. The newest release, the Pro Capture Dual SDI 4K Plus, simultaneously captures two channels of 4K video at full 60 frames per second with 4:4:4 chroma sampling over single-link 12G-SDI, dual-link 6G-SDI or quad-link 3G-SDI connections.


Magewell_Ultra_Stream_HDMI_PR_Drk_1Making live streaming easy even for non-professional users, Magewell’s Ultra Stream HDMI standalone streaming encoder lets them record or stream high-quality video with one click using on-device buttons or an intuitive smartphone app. Users can stream to popular services including YouTube, Facebook Live or Twitch or to a custom-specified server, and can record video to a USB drive or the associated smartphone. The compact device encodes video up to 1080p60 from an HDMI input and also supports 4K sources, down-converting them automatically to HD.


Flex I/O PCIe input-output cards combine Magewell’s highly-regarded video capture benefits with high-quality playout capabilities. Available with SDI or HDMI interfaces, the first two Flex I/O models each feature four input channels and two outputs, all of which can be used simultaneously with independent resolution, frame rate and processing settings for maximum flexibility.

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Switzerland’s tpc picks Nevion to provide media network orchestration in new facilities

Nevion, award-winning provider of virtualized media production solutions, today announced that leading Swiss broadcast service provider, Technology and Production Center Switzerland AG (tpc), has selected its VideoIPath orchestration and SDN control solution for a new IP-based facility for Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF), the largest electronic media house of German-speaking Switzerland.

tpc is responsible for the production and technology of television, radio and multimedia for SRF. Together, tpc and SRF are in the process of creating a new News-, Sports- and Technology Center, with the objective of going on-air in November 2019. The new building offers the unique opportunity for SRF to fundamentally renew its technical infrastructure for signal management, broadcast operation and diverse production systems, and to rethink and optimize its workflows from ingest to playout.

At the core of the new infrastructure is the full SMPTE ST 2110 IP media network built around high-performance Arista Spine-Leaf data center network. This is a Software Defined Network (SDN) that is controlled by Nevion’s VideoIPath software, which also acts as orchestrator for the media flows between broadcast sources and destinations. For this purpose, VideoIPath is integrating with a variety of equipment provided by Imagine Communications, Rohde & Schwarz, Tektronix, Stage Tec, Riedel Communications, Pebble Beach Systems, Vizrt, Embrionix amongst others. The project is a leading example of multi-vendor integration using open standards, most notably NMOS IS 04/05.

VideoIPath also integrates with BFE’s KSC Core, the user interface used by the production teams. With this set-up, operators can plan events in the KSC Core system in different production areas, and let VideoIPath automatically orchestrate, schedule, reserve resources and provide connectivity by provisioning network and broadcast equipment to execute the events.

Andreas Lattmann, CTO tpc commented: “The new facility has the potential to revolutionize how our employees work, as well as how all products in the SRF portfolio are created, and Nevion VideoIPath will play a big role in this. Furthermore, full IP migration of the system will allow SRF to gradually start broadcasting in UHD/HDR, while the new system will also allow upcoming business areas, especially in the online section, to be adopted more easily than before.”


Hans Hasselbach, Chief Commercial Officer, Nevion, said: “Once again, Nevion VideoIPath is at the heart of the orchestration and control of the IP media network, connecting familiar consoles to the network and broadcast equipment, and managing the media flows. This project has been both exciting and challenging, not least because of the number of different pieces of equipment that VideoIPath is connecting with. It’s also an excellent showcase for the collaboration between Nevion and Arista which we first announced almost a year ago.”

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MEDIAPRO Group sign Diego San José

SMediaPRO-Diego_San_Jose_dlcreenwriter and showrunner Diego San José is set to join the MEDIAPRO Group to exclusively develop fiction projects for television.

San José, screenwriter behind hit comedies such as the “Spanish Affair” and “Spanish Affair 2” saga; “Friend Zone” and “Lovestorming”, had already worked with the company in the past on “Bomb Scared” (Netflix) and more recently on the political series with satirical overtones, “Vota Juan” (TNT).

In addition to his role in developing fiction content for cinema as well as for television, Diego San José has also worked as screenwriter on entertainment formats including “Vaya Semanita”, “La Hora de José Mota”, “¡Qué vida más triste!” and “El Intermedio”, produced by Globomedia.

Javier Méndez, Global Content Director of MEDIAPRO, explained that “Diego’s incorporation, right now the most important comedy creator on the audiovisual scene, strengthens our commitment to working with the best talent for developing quality content. Our previous experience working with Diego has been very positive and we are convinced that we will develop impressive projects”.


For his part, San José highlighted, “I’ve produced two of my favourite works with MEDIAPRO, Bomb Scared and Vota Juan, and I don’t think that’s by chance, I think it has to do with the way we work together so I’m itching to get going and see what new projects can come out of this relationship.”

This latest incorporation reinforces MEDIAPRO Group’s intention to invest in working with the very best talent available. Diego San José joins an already impressive list of creators with whom the company joins forces in content creation, including Marc Vigil, Ran Tellem, Iván Escobar, Javier Olivares, Fernando González Molina and Daniel Burman, among others.

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