Broadcast Pix Introduces BPswitch IX Integrated Production Switcher with Expanded IP at NAB 2019

Designed for productions that rely on IP-based workflows and remote cameras, BPswitch IX features six network inputs that support NDI and RTSP sources.

To promote the new system, Broadcast Pix will give away a free BPswitch IX with camera control at the 2019 NAB Show. NAB attendees are encouraged to pre-register online for a demo at the Broadcast Pix booth. Once their demo is complete, attendees can enter the contest. One winner will be chosen from eligible entries on April 10 at 4:30 p.m. The winner must be present or have a proxy at the Broadcast Pix booth to win.


BPswitch IX is designed for auditoriums, stadiums, conference rooms, and other facilities equipped with remote cameras that are switched from a central control room. Along with two SDI/HDMI inputs (including one analog input for legacy sources), it can receive up to six IP camera feeds. The native 1080p/60 system seamlessly integrates MPEG-2, H.264, and other streaming formats in the same production, and provides SDI, HDMI, analog, and streaming outputs.

“IP-based PTZ cameras continue to gain popularity in the professional video workspace. They aren’t just for government meetings anymore,” said Tony Mastantuono, product manager for Broadcast Pix. “BPswitch IX is the best switching solution for IP-based multi-camera productions. It gives broadcasters and other video professionals the flexibility to control and switch IP, wireless, and SDI sources across stadiums and other large venues.”

When used with the optional Broadcast Pix Commander™ touchscreen control interface, BPswitch IX allows browser-based control with full-motion video and complete access to all sources and workflow tools using a mobile device and a standard internet connection. Commander’s simplified controls help non-technical personnel easily switch live productions, add titles, insert clips, and control robotic cameras. Broadcast Pix’s BPNet™ IP ecosystem delivers the system’s control-over-IP capabilities securely and with low latency.

Like other BPswitch models, BPswitch IX offers eight channels of clips and graphics, as well as three keyers with DVEs. Plus, the integrated NewBlueNTX multi-layer 3D motion graphics CG includes hundreds of templates to simplify lower-thirds, bugs, animations, rolls, crawls, and effects. Other built-in workflow tools include program recording, clip and graphic stores, file-based macros, ClearKey™ chromakey and Virtual Studios virtual sets, and customizable BPview™ multi-view.

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Mondo Globo selects Eutelsat CIRRUS to launch new Arabic TV offer

Eutelsat Communications has secured the first customer for its recently launched Eutelsat CIRRUS delivery solution, with rapidly-growing video distributor, Mondo Globo/MCNC.

Telearabia PRO, Mondo Globo’s new TV platform of Arabic-language SD channels, specifically targets the European hospitality sector. It comprises six premium Arabic lifestyle and entertainment channels, including three MBC Group channels. Fully-assembled through Eutelsat CIRRUS, the platform is available on Eutelsat’s HOTBIRD neighbourhood located at 13° East and features live channel broadcasting, channel numbering, programme information and content security.

This offer has been confirmed by the luxury hotel brand Edwardian Hotels London and will be made available to guests who want to enjoy their favourite MENA channels while staying in the UK.

Gerry O’Sullivan, Eutelsat’s Executive Vice President, Global TV and Video: “I am very pleased that our new TV solution has already found its first home with Mondo Globo. The selection of Eutelsat CIRRUS by Mondo Globo illustrates its benefits as a one-stop shop solution for greenfield platforms looking to take a fully-integrated solution to market.”


Cedric Aoun, President of Mondo Globo/MCNC: “Eutelsat CIRRUS is the ideal delivery system for our new Telearabia PRO offer, combining the strengths of traditional DTH with next-generation features, which will greatly benefit from the reach of Eutelsat’s HOTBIRD neighbourhood. By adopting this turnkey assembly solution, we have been able to offer the first comprehensive Arabic TV offer to the hospitality market in Europe.”


Nick Kalsi of Edwardian Hotels London: “Edwardian Hotels London is delighted to have partnered with Mondo Globo/MCNC and Eutelsat to provide a true “home away from home” experience for our guests from the MENA region. This partnership is an innovative response to feedback from our Middle Eastern guests who regularly express to us a desire to catch up with their favourite Arabic programmes while staying in our hotels.”

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ENCO to Showcase Automated Captioning Advances at 2019 NAB Show

ENCO is coming to the 2019 NAB Show in Las Vegas with a bevy of new advances in its award-winning enCaption4 automated captioning solution. Just weeks after introducing new configurations that bring the benefits of captions to radio audiences for the first time, the company will unveil enhancements that further improve enCaption4’s renowned performance and deployment flexibility for television broadcasters, OTT service providers and AV professionals. ENCO will demonstrate these developments in booth N2524.

Providing automated closed and open captioning for live and pre-recorded content in near-real-time, the software-defined enCaption4 platform enables broadcasters and content producers to cost-effectively meet regulatory requirements and growing consumer demand. Building on ENCO’s patented automated captioning approach, enCaption4 combines machine learning with a neural-network speech-to-text engine to deliver exceptional accuracy with extremely low latency.


The newest enCaption4 advances further enhance these benefits, offering significant accuracy improvements while shortening the delay between spoken words and the corresponding on-screen caption display. Augmenting this elevated accuracy, the new update expands the array of sources from which enCaption4 can learn new vocabulary and names. Already able to access newsroom computer system (NRCS) scripts and rundowns using the MOS protocol, enCaption4 now offers additional forms of newsroom integration. The system can also pull information such as sports team rosters and news articles from third-party websites, growing its dictionary to continuously improve its word recognition and spelling precision.

Complementing enCaption4’s ability to distinguish between multiple people speaking based on separate microphone feeds or audio channels, new multi-speaker distinction functionality leverages AI to detect changes between speakers even within a single mixed feed. Improvements to the system’s intelligent punctuation and capitalization also boost caption quality.

“While enCaption4 continues to lead the market with its combination of accuracy, speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, there is always room to improve,” said Ken Frommert, President of ENCO. “The demand for captions continues to increase, not only for complying with accessibility regulations but also for helping audiences understand program narration in noisy public spaces or with the volume muted in sound-sensitive environments. The latest enhancements reflect our commitment to ongoing innovation to address this growing need.”

New Options and Configurations

On-premises enCaption appliances have typically output a serial or IP-based data stream of the generated captions to third-party closed caption encoder hardware, which in turn encodes the data into an SDI output signal with embedded captions. Eliminating the requirement for a separate encoder, ENCO’s new optional closed captioning encoder card can be installed directly within the enCaption4 system. This simplifies the signal chain and minimizes equipment maintenance, while its attractive price tag reduces initial equipment costs for customers who don’t already own a standalone caption encoder.

Two new enCaption4 configurations enable entirely cloud-based automated captioning deployments for customers who don’t require baseband signal I/O. enCaption4 was at the vanguard of automated captioning in video-over-IP workflows based on NewTek’s popular NDI® technology. A new dedicated enCaption4 configuration for NDI workflows generates captions from an NDI input stream and keys them directly over the video as an NDI output. Meanwhile, a streaming-focused enCaption4 cloud package accepts encoded IP streams as inputs and outputs captions in WebVTT or raw data formats for display through web-based media players, mobile or OTT apps.

“The flexible enCaption4 software was always able to be hosted anywhere: on-premises or in the cloud,” said Frommert. “Traditionally, video and audio I/O requirements such as SDI connectivity have driven the need for on-premises components. But as streaming service providers operate entirely virtually and more broadcasters turn to cloud-based playout, it becomes possible to run the full captioning workflow in the cloud. We’re pleased to offer new enCaption4 packages optimized for these evolving deployment models.”

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GatesAir Embedded HD Radio Importer and Exporter Solutions Power Radio Strategy at 2019 NAB Show

GatesAir, a global leader in wireless, over-the-air content delivery solutions for radio and TV broadcasters, will unveil three configurations of its now-shipping Flexiva FMXi 4g embedded HD Radio solution at the 2019 NAB Show. Available as a single Exporter/Importer or as separate Importer and Exporter systems, the IT-based solution eliminates the maintenance of older hardware-based components while integrating the critically important function of HD Radio Diversity Delay.

GatesAir will also expand its Flexiva brand of FM and HD Radio solutions with a new 7.5 kW FAX air-cooled transmitter that bridges the gap between its lower and medium power models. The new transmitter maintains all of the standard operational benefits of Flexiva’s high-efficiency architecture, including reduced footprint, power consumption and maintenance thanks to its green and modular design.

The immediate availability of the FMXi 4g solution remains the top storyline for GatesAir’s radio business at NAB. GatesAir’s IT-embedded approach is a significant departure from previous-generation designs, providing an integrated platform that is reliable and maintenance free compared to computer-based platforms.

The FMXi 4g is also the industry’s first embedded HD Radio infrastructure solution to provide dynamic time and audio correction between analog (FM) and digital (HD Radio) signals. The GatesAir-exclusive algorithm inside the FMXi 4g ensures proper time alignment between the two. This improves the listener experience in areas where the digital signal fades, ensuring program linearity and automatically removing objectionable blending artifacts. Built-in software intelligence aligns the time, levels and phase of the audio to deliver a clean and engaging audience experience.


Ted Lantz, Vice President and General Manager, Radio Product Group for GatesAir notes that the convergence of Exporter and Importer functions into a single software-embedded system represents an important future direction for GatesAir. The FMXi 4g joins the recently-announced Intraplex Ascent embedded Audio over IP solution in GatesAir’s future strategy around IT and broadcast convergence.

“The removal of a standalone, computer-based Exporter or Importer eliminates the boot-up process and troublesome moving parts, and frees broadcasters from maintaining PC-based solutions,” said Lantz. “HD Radio implementation is simplified by eliminating complex configuration setups, along with having the Artist Experience integrated within the platform. These benefits are shared regardless of which of the three FMXi 4g configurations the customer chooses to deploy.”

GatesAir will demonstrate the FMXi 4g as part of its complete HD Radio Gen4 solution, along with its new Flexiva FAX 7.5 transmitter, at NAB from April 8-11 in the Las Vegas Convention Center. GatesAir exhibits at Booth N3303.

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Imagine Products to Unveil at NAB Improved Media Production Workflows

Imagine Products, creator of software utilities for backing up, viewing, sharing, transcoding, and archiving video assets, today announced highlights of its lineup for the 2019 NAB Show. The theme at Imagine Products’ booth this year will be “new,” including new licensing options, a new website, a new activation system, and more. It’s all to help Imagine Products users around the world — from large studios and television networks, such as BBC, HBO, and NBC Sports, to one-person shops and freelancers — make their workflows more efficient for productions large and small.

“We’ve been watching the industry and workflows change over the past few years. Rental equipment is becoming much more popular because it creates a more flexible and fluid work space. And bundling the software that works nicely together offers the peace of mind we’re well-known for and provides a cohesive experience,” said Michelle Maddox, marketing director at Imagine Products. “The new website and activation very much fall in that same vein. We’re excited to show them to our loyal customers and introduce them to our new ones.”

ImagineProducts_Home-PrimeTranscoderAll Imagine Products software now comes with new licensing options: perpetual or rental. All perpetual licenses include an update plan that gives users 12 months of updates. While update plans might expire, users will always have access to their licenses and will never be forced to have an update plan. If the update plan expires, users will stay on that version of the software until they decide to purchase a current update plan.

Imagine Products’ new rental licenses serve the ever-growing number of customers who rely on rental equipment for greater flexibility. Rental licenses allow customers to add workstations to a larger job, provide tools for projects they might not normally need, and familiarize themselves with a product they might be curious about. Furthermore, customers can bundle complementary software for a more unified workflow.


Meanwhile, Imagine Products has redesigned its website and activation functions to be both easier to use and more agile, giving customers more control over their licenses.

ShotPut Pro, the industry standard for offloading video, audio, and photo files, has gotten a makeover, with a new look and new features including condensed PDF reports with more metadata, a simple mode for faster offloading, new thumbnails for Codex .ARX RAW frames, and a few more features that will be unveiled at the 2019 NAB Show. ShotPut Pro 2019 is available for Mac users now and for Windows users later this spring.

Imagine Products is also working with new partners Codex and to offer a more complete workflow to users.

“The bedrock of Imagine Products is to provide exceptional products at a fair price to improve workflows,” Maddox added. “Working with partners has always been important for us to provide more complete workflows to our users. Partnering with Codex and gives us that ability, and we are excited to work with them closely in 2019. At NAB this year we will be showcasing these partners and providing an in-depth look at what a potential workflow could be for our users.”

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LTN Global Acquires Niles Media Group

LTN Global, the global leader in broadcast-quality IP video transport solutions, today announced that is has acquired the Niles Media Group, a Kansas City, Missouri-based company specializing in media content creation and TV remote production. With their combined creative and technical resources, the two companies are positioned to bring the market new efficiencies and robust end-to-end workflows for content production and delivery.

“With LTN’s fully managed IP multicast network and Niles’ media services, we can offer customers the benefit of a complete and seamless workflow, from content creation through to delivery,” said Malik Khan, co-founder and executive chairman at LTN®. “Like LTN, Niles is an IP-forward company that’s focused on the future. We’re already close partners, having worked together on successful sporting events, and we look forward to building on our strengths to provide enhanced products and services at the highest levels of quality, reliability, and scalability.”

LTN and Niles have been partnering for years to innovate, streamline, and advance the use of IP in delivering exceptional products and services to their broadcast and digital clients. With Niles’ capabilities in production and downstream video workflows, LTN can now offer multiple additional services, such as production, centralized graphics insertion, record and playback, standards conversion, and closed captioning. The company also can scale to offer many more linear and digital services, such as transcoding, streaming, and other ad hoc services, and to provide more “eyes on glass” services.

“Over the past few years, we’ve collaborated with LTN for key projects because the company’s services give us a competitive edge,” said Neil Harwell, general manager at Niles. “Working together as a single organization, we have the experience, innovation, and excellent customer support in both event production and transmission that will allow us to serve the needs of customers focused on sports, esports, corporate, entertainment, and long-duration events.”

With details of the acquisition complete, LTN will be investing in a large-scale digital and linear video processing services facility in Kansas City. The company is currently scouting potential sites.

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Triveni Digital at the 2019 NAB Show

Using Triveni Digital’s solutions, broadcasters can streamline the way they deliver ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0 services, including ad replacement, service guides, emergency communication support, addressable content delivery, interactive program enhancements, and data broadcast applications.

Offering first-class, domestic consulting services and 24/7 support, Triveni Digital is committed to helping broadcasters deliver better TV.

Expanded StreamScope® Family for Superior Service Quality Assurance for ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0 Architectures
Triveni Digital will demonstrate its StreamScope® family of analyzers and monitors at the 2019 NAB Show, showing how they support all types of DTV networks and architectures, on-premises and remotely.

TriveniDigital-StreamScopeXMVerifierNEW StreamScope XM Verifier: New at this year’s NAB Show is the StreamScope XM Verifier, a software application for receiving, verifying, and recording ATSC 3.0 broadcast streams via ROUTE, MMTP, or SLTP protocols. This powerful new solution is ideal for verifying ATSC 3.0 quality assurance metrics, including video, audio, and metadata, enabling broadcasters to gain a comprehensive view of ATSC 3.0 services directly from a Windows 10 laptop.

TriveniDigital-StreamScopeXMNEW StreamScope® XM MT Analyzer: Triveni Digital will showcase several enhancements to its award-winning StreamScope® XM MT broadcast stream analyzer at the 2019 NAB Show. These include rules-enabled analysis, the industry’s first implementation of Dolby AC-4 audio system analysis and rendering, watermarking with ecosystem partner Verance, and an intuitive new dashboard and video wall that dramatically simplifies quality assurance operations. StreamScope XM MT is the most complete ATSC 3.0 analyzer, with real-time ROUTE, MMTP, and SLTP analysis capabilities, enabling broadcasters to play a pivotal role in the next generation of TV.

StreamScope® MT-60 Analyzer: Triveni Digital’s StreamScope® MT-60 analyzer, a comprehensive toolkit for advanced RF input analysis, will be highlighted at the 2019 NAB Show. Using the MT-60, broadcasters can make critical RF measurements and quickly identify and isolate RF layer performance issues. Through a quick software upgrade, broadcasters with an ATSC 1.0 system can easily support ATSC 3.0 analysis capability.

NEW SkyScraper® XM ATSC 3.0 Datacasting System
In a key highlight at the 2019 NAB Show, Triveni Digital will showcase applications based on its SkyScraper® XM datacasting system for hybrid content distribution. SkyScraper XM enables content delivery over heterogeneous (i.e., broadcast and broadband) infrastructures, supporting leased bandwidth for CDNs and numerous vertical applications. For broadcasters in the ATSC 3.0 era, NRT delivery capabilities will enable delivery of data and applications via broadband or broadcast.

GuideBuilder® XM ATSC 3.0 Signaling and Announcement Generator With ROUTE and MMTP Encoding
At the 2019 NAB Show, Triveni Digital will demonstrate the latest improvements to its GuideBuilder® XM ATSC 3.0 system for program and service guide creation. GuideBuilder XM features powerful ROUTE and MMTP encoding capabilities, along with advanced watermarking or signing for content security. Offering unified functionality per the ATSC 3.0 standard, along with support for legacy standards such as ATSC 1.0 PSIP and DVB-SI, GuideBuilder XM is exactly what broadcasters need to manage all of their DTV metadata from a single unified interface.

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