NAB 2019: Cobalt Digital Ships 9971 Series UHD Multiviewers

The cards will be demonstrated at the 2019 NAB Show (Booth SL9111) next month in Las Vegas, Nev.

Cobalt_Digital_9971_UHD_MultiviewerThree models – the 9971-MV18-4K with 18 SDI inputs, 9971-MV6-4K with six SDI inputs, and 971-MV6-4H-4K with six SDI and four HDMI 2.0 inputs – are designed to accommodate a variety of signals and applications. The 9971 Series supports 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD-SDI and UHD1 3820×2160 square division (SDQS) or two-sample interleave (2SI) quad 3G-SDI formats as I/O. Each model can output ST 2082 12G-SDI for single-wire 4K transport, while up to two HDMI 2.0 outputs at 3840×2160 resolution allow 4K video monitoring of the mosaic image output.

Using 12G-SDI “single wire” inputs, the 9971-MV18-4K supports up to 18 asynchronous discrete PiP images, and can downconvert 12G and quad UHD using 12G-SDI and quad 3G-SDI inputs, while the 9971-MV6-4K supports up to six discrete PiP images. The 9971-MV6-4H-4K displays up to 10 sources, including a mix of computer and video sources, and also works directly with commercial or consumer HDMI signals as I/O without the use of additional converter boxes.


“4K production is here, and broadcasters and OB truck operators need to be able to monitor content at a glance,” explained Chris Shaw, Cobalt executive vice president of sales and marketing. “Not only does the 9971 Series support full UHD resolution, it can handle multiple asynchronous signals simultaneously and provide full resolution display on consumer 4K monitors. It’s an uncomplicated multiviewer solution for facilities with a complicated blend of HD and 4K sources.”

Up to five 9971 cards can be installed in one 2 RU openGear frame. Multiple cards can be included in a cascaded chain that provides multiviewer layouts of up to 64 sources (8×8), with low-latency processing to prevent significant accumulated delays within the chain.

Setup is simplified with one-button template presets, but users can also create and save fully customizable layouts. Real-time changes to template and custom layouts can be made on the fly without an external setup or layout program. The 9971 cards also include text “burn-in” insertions and other graphic overlay features. Card control and monitoring are available via the DashBoard user interface, integrated HTML5 web interface, SNMP, or Cobalt’s RESTful-based Reflex protocol.

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Baltimore Ravens Leverage Control Room Install by BeckTV for In-Stadium Experiences

BeckTV served as system integrator for the control room project, which is a major component of an ongoing three-year, $120 million facility investment designed to improve the in-stadium fan experience.


“The Ravens have always been on the forefront of experimenting with and adopting new technology,” stated Jay O’Brien, vice president of broadcasting and game day productions for the Baltimore Ravens. “The solutions we’ve deployed within our new control room enhance our creativity and effectively eliminate any technical control barriers. With much-improved speed and flexibility in presenting video, graphics, game stats, NFL scores and highlights, and fantasy stats, we can provide our fans with a rich viewing experience.”

The new control room at M&T Bank Stadium supports new 4K UHD video displays that doubled the width of the stadium’s previous standard HD boards and equal the highest resolution and clearest picture of any stadium video display in the United States. With a game day team that likewise has doubled in size, the production team for the Ravens takes full advantage of additional cameras and camera locations, updated replay and graphics systems, and additional engineering stations to enrich the on-screen product.

“With our great video displays, we needed to power them with great equipment,” continued O’Brien. “In designing a state-of-the-art control room, we required a company that could suggest the right product and then work with us to integrate the technology. It was also imperative that the company install and support our systems through game day, allowing us to focus on content rather than hardware issues. BeckTV’s engineers offered expert knowledge and worked tirelessly on the project, and we could see they were invested not only in the installation, but in the quality of show our fans experience.”

The control room project included Ross Acuity switchers and graphics systems, Sony 4K cameras, Panasonic 4K outdoor PTZ cameras, Wave Central wireless cameras, an Evertz 4K Dreamcatcher replay system representing the largest 4K IP deployment at launch, and Evertz EXE IP routing and multiviewer systems that represented one of the first EXE router deployments supporting 100 percent of the live production with full discrete video/audio routing and embedding/de-embedding capabilities.

Together, these systems give the production team complete control in driving content and marketing throughout the entire stadium. A major benefit for fans is the team’s ability to show many different unique views of a play — typically two or three replays after a big play and six or seven different angles following a touchdown.

“We want the fan experience at our stadium to be the best a person can have while enjoying a Ravens game,” concluded O’Brien. “We are proud that we provide more replays than broadcast TV and offer unique camera angles that fans can see only at our stadium. These elements engage our fans, foster team spirit and help us maintain one of the NFL’s best homefield advantages.”


“Our ‘product’ at BeckTV is building systems that are highly capable, flexible, and reliable,” said Peter Dernbach, director of engineering, at BeckTV. “We’re pleased that the Ravens saw this commitment, as well as our experience and history, and chose BeckTV to help them achieve their goals.”

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Middle Atlantic Racks Up Industry Awards at ISE 2019

Middle Atlantic Products, a brand of Legrand | AV announced that its new C3 Credenza and High Power DC Power Distribution Series were honored with two industry awards at ISE 2019 in Amsterdam. The stylish, slim-profile C3 Credenza received Commercial Integrator’s Top New Technology Award and the High Power DC Power Distribution Series earned AV Technology Europe’s Best of Show Award.

“The AV use case is proliferating internationally, and with that has come a new set of installation and power challenges that integrators must address to create the best, most reliable user experience,” said Timothy Troast, vice president, Middle Atlantic Products. “We launched the C3 Credenza and High Power DC Power Distribution Series with the goal of supporting global applications. These awards are a great industry recognition of the relationship we have built with our customers, who have partnered with us to help design products that overcome the power and infrastructure hurdles in a rapidly changing marketplace.”


Featuring all the mounting ingenuity and system reliability that are synonymous with the Middle Atlantic name, the C3 Credenza is the latest purpose-built solution within the company’s broad AV furniture portfolio. It not only offers convenient localized AV support while saving valuable real estate but also grants users unimpeded access to interactive flat panels in the room. Packed within the credenza’s mere 10-inch-deep profile is a rack system that grants full visibility during installation and equipment mounting options designed for today’s devices, saving integrators time on the job and giving them the assurance that sensitive conference or media room equipment is protected. It’s available in styles and finishes that complement the world’s latest design trends, and in two-bay or four-bay models to balance the needs of single- or dual-display applications, respectively.

Part of the industry’s most comprehensive universal DC Power solution for commercial and residential AV from Middle Atlantic, the High Power DC Power Distribution Series provides high-capacity power options for global installations. The solution provides maximum power to support more devices, while also eliminating messy, space-consuming, unreliable wall warts from the AV design. Available in 200W and 300W models, both units offer high current capacity to an industry-leading quantity of outputs — up to 24 devices — maximizing the same voltage in a single unit, 5V, 12V, or 24V, or splitting between 12/24V. The robust solutions deliver reliable multilevel protection on both AC input and DC outputs with individual redundancy built-in to ensure maximum reliability. The multimount design can be installed in an available 1RU space or at the back or side of the rack for zero-U mounting and ultimate installation flexibility. A supported input voltage range of 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz additionally provides design flexibility for most global applications.

For the TNT Awards, a team of judges rated top new products across 18 commercial categories. The entrants were judged on their technological innovation, benefits to the integrator, and benefits to the end user, independent from one another. For AV Technology Europe’s Best of Show awards, a panel judged the entries on the show floor.

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Digital Alert Systems at the 2019 NAB Show

The 2019 NAB Show will feature the latest iteration of Digital Alert Systems’ HALO, a one-of-a-kind, highly specialized management system capable of overseeing and facilitating command of all DASDEC devices in an enterprise. This web-based, enterprise-wide tool forms a single aggregation point through which multiple users from different departments (engineering, legal, etc.) — all with varying permission levels — can oversee the health and status of each EAS device, alert key personnel of critical changes, centralize configuration settings, manage software updates, and consolidate FCC-mandated test results for easier EAS Test Reporting System (ETRS) filings.

HALO combines operations and compliance in one configuration-control, EAS log-reporting, and error/alarm-monitoring program, thereby providing unparalleled insight and control of a company’s entire EAS infrastructure. By bringing together all EAS-related processes, HALO reduces complexity and duplicate efforts, which in turn reduces potential errors. More importantly, it enables companies to better utilize EAS subject-matter experts and decreases the time and resources spent on EAS-related matters, increasing efficiencies and making it easier to proactively address any potential compliance issues.

New! EAS-Net™ Advanced Emergency Alerting (AEA) Module for ATSC 3.0

At the 2019 NAB Show, Digital Alert Systems will preview its new ATSC 3.0-oriented advanced emergency information module, an optional advanced emergency alerting (AEA) upgrade for the industry-leading DASDEC™ emergency messaging platform.

The EAS-Net™ AEA module will aggregate content (messages and multimedia) from outside sources and generate a station’s own messaging, all for transmission to AEA-enabled applications on ATSC 3.0 receivers. Adding the new EAS-Net AEA module to a DASDEC unit lets stations seamlessly integrate AEA capabilities into the next-generation TV standard, making it possible to reach targeted audiences in new ways with more detailed urgent and emergency messages and information, thereby adding another layer of value to the ATSC 3.0 experience. By driving the rich capabilities envisioned under the ATSC 3.0 standard by groups like AWARN, the DASDEC’s new EAS-Net AEA feature will enable next-level urgent communications from stations to audiences — with text, graphics, audio, and other advanced multimedia features — that provide a more interactive way of communicating emergency information that goes far beyond basic EAS. For example, stations will be able to wake up viewers’ displays for important alerts.

New! DASDEC™ Version 4.0 Software Upgrade


At the 2019 NAB Show, Digital Alert Systems will highlight its new DASDEC™ Version 4.0 software upgrade for advanced Emergency Alert Systems/Common Alerting Protocol (EAS/CAP) compliance. The latest iteration for the award-winning DASDEC-II platform has new security features under the hood and striking user-interface improvements. Most importantly, the new OS provides a critical foundation for today, while supporting features and updates well into the future. Going forward, only Version 4.0 users will be receiving new features or updates.

Highlighting the many improvements is the industry-exclusive Triggered CAP Polling™. This exciting feature assures that detailed event information is presented by eliminating duplicate events with limited content. For example, if a CAP version of the same alert is available, the system automatically dequeues the EAS alert and uses the CAP message. Stations and consumers benefit from a more comprehensive and detailed alert with first-generation audio.

Version 4.0 is currently shipping on all new units and is available to all current-model DASDEC-II customers for a nominal upgrade fee.

Digital Alert Systems’ UP-TRADE Program


Digital Alert Systems has been in business since 2004 — a full 15 years building the best, award-winning products. As a result, many customers have systems well over 10 years old. Digital Alert Systems’ commitment to customers remains strong by way of the company’s hardware UPgrade and TRADE-in (UP-TRADE) program which offers customers the ability to upgrade their existing hardware at standard cost, while transferring all of their license keys, configurations files, hardware options, and EAS logs to the new platform for a small labor charge. Think of it as upgrading a turntable without having to upgrade each and every album. Customers benefit from the latest hardware and software versions, complete with a full warranty and the ability to expand the system with the latest options. Original DASDEC-I owners stand to benefit significantly.

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