ATEME’s TITAN Enables Agile Contribution & Distribution

ATEME has announced the enhancement of its TITAN software suite to lower the total cost of ownership for contribution and distribution video transmissions.

Leveraging a full modular architecture, TITAN can be now used as a universal receiver/gateway/transcoder with low latency and high-density, software-based encoder/decoder on the same server. It supports any input format, all CODECs, any I/O (IP, L-Band, ASI, SDI, baseband over IP) and includes features for high-value-media such as BISS-CA, the EBU Tech royalty free, open standard which secures the content and manages In-Band Conditional Access. A front panel with LCD monitoring and configuration panel is also available for on-field operations. The unique combination of these features makes TITAN the world’s first 100% COTS-based solution for contribution and distribution.

TITAN users will benefit from unique advantages such as:

  • Low OPEX with high quality of service: Leveraging ATEME’s award winning stream® algorithm, TITAN produces high quality stream at lower bitrate. It enables content distributors to optimize bandwidth delivery
  • Full flexibility: As TITAN natively supports all CODECs and resolutions, it can be easily used for a broad range of use cases from UHD to mobile contribution without adding any additional processes to your operations
  • Future-proof and high ROI: ATEME’s active involvement in major video standard organizations makes sure that its TITAN solution is always at the cutting edge of the latest technologies

‘’We are thrilled that the enhancements to our TITAN software will now extend its benefits to contribution and distribution’’, commented Julien Mandel, Contribution Segment Manager at ATEME. ‘’We believe that these markets will enjoy and quickly adopt the great flexibility and ease of scalability that is provided by the TITAN virtualized solution.’’

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Com Net Selects Anevia’s Genova Live Software Encoder

For over 25 years, CNI has enabled local communication providers to offer the highest-quality services. In its commitment to providing innovative IP video solutions for its clients, CNI chose Anevia’s software transcoder, Genova Live, to expand its video-streaming platform with new channels and offer superior resilience and video quality.

Genova Live provides high-density software encoding and transcoding and ensures reliable broadcast-quality content. The encoder offers high-quality video and is resilient in a real-life live video environment with Anevia on-hand to provide support and guidance throughout deployment.

Following its deployment, Genova Live will enable CNI to expand its national offering to 200 channels, with the addition of almost 40 new local channels for niche viewing and the capacity to expand to hundreds more. This will allow CNI to increase its scale to reach hundreds of thousands of subscribers across the United States – and potentially even millions.

Randall Plaisier, CTO, Com Net, Inc. commented: “We have recently chosen to deepen our relationship with Anevia for phase 2 of our project. Our support from Anevia has been great and any issues get resolved quickly. Genova Live has greatly improved our reaction time and provides greater visibility of network conditions.”


Breno Fleury, VP Sales, North America, Anevia added: “We are thrilled that CNI chose to renew its trust in Anevia by selecting Genova Live, after having deployed our packaging, Cloud DVR and CDN solutions. This builds on the momentum of our successful deployments with other major telcos in North America.”

Genova Live is a software-based encoder running on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) servers for live OTT and IPTV video streaming, enabling ultra-low latency.

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Washington Wizards Make ChyronHego Coach Paint a Central Part of Pregame Prep

ChyronHego announced that the NBA’s Washington Wizards have used the company’s Coach Paint telestration tool successfully throughout the 2018-19 season to enable the clear, concise communication of key coaching points to players during pregame video presentations. Specifically designed for coaches and athletes, the ChyronHego tool engages, illustrates, and informs with high-end telestration techniques similar to those used on professional sports broadcasts.

“Using ChyronHego’s Coach Paint, our staff can quickly and easily enhance video to demonstrate and reinforce coaching points,” said Jimmy Bradshaw, video coordinator, Washington Wizards. “The tool is simple and intuitive, making it easy to use familiar visual effects to help players understand key concepts going into a game. It has become an integral part of our pregame routine.”

ChyronHego’s Coach Paint telestration tool used by Washington Wizards.

Along with flexibility and ease of use, Coach Paint provides tight integration with all the Wizards’ third-party video systems, in turn supporting a highly efficient workflow. The ChyronHego tool is used by sports teams and leagues around the world to teach advanced concepts, reinforce correct technique, and simulate game situations.

“The Wizards are among several teams in the NBA that are pioneering in their use of telestration,” said James Clarke-Reed, head of sports performance and technology solutions at ChyronHego. “The team’s video analysis process meets the high standard we see on broadcast television, and level of quality and accuracy can only help the coaching staff and players to achieve success.”

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Anevia Launches World’s First Cloud-Native CDN Solution

The new architecture for Anevia’s next-generation CDN product, NEA-CDN 5.0, is now based on cloud-native technologies to allow operators to run a CDN on premise or on public or private cloud, as well as on edge-based resources or data centre-based resources, to be completely compatible with hybrid infrastructures.

With operators generally only using 6% of their available CDN capacity, 94% of the capacity goes to waste as it is only used during peak traffic times. As the first CDN based on the Kubernetes infrastructure, the NEA-CDN 5.0 range enables operators to cut this waste, while still meeting peak traffic requirements, by allowing operators to scale their infrastructure up or down instantly as demand changes. At a time when operators are increasingly wanting to deploy their own CDNs, this will also allow greater control over their operational cost as well as the quality of the delivery.

To ensure viewers get the best possible experience, Anevia’s new solution enables operators to deploy all the next-generation services they need, such as live, time-shift, VOD, 4K and Ultra-Low Latency.

Additionally, centralised management and an analytics platform make NEA-CDN 5.0 easy to operate.

David Tencer, Product Owner, NEA-CDN, Anevia commented: “Our customers have expressed a strong need for a flexible infrastructure that enables them to scale up and down as traffic demands fluctuate. We have integrated bleeding-edge, future-proof technologies, such as Kubernetes, to create a long-awaited solution that meets this need.”

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V-Nova and Xilinx® launch high-quality PERSEUS™ dense transcoder and accelerator

Both solutions are available for Xilinx’s Alveo cards and deliver unparalleled video quality and processing density in private or public clouds.

Xilinx Alveo Data Center accelerator cards are designed to meet the constantly changing needs of the modern Data Center, providing up to 90x performance increase over CPUs for common workloads, including machine learning, video transcoding, and database search and analytics. Xilinx FPGA platforms are broadly deployed across leading cloud platforms including AWS, Alibaba Cloud and Huawei as well as leading video service providers like Twitch.

PERSEUS Plus is a codec-agnostic video compression technology that can be added to any standard encoder such as AVC/h.264, HEVC, VP9 and – in the future – AV1. PERSEUS Plus was designed from the ground-up to deliver next-generation compression efficiencies at much lighter overall processing, further boosting the advantages of FPGA-based solutions.

PERSEUS XSA is designed with hyper-scale live encoding operators such as e-sports operators and social networks in mind. The solution is compatible with all major server hardware and existing software encoding, leveraging PERSEUS Plus to enhance the underlying codec and providing a 4x increase in the number of channels or streams per server. Alternatively, adopting the XDE solution enables even greater density and 4Kp60 real-time transcoding on a single Xilinx Alveo card.

“The extreme processing capabilities of our FPGA solutions only matter when paired with IP that can truly leverage it” said Sean Gardner, senior marketing manager, Cloud Video, Xilinx. “PERSEUS Plus is the perfect example of that, and we’re excited about the potential this solution has to deliver a higher-quality video experience to millions of users whilst saving millions for the operators serving them. For services delivering thousands of streams a day these savings are transformative.”


“We are really proud to announce the availability of PERSEUS XSA and PERSEUS XDE.”, Guido Meardi, CEO and co-founder at V-Nova, said, “The explosion of streaming services across the globe requires the best efficiencies in every part of the delivery chain. The combination of our PERSEUS Plus technology and Xilinx FPGA simply enables best quality video per bit, in the most cost-efficient way. This is valuable to all service providers and especially those that are looking to scale on cloud platforms, where the combination of V-Nova PERSEUS Plus and Xilinx FPGAs is ready to provide this step-change in the video quality and processing cost trade-off that can redefine the bottom line for video service operators.”

The bundled V-Nova and Xilinx solution is an industry first being able to enhance quality and accelerate throughput of existing large-scale software transcoding deployments, allowing both a reduction of 4x in transcoding cost and 4Kp60 real-time transcoding on systems that until today were only capable of HD transcoding.

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NextRadioTV Deploys Extensive MediorNet Routing Solution From Riedel Communications

The 204-node MediorNet system has been installed in the new NextRadioTV facilities on the Paris campus of the Altice Group, which acquired NextRadioTV in 2016, to support signal distribution, routing, and processing over a single decentralized real-time network.


“Our move to the Altice campus gave us a tremendous opportunity to build technical facilities from scratch and to establish a common infrastructure for all our TV and radio channels,” said Antoine Robelin, Technical Director at NextRadioTV. “The scalable, state-of-the-art technology integrated into these new facilities gives us added agility in producing and broadcasting events from across our remarkable portfolio of 24/7 news, documentaries, and live sports. In addition to supporting flexible day-to-day operations, our Riedel gear gives us the ability to take advantage of mature and reliable network technologies that will eventually support a smooth transition toward IP.”


The MediorNet installation at NextRadioTV includes 18 MetroN core fiber routers and 186 MicroN high-density media distribution network devices distributed across the campus. The MediorNet backbone leverages a new cabling infrastructure, including a wealth of previously installed dark fibers, to address factors including long distances between production studios/control rooms/technical rooms and the need to be able to scale up quickly and easily to new requirements. MediorNet’s decentralized concept was also very valuable in managing a smooth and incremental move from the former building to the new one. Dark fibers in both buildings were used to create the real-time network, which further facilitated the migration process. The flexibility of the Riedel equipment even enabled NextRadioTV to design and implement new galleries while the new installation was underway.


“We are really proud to see our MediorNet technology at the heart of this brand-new broadcast technology showcase in Paris,” said Franck Berger, Riedel Communications General Manager, France and Africa. “With MediorNet, NextRadioTV is equipped to embrace innovations such as decentralized routing while taking a thoughtful and gradual approach toward IP-based networks and workflows. The Altice campus installation demonstrates how an investment in Riedel equipment can yield valuable results immediately and as a broadcast organization evolves.”

Franck Berger from Riedel and Antoine Robelin and Steve Robert from NextRadioTV

Biamp Hires David Woolf as Senior Marketing Director

Biamp has appointed David Woolf as the company’s new senior director, global marketing. In this role, Woolf oversees all elements of the company’s corporate communications, product marketing, demand generation, web properties, public relations, and social media to ensure a unified voice and strategy as the company grows through internal product development, geographic expansion, and company acquisition.

“Biamp acquired two companies last year and made seven major product announcements in the last month alone. Our rapid growth and entry into new product categories and market segments requires us to strengthen and expand our marketing activities significantly. Building a team to tell our story effectively to these new audiences and integrate the brands we acquire is essential,” stated Rashid Skaf, president and CEO for Biamp. “David’s deep experience in the types of products we manufacture and the markets we serve, as well as his long track record of success, make him the perfect person to take on this mission.”


Biamp_Woolf_David“Biamp is an exciting company in the midst of a tremendous period of growth. It’s moving fast and doing great things and I’m excited to be taking over leadership of the marketing function during this critical period,” stated Woolf. “I used Biamp solutions in previous roles and was always impressed by the products and the company behind them. I’m thrilled to be helping carry that tradition of excellence forward.”

Woolf has more than 20 years experience creating, developing, managing and marketing technology products, software, websites, mobile apps, and services to professional, public, and consumer markets at Steelcase, InFocus, NEC, Tektronix, and Andersen Consulting (now Accenture). He has held multiple management positions of increasing responsibility running product management, product marketing, product development, product ownership, service, tech support, strategy, product planning, channel marketing, public relations, and corporate marketing.

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