Bannister Lake’s Chameleon Powers Waterloo Region District School Board Digital Signage Network

Bannister Lake announced the implementation of a digital signage pilot project with the Waterloo Region District School Board in Southern Ontario. The project consists of a networked digital signage solution in 16 regional high schools located about an hour west of Toronto. The project is powered by Bannister Lake’s Chameleon data aggregation and management product. Chameleon captures data from a wide variety of incoming sources and allows student, faculty, and staff network operators to moderate, edit, schedule, and distribute content to various displays.


Students are actively involved in the programming of the network, which provides an innovative way to communicate with students, faculty, and staff. The network displays both highly localized content targeting individual schools as well as global content that originates with the Waterloo Region District School Board and is shown in all 16 high schools.

Bannister Lake’s Chameleon data aggregation and management solution powers the Waterloo Region District School Board digital signage network across 16 regional high schools located west of Toronto.

Using Chameleon’s data readers and management modules, operators can easily program and update content that includes high school sports scores, local weather, event calendars, and special announcements. The digital signage system is also programmed with student-produced content from YouTube and from Google Slides.

“Bannister Lake’s signage solution provided us with an easy way for staff and students to communicate about school and community events,” said Jane Mitchinson, head librarian, Glenview Park Secondary School, Waterloo Regional District School Board. “The visual nature of the medium and the immediacy of the messaging is very impactful and captures the attention of everyone in our buildings. We are especially impressed with Chameleon’s networking capabilities, which give the entire team the opportunity to collaborate on content. Bannister Lake walked us through the entire process, showed us ways to optimize the system, and are always there for support.”

Students who take part in programming the signage network gain valuable experience as content creators and receive academic credit for their participation. The system takes advantage of automation to repurpose existing content automatically and consistently keep the network fresh and up to date.

“Our pilot project with the Waterloo Region District School Board represents another exciting application of our Chameleon product,” said Danny Ljubisic, business development & project management, Bannister Lake. “The digital signage network within the high schools leverages our extensive data capabilities, while providing students with an exciting new medium to share important information digitally.”

The pilot project will continue to evolve and expand over the next few months and will eventually include expanded content from student newspapers and more extensive community news and events calendars.

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Sinclair Broadcast Group appoints Rohde & Schwarz as premier supplier of repack transmitters

Well ahead of the curve, Sinclair Broadcast Group once again demonstrates thought-leadership and long-term vision by assigning Rohde & Schwarz as their partner for providing guidance and a comprehensive turnkey solution to ensure that all requirements and deadlines of its FCC Repack transition are met.

Sinclair’s transmitter model of choice is the future-ready R&S®THUevo liquid-cooled transmitter. It offers an easy path to ATSC 3.0 and energy efficiency values of up to 43 percent for ATSC. Compared to conventional transmitters, the R&S®THU9evo can save up to 50 percent of energy costs (in Doherty operation), while offering the highest power density on the market. The result is a reduction in energy consumption, which minimizes network operator costs.

“We partnered with Rohde & Schwarz for the installation of the R&S®THUevo to commence our repack efforts about a year ago. This is a very nice product, and Rohde & Schwarz has proven to be an incredible partner for Sinclair by providing a great service and support from comprehensive consulting and site surveys all the way to installation, commissioning, proofing and after-sales services.” commented Harvey Arnold, Vice President of Engineering at Sinclair Broadcast Group. “Rohde & Schwarz strives to deliver a great product and they listen to our needs.”

Sinclair station KFDM in Beaumont, Texas with R&S®THUevo liquid-cooled transmitter

“We value our business partnership with Sinclair Broadcast Group and appreciate their continuous trust in our products and team during the ongoing repack,” said Erik Balladares, Vice President of Broadcast & Media at Rohde & Schwarz USA, Inc. “It was imperative for Sinclair Broadcast Group to take the opportunity to future-proof their broadcast operation in every possible way, and to plan and execute the FCC Repack measures in an exemplarily manner. We would like to salute them for doing an outstanding job in fulfilling the repack requirements well ahead of the schedule.” concluded Balladares.

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