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ChyronHego’s Coach Paint Installed at Qatar’s Al Arabi SC

Qatar's Al-Arabi SC Turbocharges Opposition Analysis and Team Performance With ChyronHego Coach Paint Telestration Tool.

The coaching staff of Al-Arabi SC has adopted ChyronHego’s Coach Paint video telestration tool to boost player performance and better prepare the team for upcoming matches. Similar to those used on professional sports broadcasts, Coach Paint’s advanced telestration techniques give Al-Arabi coaches a boost when analyzing the strategy and players of competing teams, as well as for weekly post-match analysis of the team’s own matches.

“Time and efficiency are everything in our opposition and performance analysis work. We collect and have access to a large quantity of video and data after every match, and we need to turn around high-quality presentations in a short time and under pressure,” said Bjarki Már Ólafsson, first team analyst and coach, Al-Arabi SC. “Coach Paint is the most efficient and effective tool we’ve found for presenting every player from the opposition team to our players, and also for presenting concepts and high-value instruction in a clear and accurate way.”

Designed for coaches of all sports, Coach Paint is an out-of-the-box software solution with a rich set of tools for highlighting sports videos, including player cut-out, spotlight, zoom, player tracking, zone tracking, and many other powerful telestration capabilities. Coach Paint also includes an easy-to-use chroma-keyer for placing telestrator graphics on the playing surface without covering field lines, players, or the ball. Like its broadcast counterpart, the Paint telestration family, Coach Paint is designed to integrate seamlessly with the award-winning TRACAB optical player tracking system from ChyronHego to give sports teams a complete ecosystem for capturing, visualizing, and analyzing player and team performance data.

ChyronHego Coach Paint

“Working with Al-Arabi has been a great experience. The club has really embraced the Coach Paint technology and has looked to push its boundaries in order to achieve success,” said Craig Inness, sports performance and technology specialist, ChyronHego. “Al-Arabi is just the latest success story in our strategy to offer the world’s most comprehensive and powerful graphics solutions for sports tracking and analysis.”

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