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Black Box Emerald KVM Enables Remote IT Support in Danish School System

Emerald-Enabled Support Booth Significantly Reduces IT Staff Travel Time While Maximizing Day-to-Day Tech Support Access for Students and Teachers.

Black Box announced that Helsingør Kommune, a community of 17 middle schools in and around the Danish city of Helsingør, is using the Emerald™ high-performance KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) platform to enable remote IT support and troubleshooting for students and teachers. The Emerald-enabled support booth gives students and teachers immediate access to the IT service desk throughout every school day and significantly improves the efficiency of the support team in addressing service requests.

The first Helsingør Kommune deployment, at Skolen ved Rønnebær Allé, relies on one Emerald transmitter and eight Emerald receiver devices to carry video and USB over IP between the middle school and remote IT department. Students initiate a support session through a SkyLink video call on an iPad within the booth. Once the student connects the problematic laptop or device into the Emerald-based solution via DVI, HDMI, or USB, an IT staff member can assume control, launch a webcam chat session, and begin troubleshooting.

“It’s probably one of the world’s first IT solution that combines a phone box with online support for school students,” said Mads William Oehlenschlæger, tech support specialist at Helsingør Kommune. “The idea originated from Kim Baumgarten, IT manager at the Center for Citizens’ Services, IT and Digitalization (BID) at Prøvestenen. And it actually works on several levels. For one, the problem often is that students can’t get their computers to connect to the internet. Using Emerald KVM extension for video and control, our team can quickly resolve that issue. We also wanted to establish personal contact with students, using the webcam so that they can see us, and we can see them. That’s really why we built our new IT support ‘box’ this way. Plus, students always love it when they see us ‘hacking’ their screens.”

The Emerald KVM platform from Black Box provides the high level of security essential to the education sector, as well as the point-to-multipoint extension functionality that makes it easy for the tech support team to control and fix laptops remotely. Rather than travel between schools on a preset schedule, support team members use the KVM platform to address issues wherever and whenever they arise. Integration of the award-winning Black Box Boxilla KVM management platform allows for straightforward network management via a user-friendly, web-based GUI.

“It’s always exciting to see the power of our Emerald KVM platform demonstrated in an interesting new application,” said Josh Whitney, senior vice president of Technology Product Solutions at Black Box. “The Helsingør Kommune deployment is a great example of the significant benefits that our high-performance KVM solutions can bring in supporting remote access to critical technical resources.”

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