Riedel’s Artist Chosen by CBC for New Maison de Radio-Canada

The sale, which was a result of a competitive process that included several months of comprehensive trials and discussions, will be one of the largest Artist installs in North America when completed later this year.

Due to open in 2020, Montreal’s Maison de Radio-Canada (MRC) broadcast center will be a creative hub for the city’s digital and artistic communities. The new MRC will be the epitome of a 21st-century public broadcaster — modern, multiplatform, and increasingly digital. CBC/Radio-Canada had mandated that its new communication infrastructure be entirely IP-based, utilizing the established SMPTE ST 2110-30/31 and NMOS IS-04/05/07 standards to create a future-proof communications environment.

“The combination of cutting-edge technology, modern user interfaces and panels, and commitment for open specifications and standards from AMWA and SMPTE will give our creative people a very powerful and fully integrated intercom system,” said François Legrand, Senior Director, Core Systems Engineering at CBC/Radio-Canada.

Francois Vaillant, Executive Director, Engineering Solutions, CBC/Radio-Canada; Rik Hoerée, Director of Sales Americas & Europe, Riedel Communications; François Legrand, Senior Director, Core Systems Engineering at CBC/Radio-Canada; and Joyce Bente, President of Riedel North America.

“CBC/Radio-Canada will be one of the first customers to take delivery on the newest software-defined node in the Artist family, the Artist-1024,” said Rik Hoerée, Director of Sales Americas & Europe, Riedel Communications. “With its extensive IP capabilities, high port density, and multiple redundancy schemes, our new Artist node really is a perfect fit for large networked installations like the Maison de Radio-Canada.”

Providing 1024 nonblocking ports in just a 2-RU frame size, Artist-1024 utilizes software-definable Universal Interface Cards (UIC) that combine networking, mixing, and management all on one card. A card can be configured to act as a SMPTE ST 2110-30/31 or MADI subscriber card, or as an Artist fiber/router/processor card. Changing the connectivity type is as easy as reconfiguring the UIC with the click of a button in the Director configuration software. A flexible licensing structure will allow MRC users to easily scale up their port count as needed, all within Director.

Bolero, the AES67-based wireless intercom system that seamlessly integrates with Artist to create a fully unified wireless communications environment, has been selected for all wireless communications in the new facilities. Bolero is a six-channel, 1.9 gigahertz system that incorporates Riedel’s patented Advanced DECT Receiver (ADR) technology to successfully deal with the harsh RF environments that can create troublesome multipath reflections.

Over 250 Riedel 1200 Series SmartPanels, first introduced to the market at the 2018 NAB Show, will be installed in the new CBC facilities. The SmartPanels are ST 2110-30/31-native and offer a flexible, app-based user interface for intercom, high-quality audio monitoring and integration of third-party control systems via the new SmartPanel Control Panel App, significantly optimizing rack space and reducing costs.

“This sale is the culmination of many months of collaboration between CBC/Radio-Canada and our Riedel teams both here and in Europe,” said Joyce Bente, President of Riedel Communications North America. “We are thrilled to be selected as the intercom technology partner for this groundbreaking project and look forward to accompanying CBC/Radio-Canada during their transition to IP workflows.”

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LynTec Adds Driver for Extron Controllers

LynTec announced a series of drivers that enable control of LynTec’s RPC, RPCR, XPC, NPAC, and SC solutions from Extron controllers. Developed and tested by Extron, these drivers allow integrators to easily add LynTec’s series of network-enabled products into Extron control systems with simple drag-and-drop setup and configuration.

“An increasing number of customers have requested that our panels be brought into the Extron ecosystem,” said Mark Bishop, president of LynTec. “This is an exciting achievement that adds another layer of simplicity and furthers the value of our networked solutions. Thanks to Extron’s incredible professionalism and expertise, the integration and user experience is more seamless than ever before.”

The product-specific drivers integrate control of the LynTec panel with Extron. This allows the Extron control system to operate individual circuits or zones. For example, within the Extron interface, users can turn breakers on or off, with single button commands on Extron control devices.

Extron dealers can access the new library of LynTec driver files from Extron’s download site at http://www.extron.com/download. Under the Control System Drivers tab, users navigate to the Extron device in the drop-down menu and select LynTec as the manufacturer.

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Successful start to MEDIAPRO’s broadcast services for the Canadian Premier League, the new Canadian professional soccer league

MEDIAPRO will produce over 130 matches this season, involving teams of more than 100 staff on every matchday, in locations as far apart as 5700 kilometres

The MEDIAPRO Group has contributed to the successful launch of the Canadian Premier League, the new Canadian profesional soccer league, with two matches held this past weekend, overcoming significant technical challenges along the way.

The countdown to this immense broadcasting operation began in February of this year, when MEDIAPRO acquired all the media rights within the Canadian Soccer Business (CSB) portfolio for the next 10 years, including the domestic and international media rights to the Canadian Premier League (CPL), the new professional soccer league. The agreement also includes the domestic and international media rights to the Canadian Championship, which determines entry to the Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League, as well as the media rights to the home games of Canada Soccer Women’s and Men’s National Teams, and to Ontario’s League1 for men and women.

MEDIAPRO will produce live coverage of over 130 Canadian soccer matches this season. More than 100 staff will be involved in the production of every match, with 25 professionals at every location, including producers, camera operators and satellite technicians. MEDIAPRO’s technical capabilities include five outside broadcast trucks, one of which is equipped with 4K technology. Operating in a country the size of Canada brings with it enormous logistical challenges: for example, the home ground of HFX Wanderers FC on the east coast is more than 5700 km away from Pacific FC’s stadium on the west coast.

Canadasoccer mediapro

Significant challenges for technical and human resources

MEDIAPRO has risen to the challenges of providing broadcasting services for a sports event of these dimensions, providing solutions in the areas of broadcast engineering, tranmission services, director and producer training, the integration and optimization of stadium communications across Canadian stadia, editing and archiving systems and the launch of continuing services, among other activities.

MEDIAPRO’s Toronto office was recently expanded by the acquisition of Tri-Lite TV, a leading independent Canadian media services company based in Ontario with more than 20 years of experience in the business. MEDIAPRO Canada is also supported by a wide array of companies under the MEDIAPRO Group banner that have contributed to the launch of OneSoccer.

OneSoccer, a 24/7 channel

MEDIAPRO has created a dedicated Canadian soccer channel showing live and video-on-demand (VoD) coverage that will become the new home of Canadian soccer. The channel was launched on the eve of the Canadian Premier League’s much-anticipated opening match between Forge FC and York9FC at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton, Ontario.

The OneSoccer streaming service came into being on April 26th with a wide range of subscription options. The new 24/7 channel, with both live and VoD content, is free to users through onesoccer.ca for the first month, through to the end of May, offering viewers 25 CPL and Canadian Championship matches as well as the friendly match on May 18th between the Canada Soccer Women’s National Team and the women’s national team of Mexico.  During this period, 20 of the 25 matches will be exclusive to OneSoccer.

In addition to the 98 matches in the CPL regular season (plus the final), OneSoccer will also offer all the home matches of the Canada Soccer Women’s and Men’s National Teams, and the 24 matches in the expanded Canadian Championship, which involves all professional soccer clubs in Canada, with a package of matches simulcast on a national broadcaster. Some 100 matches will be aired exclusively on the service in 2019. From 2020, OneSoccer will also offer a range of matches involving men’s and women’s teams participating in Ontario’s League1.

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Industry Veteran John Shike Joins ASG as Key Accounts Manager

Based in San Francisco Bay Area, he will provide support to the growing list of top Silicon Valley companies that rely on ASG for video production, audio engineering, and media storage solutions.

Shike spent 18 years as a vice president with Snell Advanced Media, managing business development, marketing, and channel partners throughout North and South America. Previously, he served as the director of marketing and business development for Spruce Technologies, and was a board member for the Advanced Metadata Workflow Association during the creation of MXF and other file formats. Most recently, he was an account executive at VMI in Sunnyvale, Calif. Currently, Shike volunteers as the director of educators and educational institutions for SMPTE’s Membership Committee.

“As we continue to grow our business in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley, from systems integration to managed services, we’re very pleased to have someone with John’s experience to support the complex workflows for our high-tech clients in the area,” said Dave Van Hoy, president of ASG.

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ATG Danmon produces video ingest, post production and archiving system for the Royal Opera House

The ROH produces 12 live cinema events each season. These are live relays of stage performances. The performances are broadcast live to cinemas in Europe and distributed immediately to other parts of the world. Additionally, they regularly live stream from the main house, Linbury theatre or other studios in the building. The requirement was for each production to be made available for further use by departments within ROH, and externally.

With this new facility, the ROH media staff are able to ingest each performance into a production server linked to an online storage archive and a near-online data tape library, with the system providing the ability to search and retrieve content.

Royal_Opera_House atg

Content access is controlled from Square Box Systems’ CatDV media asset management software. The CatDV media asset management system provides a scalable cross-platform database that can handle a wide range of content file types. It creates a catalogue of media assets, including video, still images, audio files and documents. Operators can log metadata to make content searchable using key words as well as clip titles. CatDV provides analysis and transcoding of media files with advanced logging tools, sequence editing and integration with non-linear editing applications.

The system also includes a Rohde & Schwarz Venice server which manages the HD-SDI ingest, studio and channel playout as well as file- based tasks such as file import, transcoding and media transfer operations.

ATG Danmon integrated a Studio Network Solutions (SNS) EVO shared storage server and Quantum LTO-8 long term storage tape drives with Archiware backup management into the system.

The SNS EVO is a complete, networked, high-performance shared storage workflow server designed for video/film/TV, graphics, VFX, animation, audio, and broadcast production environments. EVO servers are produced in various sizes and capacities and features include built-in SAN and NAS, automatic project file locking, project/bin sharing, asset tagging, cloud integration, and LDAP/AD. Up to 960 terabytes per managed system can be accommodated.

Quantum’s LTO-8 tape drive accommodates up to 30 terabytes of data per cartridge with compressed transfer speeds of up to 2.7 terabytes per hour. Content is protected by AES 256-bit data encryption security. LTO-8 drives are also LTO-7 playback compatible.

ATG Danmon worked in close partnership with the ROH project team to successfully deliver the project. This included integrating the system into the existing IT network and a series of workshops and training to ensure that the workflow requirements were being fully met.

ATG Danmon, part of the Danmon Group (www.danmon.com), has been at the forefront of the transition to the file-based technology now used throughout the industry. It has also assisted many clients in the construction of IT-based automated file workflow systems, high-definition studios, master control rooms and playout facilities, as well as the upgrade of existing SD systems to HD and UHD. By embracing tomorrow’s technology, ATG Danmon delivers maximum value through close co-operation with suppliers and customers, leading to mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

ATG Danmon also offers a comprehensive range of products and services including transcoding and automated workflow management, accelerated global file transfer, media workflow-design, project-planning, equipment installation, software-configuration, commissioning, documentation, on-site training plus ongoing support and maintenance.

With offices in Asia, Denmark, Germany, the Middle East, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom, the Danmon Group thinks globally and acts locally to support customers with its highly experienced sales and engineering teams.

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Al Kamel Systems Takes Car Racing Fan Experience to Next Level with TVU RPS and TVU NANO

TVU Networks announces that Al Kamel Systems, a leading motor sports live stats broadcast production specialists, has deployed TVU Remote Production System (RPS).


By including TVU RPS as a key production tool, Al Kamel Systems looks to save valuable production time and reduce production costs on several events by allowing production staff to add race graphics remotely instead of traveling onsite. Al Kamel Systems’ production team can remain at their headquarter production facility near Barcelona and run the graphics in synchronization with the live event. TVU RPS allows them to produce remotely using a public internet connection with a delay between the live feed and graphics playout of less than one second. TVU RPS can bi-directionally transport up to 6 HDSDI HEVC enhanced signals with a sub-second latency and IP data tunnel for additional remote control.

TVU Al Kamel1

Earlier this year, Al Kamel Systems successfully used TVU Networks’ lightest live video transmitter, TVU NANO Video, to transmit real-time video feed from the pilot cabin of cars taking part in the annual Credit Andorrà G-Series electric car Snow Rally Championships. This event takes place every year at 2,400 meters in the Pyrenees, a region with challenging connectivity issues. To overcome the challenges presented, the car weight limit, a remote location at high altitude and with only one wireless network available, the Al Kamel Systems team used TVU NANO Video with two bonded SIMs to transmit Full HD 1080i and enhanced H. 265/HEVC footage over the wireless network to a server located in Barcelona.


José Luis García, chief executive officer of Al Kamel Systems, said: “Al Kamel Systems is always looking at ways to use the latest market technologies. In previous years motor sports fans have struggled to access high quality live footage of their favorite sports. The power, portability and flexibility of the TVU NANO Video enabled us for the first time to provide the teams and motor sports fans with live high-quality video, a key driver in enabling the G-Series to grow in popularity.”

TVU NANO Video, like other TVU Transmitters, transmits high-quality live feed with a glass-to-glass latency of half a second and with its pocket-size design it is easy to use in a variety of locations and events. It is powered by TVU Networks’ patented algorithm, Inverse Statmux Plus, to provide a high-bandwidth IP connection by aggregating multiple connection links including cellular, Ethernet and WiFi to secure bandwidth for stable transmission.

TVU Al Kamel2

David Jorba, Executive Vice President and Managing Director Europe, TVU Networks, said: “By providing motor fans and the driver’s teams with a high-quality live video, the experience of the rally provided by Al Kamel Systems was the next best thing to being in the car. The uninterrupted high-quality coverage of the Credit Andorrà G-Series was further testament to the performance of our solutions in challenging environments and network conditions. Also, by choosing to use TVU’s RPS for graphic delivery, Al Kamel Systems was able to both reduce production costs and increase the quality of the video experience enjoyed by motor sport fans.”


Digital Nirvana Appoints Keith DesRosiers to Director of Sales Solutions

DesRosiers brings more than 20 years of industry experience to this new role, where he will focus on customer solutions and increased sales of Digital Nirvana’s compliance logging, closed caption generation, and metadata enhancement solutions.

DesRosiers joins the Digital Nirvana team from Verizon Digital Media Services, where he served as director of solutions engineering after the 2016 acquisition of Volicon, a leading provider of enterprise media intelligence solutions serving the needs of broadcasters, networks, cable operators, and governments worldwide. DesRosiers spent 10 years at Volicon, and later Verizon Digital Media Services, where he provided full product lifecycle support and helped to design and implement the company’s audio and video logging and monitoring solutions. DesRosiers holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology from Northeastern University.


“We are pleased to welcome Keith to the Digital Nirvana team and he joins at a perfect time as we work to develop and deliver new innovative solutions,” said Russell Wise, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Digital Nirvana. “At Volicon and Verizon Digital Media Services, Keith worked closely with customers to identify their key needs and wants, and then worked with the engineering team to develop and implement products based on industry trends and customer feedback. At Digital Nirvana, we look forward to tapping into Keith’s in-depth knowledge of our technology, industry trends, and customer needs to help design and build the next generation of our creation and compliance products.”

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