THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO Master reaches an agreement with the National Film and Television School of London

As a result of the collaboration with the NFTS, the MA will offer candidates the possibility to take part in a joint workshop on project creation targeting the international market.

THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO Master, which gets underway this coming October, will be a certified course endorsed by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

From the 2020/2021 academic year, candidates will also be able to attend the Master in Barcelona.

Faithful to its innovative spirit and a firm commitment to the training of new talent, THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO has launched its first Masters in Screenwriting. Joining forces with the Universidad Complutense de Madrid’s Faculty of Information Sciences, the course will provide students with training tailored to the current and future reality of audiovisual production.

The program will be a certified Master’s degree endorsed by the UCM, which, thanks to THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO’s expertise and creative talents, offers students the possibility of gaining work experience in productions the Studio is currently developing all over the world, ensuring quality training tailored to the current audiovisual panorama both in Spain as well as abroad.

In collaboration with the prestigious National Film and Television School of London (NFTS), the Master will also offer students the opportunity to participate in a joint workshop on project creation designed for the international market. Workshop projects will be developed in conjunction with NTFS students enrolled in the Screenwriting Masters, and should be designed as potential co-productions under the supervision of tutors from both institutions.

THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO’s commitment to seeking out the best talent means that supporting creative minds wherever they might be, is essential. As such, the company has always been convinced that this first edition of the Masters should provide a place for 1 scholarship student.

The presentation of this first edition of THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO Masters in Screenwriting took place this afternoon at the Casa del Lector (Matadero Madrid) and was presided over by Juan Ruiz de Gauna, General Manager of MEDIAPRO; Jorge Clemente, Dean of the UCM Faculty of Information Sciences and co-director of the Masters and Irene Ortega, Director of the Masters.

After the presentation, an expert panel was set up titled “We seek out talent”, where the importance of the screenwriting in the different areas of production was analyzed. Panel experts included showman and communicator Gran Wyoming; filmmaker Fernando León de Aranoa; showrunners Diego San José and Iván Escobar; THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO artistic director Luis San Narciso, Javier Méndez, Chief Content Office of the MEDIAPRO Group; Javier Pons, Head of TV at THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO; Cristina López, director of “Las que faltaban”, and Jorge Clemente, Dean of the UCM Faculty of Information Sciences and co-director of the Masters.

The MEDIAPRO Group, one of the most important fiction factories internationally, takes up the mantle from Globomedia which identified and trained Spain’s most outstanding series creators for over 13 years through its Screenwriting Masters. Now, with the recent creation of THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, and its impressive team of creative minds and directors, supporting grassroots talent and providing new creators eager to break into screenwriting was an essential next step. Talent is what allows to narrate the best stories with the broadest possible reach and quality training is essential to this process.

The line-up of lecturers is another of the strengths of THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO Masters in Screenwriting. The goal was to source the best talent with the capacity to educate others from within THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO as well as from other production companies beyond the scope of the Studio. Professionals who will be sharing their knowledge with students include names like Ran Tellem (Homeland), Daniel Burman (Lost Embrace), Maikol Sánchez Romero (El Intermedio), Fernando León de Aranoa (A Perfect Day), Iván Escobar (Locked Up), Fernando González Molina (Palm Trees in the Snow), Diego San José (Vota Juan) and Marc Cistaré (Victim Nº 8), among others. David Muñoz (The Devil’s Backbone), Nacho Cabana (Matadero), Rubén Ontiveros (Homo zapping) and Beatriz Setuain, director of Imagina International Sales, will act as tutors for program modules.

The program will run for 35 weeks, from October 3rd, 2019 to June 26th, 2020 during which time participants will be guaranteed a month’s work experience and training in Group productions. The Masters will consist of 5 modules and places are limited (up to 25 students). The Masters will be given at the Casa del Lector (Matadero Madrid) and THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO headquarters.

For the time being, this first edition of the Masters in Screenwriting will only be given in Madrid. However, for the 2020/2021 academic year, work is already underway to ensure the degree can also be taken in Barcelona.

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