FOR-A Highlights Integrated Product Range Supporting 12G-SDI/4K and Video-Over-IP

A range of flexible video production switchers, video servers, and graphics systems that consistently support both 12G-SDI/4K and 3G-SDI/HD resolution will be a focal point of the FOR-A®  booth at the upcoming InfoComm Show in Orlando. Demonstrating video production solutions for corporate video, worship, sports and live event applications, FOR-A will exhibit in Exhibit Hall, West Level 2, Booth 1861 during the show which runs from June 8-14 in the Orlando Convention Center.

FOR-A’s booth lineup includes the HVS-490 and HVS-1200 HANABI switchers, Variant Systems Group’s Envivo Studio production suite and Envivo Replay sports and live event replay solution, ClassX content creation and graphics playout solution, and the ODYSSEY Insight video server.


The compact HANABI HVS-490 opens the door to more affordable 4K production. HDMI 2.0b specification support provides 4K output to a multi-viewer. Offering exclusive features, including MELite™ technology, which extends the switcher’s 2 M/Es to offer 6 M/E performance, the HVS-490 is designed for use in any live environment, including mobile shoots, events, and in-house corporate productions. The switcher provides users with event memory and macro functions, as well as integrated frame synchronizers and multi viewers – making it easy to set up quickly for live performances.


The HANABI HVS-1200, a compact 4K/HD compatible switcher, builds on the features of the HANABI HVS-490 video switcher and adds 12G-SDI support as standard. The switcher also utilizes a single cable for image processing and is configurable as both a 12G-SDI/4K and as a 3G-SDI/HD switcher. In HD mode, the switcher accepts up to 40 inputs, and in 4K mode it accepts up to 10. In 4K mode, the switcher provides 2 M/E performance (1 M/E + 1 MELite™), and in HD mode it’s a 6 M/E (2 M/E + 4 MELite) switcher virtually.

Just introduced at NAB 2019, Variant Systems will showcase the new Envivo Studio to InfoComm attendees. Shown for the first time at InfoComm, Envivo Studio is an all-in-one live production system that includes a clip player, still store, shot box, and powerful capabilities, including:

  • Live switcher (cut camera inputs)
  • Internal keyer (multi-layer overlay)
  • Switcher support (key/fill)
  • Drive multiple venue screens (IMAG)
  • VDCP control
  • 24hr loop record inputs
  • Built-in slow-motion replay
  • Coaching review tool
  • Time shift

FOR-A is the exclusive distributor of Variant Systems Group’s Envivo Studio and Envivo Replay sports and live event replay solution in the U.S. and Canada, along with Central and South Americas. Envivo Replay offers a complete replay solution packaged in an intuitive user interface with continuous multiple iso-channel recording capabilities, simultaneous clip storage of multiple angles to clip bins, playlists for highlights playback, built-in branding capabilities, direct publishing to social media platforms, and support for high speed super slow-motion cameras. At InfoComm, both Envivo systems will be shown with a Dante audio interface, enabling the systems to support uncompressed, multi-channel, low latency digital audio over a standard Ethernet network. Studio and Replay also support NDI (Network Device Interface), a free protocol for Video-Over-IP, developed by NewTek.

A demo of the latest ClassX solution of 2D/3D character generation and live motion graphics and playout software integrated with FOR-A video switchers will be on the FOR-A Infocomm stand. ClassX’s graphics suite of solutions is popular with universities, digital signage, live event, and sports production applications. FOR-A is the exclusive distributor of ClassX in North, Central and South America. The agreement provides broadcasters and live event producers with the ability to create and play out ClassX real-time broadcast graphics integrated with FOR-A video switchers.

ClassX offers a complete solution with pixel-perfect, real-time 2D and 3D motion graphics and titling, SportsGraphics, SocialServer, MOS newsroom interface, clip playing automation, picture-in-picture and a multi-functional scripting facility. ClassX is 12G-compatible and supports Dante digital audio for playout.

ODYSSEY’s Insight Production Server is a multi-channel playout system, available in a two- or four-channel configuration. Offering a Web interface for control from any device with a web browser (no installation required), the video server provides a wide range of supported wrappers and codecs for media contribution and video play out with time delay playback. Insight’s flexible event processor allows users to connect multiple devices and interact with FOR-A production video switchers, routing switchers, CG generators, GPIO-connected devices and other studio equipment to orchestrate event triggering for a seamless production.

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City of Riverview Upgrades Meeting Coverage with Broadcast Pix

The system is used to produce coverage of one school board and two city council meetings each month.

According to Kim Harper, IT manager for the city, the Broadcast Pix Commander™ touchscreen control platform was an important selling point for the new system. Commander’s streamlined user interface makes it easy to execute sophisticated productions, even for non-technical personnel. Its intuitive controls simplify switching, PTZ camera control, and the use of graphics, clips, and effects.

Lawrence Cross, cable producer, said four PTZOptics PTZ cameras follow the meeting activities, with three cameras covering the dais and one camera positioned to capture guest and visitor comments. The Riverview control room includes both a touchscreen and traditional control panel. Cross said the cameras can be positioned using a traditional control panel or with preset macros through the Commander interface that automatically focus on members of the council.


Riverview is Cross’ first job in professional video, and he said he was able to quickly learn the workflow for meeting coverage using BPswitch. “It works great,” he explained. “You can put a show together in 10 minutes. It’s really easy.”

A document camera, used in chambers to display supporting information during meetings, is also fed into the video switcher. Plus, meeting coverage includes limited graphics produced with BPswitch’s integrated NewBlueNTX multi-layer 3D motion graphics CG during productions. BPview™, the system’s customizable multi-view, populates two screens in the control room.

Meetings run live on local Comcast and WOW! cable channels, and are streamed live and available on-demand on the city’s website. Meetings are shot in HD but downconverted to SD for cable distribution. Harper said the system was installed in January 2018 to replace an aging Ross production switcher. Sound Planning Communications in Redford Township, Mich., handled the sale and system integration.

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BroadcastAsia 2019 Exhibitor Preview From Viaccess-Orca

As operators look to personalize the TV experience on all screens, they need workflow solutions that boost content security and maximize monetization opportunities in the most efficient way possible.

Moreover, content is now facing the third generation of video piracy. To address the constantly renewing threats, operators can opt to acquire new skills and build a new organization or stay focused on their core video activity and rely on a pure and agile security company to fight piracy on their behalf.

At BroadcastAsia 2019, Viaccess-Orca (VO) will showcase its end-to-end anti-piracy services and TV platform solutions, which enables operators to provide a smarter and safer digital TV and OTT experience. Additionally, for content protection technology, VO will present a suite of services to fight video piracy. These services, including watermarking, device assessment, and breach detection help understanding the source of piracy enabling VO to execute counter actions to stop them.


Fight Piracy Smarter With VO’s New Anti-Piracy Center

Attendees at VO’s stand at BroadcastAsia 2019 can see the new Anti-Piracy Center, a comprehensive security service that helps operators fight piracy from every point of attack: on devices, infrastructure, and content. Anti-Piracy Center leverages VO’s more than 20 years of expertise in fighting piracy and developing best practices for risk management and security.

With Anti-Piracy Center, VO employs a team of experts to combat the next era of piracy: premium content restreaming. From an operating center, VO monitors and prevents pirates from hacking the content distribution chain, starting with the service delivery platform to the end-user device. Thanks to a complete set of services, including device assessment, watermarking, breach detection, and password sharing identification, VO can instantly react to security threats, identifying the source of piracy and taking counteractions in collaboration with the operator.

Deliver a Compelling Experience, Boost Business Agility With VO’s Cloud TV Platform

VO will showcase its integrated end-to-end TV platform solution developed with Wyplay, the TV professional services and video platform solutions provider, to deliver a premium experience on any device (androidTV/linux STB, mobile, and tablets).

TVaaS, the hosted and fully managed version of VO’s TV platform, allows operators to manage, publish, personalize, and monetize content on multiple devices with increased cost efficiency and business agility. With this one-stop solution it’s possible to deliver multiscreen services across any network while responding quickly to technical, competitive, and business challenges. The solution includes:

  • A powerful, feature-rich service-delivery platform with content protection and DRM capabilities
  • The VO secure video player, a multiplatform player integrated with major DRMs for premium VOD and live content to enable a compelling viewing experience on multiple OTT platforms
  • Off-the-shelf, customizable white-label TV apps
  • Out-of-the-box analytics dashboards for marketing purposes
  • A unique search-analysis tool for optimized content rights acquisition

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AIMS Members to Provide Educational Sessions on Open Standards for AV Over IP at InfoComm

The presentations will take place in the AIMS Theatre at Booth 375. In addition to making individual presentations, AIMS members will also participate in the session “Audio and Video Streaming Using Established IP Standards,” to be held on Tuesday, June 11, from 1 to 3 p.m. in Room W304E.

“AIMS members believe strongly that the future of AV over IP should be built on a technology infrastructure that is based on open standards, and we’re at InfoComm to advocate for this concept,” said David Chiappini, the AIMS ProAV Working Group chair. “This is not the first technology transition our industry has been through, and we need to understand the lessons of the past — which simply amount to this: Open standards provide the industry with maximum agility and flexibility to adjust business models, capitalize on new revenue opportunities, and add new capabilities and services without having to constantly rebuild workflows.”

The educational presentations at the AIMS booth will take place from 10 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday of the show and from 10 to 11:30 a.m. on Friday. The following presentations will be repeated several times during the three days.

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Thai Broadcaster Mono Plus upgrades to Playbox Neo Channel-in-a-box

A PlayBox Neo customer since 2016, Mono Plus provides a wide range of content in its Movie Plus, Music Plus and Series Plus strands which are transmitted seven days per week via cable, terrestrial, satellite and IPTV networks.

“Our existing PlayBox Neo system has served us very faithfully,” says Khajohnsak Thanomjit, Assistant Manager of the Broadcasting & Studio Department at Mono Plus. “Our engineering partner, Central Solution, offered to demonstrate the latest version and we were greatly impressed by the extra features it offered, including the ability to expand from HD into 4K UHD transmission as and when that fits into our business plan. Reliable core equipment is essential to our operation, plus the ability to integrate securely with third-party devices.”


“The upgraded system includes two HD Channel-in-a-Box systems, each with SafeBox Neo configured as main and backup,” adds PlayBox Neo Branch Director, Thailand, Nut Deesamer. “These have integral encoders allowing direct export in XDCAM-MXF file format. We also provided refresher training to demonstrate the extra versatility of the latest-generation software which has won approval from many of our customers.”

Designed for 24/7 unattended operation, PlayBox Neo Channel-in-a-Box systems can also be operated manually. The latest upgrade adds UHD capabilities to the core content playout system. New features include a streaming input supporting HTTP, HTTP Secure, UDP, RTMP, MMS, MMSH and YouTube. RTMP Streaming Output improvements have also been added, allowing easy web streaming. Also added is a virtual output supporting multiple instances. Multi-channel ad insertion systems are available as well. Enhancements have also been made to the clip trimmer and audio level control. AirBox Neo Channel-in-a-Box systems are designed for 24/7 unattended operation. They can also be operated manually, including the ability to handle live-to-air throughput.

SafeBox Neo replicates remote content to local playout server folders for safe transmission. The latest version implements a new graphic interface plus new significantly faster processing for moving primary or copied content to the playout and central storage servers. In addition, a new workflow routine protects content being overwritten. Expired daily schedule content is automatically deleted or moved to a predefined folder for manual deletion or archiving. Deletion can be performed automatically or by manual approval of deletion lists. Files can also be assigned specific protection to prevent removal from network sources. SafeBox Neo can be operated in playlist-dependent or stand-alone mode.

The sister TV channel of Mono Group, Mono Plus transmits a wide range of alternative content composed of both Thai and foreign movies and series, variety shows and live sports such as basketball, sepak takraw (kick volleyball) and online game competitions.

PlayBox Neo, building on 20 years of successful innovation, pioneered the development of high-efficiency server-based and cloud-based playout to support every scale and type of one-to-many communication. PlayBox Neo broadcast product range and cloud solutions today power over 18,000 TV and branding channels in more than 120 countries. Users include national and international broadcasters, start-up TV channels, webcasters, interactive TV and music channels, film channels, remote TV channels, corporate information channels and disaster recovery channels. Based in Sofia (PlayBox Neo Commercial HQ), PlayBox Neo has offices in West Palm Beach (PlayBox Neo LLC), Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand (PlayBox Neo Asia Pacific), and in New Delhi (PlayBox Neo India).

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LynTec Integrates with Platformatics PoE Building Control Platform

LynTec announced that Platformatics, a leading technology company that specializes in lighting controls and commercial building IoT applications, selected LynTec’s award-winning RPCR web-enabled relay panels as part of the lighting design for a large corporate install. This is the first use case of LynTec’s power control solutions integrating with a Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting control system, providing the enterprise customer with circuit-level control and additional energy and cost savings.


“Commercial buildings are facing increasingly complex local code requirements,” said Andrew Gjertsen, Platformatics Product Manager. “For this project, in order to conform to local building codes and help reduce the customer’s overall energy consumption, the customer requested plug load control. By integrating LynTec’s intelligent relay panels and our sequence of operations, we were able to deliver an outstanding solution to make that possible.”

Platformatics’ President Matt Laherty designed LynTec’s RPCR panels into the company’s large-scale PoE lighting system proprietary building control platform, which easily integrated with Platformatics software and ensured building inspection deadlines were met. The RPCR panel controls plug loads in offices and conference rooms for the corporation and is managed by Platformatics control software and sensors.


Designed to add circuit control in a traditional relay panel, the RPCR combines relay functionality with a built-in web server to bring remote electrical control to applications, including LED lighting, powered amplifiers, and energy management programs. RPCR panels add on/off control to any existing circuit breaker panel installation and are compatible with popular control systems, such as ETC, Creston, and AMX. In addition, the units offer the ability to control relays directly via TCP/IP, DMX, RS-232, or contact closure control systems.


“As the demand in smart buildings and PoE light networks is increasing, it has highlighted the need for power control solutions with the infrastructure to support intelligent control and monitoring,” said Mark Bishop, president of LynTec. “Although we’re only just starting to see steadier adoption in the market, our portfolio of web-enabled lighting control solutions complements this shift, furthering the benefits of low installation and maintenance costs, less downtime, and more control over the system. We’re thrilled to have been able to work with Platformatics on this project.”


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ADTH opens new R and D facility in Taiwan

This coincides with a major expansion of the ADTH Tolka range of broadcast, OTT and IPTV content protection products which was announced at the April 8th though 11th US National Association of Broadcasters’ Show in Las Vegas. “The new facility strengthens our engineering resources at a time when the television industry gearing for the transition from HD to 4K and onward to 8K,” comments ADTH CEO Michael Day.

“Our aim is to ensure television viewers have the greatest possible choice in what, when and where they choose to watch. One of Tolka’s greatest strengths is its ability to think outside the box, quite literally in the case of our DGI 1012 which we introduced to the US market at NAB. This is a plug-in micro-receiver which allows customers of Tolka network operators to view free-to-air or pay-TV on their mobile phones or tablet computers.”

Located at Taiwan’s capital city, Taipei, the ADTH R & D facility will operate as a centre of excellence with a dedicated engineering team focused on the development of new products and services as well as the enhancement of the existing Tolka product range.

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