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AIMS to Demonstrate AV-Over-IP Interoperability at InfoComm 2019

At InfoComm 2019, the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) will present two key demonstrations of AV-over-IP interoperability.

Both demos will take place in Booth 375 and will use real-world technology solutions based on the SMPTE ST 2110 standards suite for video, audio, and data transport. Exhibiting for the first time at InfoComm, AIMS will highlight its ongoing efforts and latest progress in defining an open-standards approach for the pro AV industry’s migration to IP media.

“We’re excited about our first appearance at InfoComm because we’ll be able to deliver some key messages to the pro AV community. The best news is that SMPTE ST 2110 and related technologies are real, proven open standards, and real open standards drive maximum innovation,” said David Chiappini, chair of the AIMS Pro AV Working Group. “The standards cover a wide gamut of features that pro AV professionals want and need, and they’re now seeing mass adoption and use in the broadcast and production community. At InfoComm, we’ll show that true interoperability is possible in a multivendor AV-over-IP environment using equipment that end users can buy today.”

The first demo will be a KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) solution that transports compressed 4K video over a Gigabit Ethernet (1 GigE) network using the SMPTE ST 2110 protocols. The second will demonstrate simple video distribution and processing over a 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GigE) network, showcasing seamless interoperability among four SMPTE ST 2110-compliant receiving devices, each from a different vendor.

“In today’s pro AV market, there’s a lot of discussion about whether to invest in 1 GigE or 10 GigE technologies,” Chiappini commented. “We understand that many professionals need to support today’s 4K installations, but they also know that 8K is on the horizon. With the two different demos, we wanted to show the built-in flexibility of the SMPTE ST 2110, an open standard that can encompass both current and future networking schemes. Without having to start over, AV pros can easily scale their installations to 10 GigE, 25 GigE, and beyond — and they can ensure long-term protection of their customers’ investment in technology and products.”


He added, “We encourage InfoComm attendees to stop by our booth and find out more about AIMS’ groundbreaking work, and how they can participate in helping to shape the future of multivendor AV-over-IP interoperability.”


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