Wimbledon debuts social-first live show, continues to innovate its digital media

During The Championships 2019, the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) continued its tradition of broadcast innovation by teaming up with Grabyo and LiveWire Sport and to produce an all-new social-first live daily show.

Dubbed the Wimbledon “Coffee Morning”, the new live show was broadcast live to Twitter, YouTube and Facebook every morning during the Fortnight. The show reached over 1 million views.

Gareth Capon, Grabyo CEO, commented: “Our long-term partnership with the AELTC has delivered a number of exciting projects at the forefront of innovation in sports media. The Coffee Morning show is a testament to the AELTC’s commitment to delivering the best possible viewing experience for fans across its digital channels and a desire to explore new formats as they emerge. Live social shows are growing rapidly in popularity, especially around live events. The project was a huge success, it was great the team could utilise Grabyo’s live platform. We are proud to have played our part.”

Coffee Morning was launched to provide a new perspective on the tournament for tennis fans on social media. AELTC was able to capture the attention of vast social audiences with an interactive live video experience that added context to one of 2019’s major sporting events.

Modern sports audiences are looking for content that enriches the viewing experience of major events. Demand has risen sharply for behind the scenes access, insights on player performance and the chance for fans to participate in the viewing experience. By creating shareable events, publishers are able to drive up engagement and video watch times.

Alexandra Willis, Head of Communications, Content & Digital at AELTC, added: “We are always excited to find new ways to bring fans closer to The Championships, particularly those who know less about tennis. Last year, we delivered our very first visual radio streams to social media during the gentlemen’s and ladies’ semi-finals with great success. This year we wanted to deliver more live content to fans in the build up to each day’s matchplay, in a socially engaging format which would help get the audience set for the day ahead. The Coffee Morning was designed to be a fun, accessible platform for all our fans, regardless of their tennis knowledge, and the response has been fantastic. We were also very pleased to be able to put out a quality live show with a small production footprint, showing that there are new ways to produce for social yet still create a memorable product worthy of the brand.”

Produced by LiveWire Sport and delivered using Grabyo Producer, the Coffee Morning was broadcast on social before play began each day, giving fans a chance to connect with The Championships in the build-up to the match schedule.

Designed to engage audiences on each platform, the show was highly interactive. The AELTC and LiveWire Sport leveraged Grabyo’s partnership with social participation platform never.no to run and show the results of live polls on screen, and highlight social comments within the broadcast.

Viewers were encouraged to get involved with the show using the Wimbledon 2019 campaign hashtag #jointhestory. Fans from around the grounds, and at home, posted photos and comments using the hashtag and many of these were displayed during each broadcast.

Grabyo’s lightweight production platform enabled the show’s producers to mix live and VOD content to include engaging segments such as ‘what you missed’ and the Babolat racquet stringing challenge into each episode.

Caroline Cheese, Director and Co-Founder, LiveWire Sport, added: “We loved the challenge of giving a fresh and innovative look to the start of the Wimbledon day. The interactive nature of the Coffee Morning gave the Join The Story campaign a perfect home, highlighting unique and personal Wimbledon stories from inside the grounds as well as right across the globe. It was a delight as always to work with the AELTC and Grabyo to deliver a new social media experience for Wimbledon’s fans.”

The Coffee Morning show was a key pillar of AELTC’s live video strategy during The Championships. The AELTC also delivered more than 800 real-time clips to its social channels, Wimbledon.com and the official apps using Grabyo Studio, achieving over 40 million views, and over 80 million social impressions.

Imagen Protects East-Germany’s Film Heritage with PROGRESS

Imagen, the leading SaaS video management platform business, has been selected by PROGRESS, one of the oldest and largest film distributors in Germany, to manage and distribute its vast content library of over 17,000 films to global media companies.

With 12,000 hours of footage in its archive, PROGRESS engaged Imagen in order to make all licensed content easily available on a single platform for its customers – media companies that require licenses to buy 20th century films. As PROGRESS’ back catalogue also includes the complete film heritage of East-Germany and is the only collection in the world where the entire film production of one country is held exclusively by one organisation, it was vital to ensure the longevity and security of this valuable content.

As part of a three-month pilot scheme, PROGRESS has currently uploaded 1,600 films from its archive to the Imagen platform as it works to streamline the process of customers acquiring footage.

The initial project was turned around quickly with all of the metadata for PROGRESS’ 17,000 films created within four weeks. Within the next eight weeks, the focus will be on uploading the most important 3,000 films, with the larger aim of having 50-60% of the catalogue uploaded to platform in the next three months.

Gunnar Dedio, Managing Director, PROGRESS said, “Prior to using Imagen, our customers were required to speak to an archivist who would then find the footage they needed, create a file and send it to the customer, which would take up to three days and proved to be a major hurdle for our clients. Thanks to Imagen, we will soon have an up-to-date video library available online and through which customers can easily find and buy the content they need, and we expect to see substantial increases in revenue as a result of this.”

The use of AI within the Imagen platform has also been a key benefit for PROGRESS, enabling its clients to easily search for and find the content they require on the progress.film website since its implementation.

David Parker, CRO, EMEA & APAC of Imagen, added: “With a back catalogue of this volume, it’s vital that PROGRESS is able to easily manage, store and share its content with customers and within the organisation. We are pleased to have been able to help PROGRESS achieve this and look forward to continuing our working together, ensuring its remaining 15,000 films are uploaded to the platform in the coming months.”

The Imagen platform is also being used internally in order to develop consistent workflows across the business and to enable employees access to video for rough cuts and internal communications. Its use across the entire organisation will enable employees to follow defined processes and ensure everyone is using a single solution for all their video storage and sharing needs.

TVU Networks Announces Advances in AI, 4K60fps and HDR Transmission, and Remote Production

TVU Networks, the global technology and innovation leader in live IP solutions, will showcase 4K, HDR, 5G and AI advances for live video acquisition, cloud and remote production at its stand at the IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) this fall. TVU Networks will exhibit in Hall 2, Stand B28 during the show.

“We are excited to introduce at IBC our latest solutions and product updates designed to help our customers cover live events faster, easier and more reliably regardless of location,” said David Jorba, Executive Vice President, Managing Director Europe, TVU Networks. “As an industry leader, we are constantly talking with our customers and developing technology for the next breakthrough in a live IP video workflow, such as the latest advances in the application of AI. Our media supply chain from acquisition through distribution guarantees our customers have the highest resolution at the fastest speeds with easily implemented search and viewer engagement tools.”

4K HDR H.265 Video and 5G Live Transmission

Featuring a newly developed H.265 hardware encoding chip, TVU One 4K delivers full broadcast quality 4K, 10-bit true 60 fps HDR video at as low as 3mbps with proven patented Inverse StatMux Plus technology, IS+. TVU One 4K is able to transmit 4K P60 HDR video reliably over mobile infrastructure at merely 0.5 second latency. Designed for broadcasters requiring mobility, TVU One 4K delivers speed, reliability and picture quality in a compact unit using technology that’s been proven in the most demanding cellular environments. As an example, TVU One 4K will be critically important for upcoming high-profile sporting events like next year’s European football championships, the Summer and Winter Games as well as this year’s Rugby World Cup.


TVU will also display its newest IP based rack-mount point-to-point contribution encoder, the TVU G-Link 4K.  Combining one of the most advanced HEVC contribution encoders with the proven technology of IS+, TVU G-Link is able to transmit a 4K P60 4:2:2 HDR video signal over a normal Internet connection at as high as 50mbps. TVU G-Link is designed to meet the most demanding requirements for the highest picture quality available.


Media Supply Chain Platform: Powered by MediaMind

TVU MediaMind is central to a story-centric workflow and ensuring an efficient and integrated media supply chain. MediaMind helps to make video content visible throughout the supply chain process, allowing all media to become enabled.

CNN Newsource has successfully used TVU Grid to distribute live HD feeds to affiliate stations globally. CNN Newsource is also taking advantage of a part of the MediaMind workflow with the use of metadata descriptions tagged to each of the feeds. As a result, Newsource affiliates will be able to use TVU’s AI based speech and facial recognition to quickly search and find practically any live or archived media content.

Extreme Remote Mobile Production

The increasing need for more variety and volume of content requires new cost-effective ways to produce from the field. TVU Remote Production System (RPS) enables synchronized multi-camera remote production using a broadcaster’s existing studio control room and a public Internet connection from the field. Camera feeds are transmitted from a remote location back to the studio over IP, reducing the need for extensive on-site production trucks or large crews.

Al Kamel Systems, a leading motor sports live stats broadcast production specialist, uses TVU RPS to add racing graphics from remote sites, and the TVU Nano for video transmitter for real-time transmission of video from the cockpit of cars participating in the Credit Andorrà G-Series electric car Snow Rally Championships.

Transmissions can be sent straight to the cloud. Events can be produced using cloud-based TVU Producer, a solution whose user-friendly web interface allows producers to make quick cuts, insert graphic overlays from Singular.live’s library, switch between multiple sources, manage audio, compile highlights and instant replays, capture slow-motion clips, and push finalized content to TV and the Internet – all over IP.

To maximize quality and reliability of live video transmission despite less-than-ideal environmental circumstances, Spanish public broadcaster RTVE deployed TVU Networks’ TVU Nano Router and TVU Anywhere to send live video from the Paris-Dakar Rally, held in the Peruvian desert, to the RTVE studio in Barcelona. The live IP streaming videos were shot on smartphones and the content aired live over on RTVE flagship channels La 1 and Teledeporte in broadcast quality.

AVIWEST IBC2019 Exhibitor Preview

Using AVIWEST’s advanced video contribution platform, broadcasters can capture and deliver live 4K, HD, and SD video over multiple unmanaged IP networks, including bonded 4G/3G — and now 5G — cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite links. This is made possible thanks to AVIWEST’s proprietary IP bonding technology, which was recently honored with the prestigious NATAS Emmy® Award.

AVIWEST will present its cutting-edge SST (Safe Streams Transport) protocol aggregating multiple IP links at IBC2019. During the show, broadcasters will discover how they can considerably enhance their overall live video production and distribution workflow with innovative functionalities (e.g., data hotspot, remote control, video return, intercom), and without compromising the quality of the stream.

Available on-premises, as a cloud-based service, and now as a software container for third-party integration, this transport protocol provides video professionals with a powerful, scalable, and easy-to-deploy end-to-end video experience.

The new SST software container ensures interoperability between the AVIWEST ecosystem and any third-party solutions (e.g., Harmonic, Newsbridge, EVS, Vodalys). AVIWEST is the first vendor proposing a fully agnostic live video contribution solution integrated with other production systems.

At the IBC Future Zone, AVIWEST, in partnership with the French Technology Research Institute b<>com, will showcase the performance level of a 5G network and network slicing technology.

In live video production, having reliable and secure connectivity is key. 5G networks, with slicing and QoS management capabilities, offer an extremely cost-effective live production solution, even where there is poor pre-existing infrastructure or where the cellular network is congested.

AVIWEST will demonstrate, with its bonded cellular AIR Series transmitter, how slicing can be used in order to ensure that proprietary capture is associated with proprietary transport for video production.

The latest AVIWEST PRO3 and AIR Series will be displayed with two all-new features: the hot folder and the high-speed data hotspot feature.

  • The hot folder feature enables fast, reliable, and automatic real-time file transmission over unmanaged networks wherever the action is.
  • Leveraging the transmitter’s internet connections, PRO and AIR act as a router and create a hotspot, which is a physical location where devices such as laptops, phones, and others can connect to the internet.

Those two mobile bonded cellular transmitters are definitively perfect for on-the-go broadcasters, providing them with portable, versatile, and robust solutions.

nanocosmos to Demo nanoStream Cloud, Incl. H5Live Player, for ULL Video Delivery at IBC2019

Through these interactive applications, media companies can boost audience engagement, promote content gamification, and go beyond typical broadcasting applications to open up new business opportunities. As media companies, broadcasters, and other vertical markets look to interact directly with global audiences on any desktop and mobile device, having a flexible, scalable, ULL solution is critical.

At IBC2019, nanocosmos will demonstrate its world-class nanoStream Cloud, which includes the H5Live Player for delivering ULL live video. A variety of interactive video streaming applications will be highlighted.

Deliver Ultra-Low Latency Live Video Streams With nanoStream Cloud

At IBC2019, nanocosmos will showcase nanoStream Cloud, an end-to-end solution for live streaming that sets a new standard for ultra-low latency (ULL). nanoStream Cloud features H5Live Player for plug-in-free, low-latency playback (about 1 second) on any mobile and desktop browser, including Safari on iOS; a scalable CDN with a global footprint; and advanced analytics and metrics that provide improved insights throughout the entire workflow to ensure a superior quality of service for end users.

Efficient and scalable, the end-to-end solution includes support for the entire video streaming workflow, from live encoding to streaming and playback. By reducing setup, hardware, and maintenance costs, and eliminating vendor fragmentation issues, nanoStream Cloud provides media companies with a light-weight, cost-effective solution for interactive live video streaming. Stream management with bintu.live enables broadcasters to go live instantly, with auto-scaling provided by an origin and edge server for worldwide distribution.

nanocosmos Brings Thought Leadership on Live Streaming to IBC2019:

At IBC2019, nanocosmos CEO Oliver Lietz will participate in a panel discussion on “Streaming Live Events: When it MUST Be All Right on the Night.” The session will take place Monday, Sept. 16 at 1 p.m. in the Content Everywhere Hub — Presentation Theater located in hall 14 on stand 14.C15. It will focus on how to deliver the optimum live sports experience based on insights and knowledge gained from hands-on experience of live streaming some of the biggest sporting events to fans worldwide. In addition, the panel will discuss the growing importance of low latency and look at how gamification of content will add new dimensions to streamed live sports and esports experiences in the near future.

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Ikegami to demonstrate HQLM-3125X 4K-UHD master monitor and HDR option for HLM-60 series at IBC

Designed for critical image evaluation in broadcast production control environments, the panel employs double-LCD-layer technology to achieve a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio with true black reproduction. A layer of light-modulating cells allows pixel-by-pixel control of backlight intensity, reducing light leakage and black floating. Fully compliant with BT.2020 wide colour gamut, the monitor incorporates single-channel 12G-SDI x 2, 3G-SDI × 5, 3G/HD-SDI and HDMI inputs as standard features.  Viewing angle for critical image evaluation is a wide 178 degrees (horizontal/vertical). 1D and 3D LUTs are supported. The HQLM-3125X can be controlled remotely via Ethernet, RS-485 or locally from the front panel.

In the same series, the Ikegami HQLM-1720WR is a compact UHD HDR monitor for a wide range of broadcast applications. It is equipped with two 12G-SDI input channels as standard for efficient configuration with equipment such as cameras and switchers. 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and HDMI inputs are also provided as standard. The HQLM-1720WR employs a 16.5 inch 3840 × 2160 pixel UHD LCD panel using LED backlight and can reproduce high resolution 4K and 2K images.


Ikegami will also demonstrate an HDR option for its HLM-60 family of high-definition broadcast quality monitors. This option includes electro-optical transfer function tables for HLG, S-Log and S-Log3 in addition to conventional gamma. It can be added as a retrospective upgrade to all monitors in the HLM-60 series which currently comprises models HLM-2460W, HLM-1760WR and HLM-960WR. All three can be controlled remotely via Ethernet, RS-485 or from the front panel.

Ikegami’s HLM-2460W incorporates a 24-inch 10:9 Full-HD 1920 x 1200 pixel 400 cd, 10-bit resolution LCD panel. Multi-format SDI, 3G-SDI, HDMI, Ethernet and VBS inputs are provided as standard. Operating features include 2x and 4x zoom, dual-picture split, dot-by-dot display, timecode display, user-marker display (preset/user-configurable) and shadow function, under-monitor and in-monitor channel identification display. Test signal generation, waveform monitor and vectorscope facilities with adjustable image and test signal mixing are also provided.

A smaller version of the HLM-2460W with similar features, the HLM-1760WR has a 17-inch Full-HD 1920×1080 pixel 450 candela per square metre 10-bit resolution LCD panel.

Optimised for use in ultra-compact mobile production vehicles, Ikegami’s HLM-960WR is a highly compact multi-format LCD monitor with a 9-inch Full-HD 1920 x 1080 pixel 400 candela per square metre 8-bit resolution LCD panel. This model offers very narrow front-to-back dimensions, light weight, AC or DC operation and low power consumption. An optional battery bracket is available. A USB connector on the front panel allows setup file storage and recall as well as control-menu navigation via a plug-in pointing device.

Vitec Production Solutions at IBC2019

New for IBC2019 will be Anton/Bauer’s Titon, a series of V-Mount or Gold Mount batteries designed for on-location productions that provides customers with a versatile solution to “power their story.” Offered in both 90Wh and 150Wh models, Titon powers the leading HD-DSLR, mirrorless, ENG, and digital cine cameras as well as LED panels — including Litepanels’ new Gemini 1×1 Soft RGBWW light. With P-TAP and high-speed Smart USB ports, Titon can also power accessories such as wireless transmitters, monitors, and smart devices.


Using the onboard LCD screen or the camera’s viewfinder display, Titon users know, down to the minute, the exact runtime and remaining available power for the camera and accessories being powered.

Titon offers one of the widest operating temperature ranges in its class — from -20 °C to 60 °C (-4 °F to 140 °F) — ensuring its reliability even in the most extreme conditions. Titon batteries are the ideal mobile power solution for on-location shoots where portable power is preferred for faster setups, or in remote environments where outlets or generators are simply not available.


The new Gemini 1×1 Soft will make its European debut at IBC2019. Gemini 1×1 Soft is an all-in-one, cine-quality LED light that is easy to transport and quick to rig in the studio or on location. As a true RGBWW soft panel, Gemini 1×1 Soft offers full-spectrum colour adjustment at a remarkable price point and in an incredibly versatile, easy-to-control package.

Gemini 1×1 Soft is ideal for lighting talent and rendering skin tones, enabling users to match a broad range of ambient lighting conditions quickly and easily. In addition, Gemini 1×1 Soft provides an extensive choice of control options with intuitive onboard controls as well as remote control through wired or wireless DMX or Bluetooth. In an instant, users can switch the light from AC power to battery operation, and the small, lightweight power supply makes the LED fast and easy to rig.

Weighing in at just 5.31 kilograms (11.7 pounds), and with a maximum draw of just 200W, Gemini 1×1 Soft is the industry’s most agile light, delivering flicker-free performance at any frame rate, shutter angle, or intensity and with smooth dimming from 100% to .1%.


Three new creative robotics solutions from Vinten will be making their EMEA debut at IBC2019. The new FH-155 is a robotic/manual pan-and-tilt head designed to support heavy payloads in modern broadcast studio settings. With a maximum payload capacity of 70 kilograms/155 pounds, the FH-155 combines sophisticated software and mechanical engineering to enable exceptionally accurate, smooth, and quiet movements. In addition, the FH-155 is the industry’s first pan-and-tilt head with an option for a fully integrated StarTracker module, offering an attractive absolute-reference tracking system for floor-roaming pedestal combinations.

Also on display will be the new virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) solution for Vinten’s curved floor and ceiling tracks. A collaboration between Vinten, dolly manufacturer Tecnopoint, and Vizrt, the VR/AR option brings virtual set graphics together with the eye-catching camera movements and angles of Vinten’s curved floor and ceiling tracks. As the first curved track solution for the Vizrt graphics engine, the new VR/AR solution takes tracking data from the dolly, then uses an algorithm to calculate the position of the camera on the curved tracks and communicate it back to Vizrt.

“IBC2019 is the perfect forum for ENG teams and independent filmmakers to experience all of our latest solutions for capturing high-quality imagery on the go, in any environment, and on any terrain. Anton/Bauer’s new Titon batteries — available in V-Mount or Gold Mount — give camera operators the reliability and power to capture exceptional content, and flowtech is inarguably the most durable and versatile tripod technology on the market today. The Gemini 1×1 Soft LED is lightweight, easy to transport, and quick to rig, making it ideal for on-location shoots as well as modern broadcast studios.” Dave Dougall, Vice President of Sales, EMEA and Asia Pacific — Vitec Production Solutions

The new sequencing control option for Vinten’s robotic pedestals and pan-and-tilt heads enables curved movements for creating brand-building signature shots. Delivered through the latest version of Vinten’s HD-VRC control software, this new functionality enables operators to take the camera through a nonlinear visual flow according to a series of user-defined waypoints. The result is a striking signature shot that can help define the station’s brand identity and further capture the attention of the target audience.


At IBC2019, Sachtler and Vinten will feature flowtech75 and flowtech100 tripods together with optional accessories for added stability and support, such as removable midlevel and ground spreaders, standard and studio dollies, carry handles, and rubber feet. These features combine to offer broadcasters, ENG teams, DPs, and independent filmmakers the industry’s most innovative tripod solution for capturing images in the most rugged production environments.