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THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO and the UK’s National Film and Television School promote emerging talent

The Studio will fund development of a final year student’s project in the Screenwriting course at the prestigious NFTS.

The winning project is “The Run”, a crime-drama series by Ralph Mathers and Jamie MacDonald

As part of a commitment to discover and promote emerging talent, THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO and the National Film and Television School (NFTS) have announced the winner of a competition among final year students in the Screenwriting course at the prestigious British film and television school. Candidates presented their original ideas for television programs to Ran Tellem, head of international content development at THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO; Mariano Baselga, senior development executive at THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, and Stephen Johnstone, head of content at THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO UK.

The winning project, “The Run”, is a returning crime-drama series about forbidden love, turf wars and ice-cream by Ralph Mathers and Jamie MacDonald. THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO will finance the development of the idea, which will be presented to channels and co-production partners for future programs. Ran Tellem thanked the students for their work: “The level of the projects has been exceptional. We asked students to surprise us with the originality of their ideas and there is no doubt that they have managed that. The variety and diversity translated into a journey to many different places with a very diverse mosaic of characters, colors and situations. It has been extremely difficult to select a winner”.


Laura Fernández Espeso, head of tv at THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, said: “Talent is the most important factor when it comes to creating content; for us, being able to get involved in educational work, training the industry’s future talents, is a real honor”. We want to help develop fresh and extraordinary talent amongst debuting screenwriters  -explained Stephen Johnstone-;  but we also intend to produce a fantastic program, something new and different that sets THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO apart from the rest. It would be wonderful to turn one of these brilliant screenwriters into a star”. And he added: “We are very excited about our collaboration with the NFTS”.

According to Brian Ward, head of the NFTS screenwriting course, who supervised the initial development of all the ideas, the competition has been “a fantastic opportunity for students to experience first-hand the reality of the profession and the industry. Presenting yourself and your ideas persuasively, effectively, with originality and passion is one of the most crucial lessons to learn. The collaboration with THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO offers students an opportunity to further develop their original ideas in a professional setting with a real chance of getting them funded and into production”.

THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO and the National Film and Television School (NFTS) have also reached a partnership agreement for what is clearly an investment in training in international projects. Students enrolled in THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO Master’s in Screenwriting in association with the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) ( will work together with students from the Screenwriting Masters from the NFTS (

During the 2019-2020 academic year, students from both Master’s degree programs will complete co-production projects which will be coordinated by tutors of the NFTS Master’s in Screenwriting, THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO Screenwriting Master’s and the UCM.


With a wealth of experience in the audiovisual sector, MEDIAPRO, currently celebrating its 25th anniversary, recently launched THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, whose mission is to expand the creation, production and distribution of content globally drawing on its already well-established foundations, creating high-quality international content in association with the very best Spanish and international talent, including Paolo Sorrentino, Woody Allen, Isabel Coixet, Ran Tellem, Oliver Stone, Daniel Burman, Fernando León de Aranoa, Iván Escobar, Javier Fesser, Patricio Guzmán, Borja Cobeaga, Diego San José, Marc Cistaré, Manuel Huerga, Ernesto Daranas, Gastón Duprat, Mariano Cohn, Laura Belloo, Marc Vigil, Fernando González Molina, Javier Olivares and Ruth García. THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, with 58 offices distributed across four continents, 14 of which develop and produce content, launched 34 series in 2019 with a global investment of €200 million for productions of series, films, entertainment programs, short-formats and documentaries. MEDIAPRO has partnered with key industry players worldwide including HBO, Netflix, Amazon, DirectTV, Fox, Viacom, Yle and Disney, on award-winning productions which have earned international awards including 2 Oscars, 2 Golden Globes, multiple Goya awards and two Daytime Emmy Awards.


Recipient of the 2018 Outstanding Contribution to British Cinema BAFTA, the NFTS is one of the world’s leading film, games and television schools. NFTS graduates have gone on to win eleven Oscars and 139 BAFTAs with alumni including cinematographer, Roger Deakins (Oscar winner and 13 times Oscar nominee); BAFTA winning director, David Yates, (best known for directing the Harry Potter films); Oscar winning animator Nick Park (creator of Wallace & Gromit), Oscar winning composer Dario Marianelli and BAFTA winning director Lynne Ramsay, among others. For more information:


THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, a key player in the international audiovisual industry, is joining forces with the Universidad Complutense de Madrid’s Faculty of Information Sciences to launch the Master’s Degree in Screenwriting, offering students training tailored to the current and future reality of audiovisual production. The Master’s Degree, endorsed by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and with THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO’S experience and creative talent, will provide students with the opportunity of internship placement in Studio productions worldwide. This ensures students put the skills they have learned into practice in an environment adapted to the realities of national and international of the media and entertainment sector.

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