In-flight internet: decision by French “Conseil d’Etat” on authorisation issued by Arcep

The Conseil d’Etat refers several preliminary questions to the Court of Justice of the European Union. This subject was already brought before the Court of Justice in a ruling by the Brussels Court of Appeal in 2018. The issues referred to the Conseil d’Etat on behalf of Eutelsat confirm and support the questions raised by the Belgian court.

This decision by the Conseil d’Etat confirms the uncertainties raised by Eutelsat as to whether the Arcep decision complies with European regulations regarding the conditions for operating a mobile satellite system, as Eutelsat considers that this system should be predominantly based on a satellite system, and not on terrestrial relay antennas.

First images from ‘Perdida’, new original series from Atresmedia Televisión

First images of “Perdida”, the new original series from Atresmedia Televisión for the prime-time slot on Antena 3. This highly-emotionally charged thriller narrates the journey of two parents willing to go to any lengths to discover what happened to their daughter. The storyline takes place in both Spain and Colombia.


The entire series was filmed on location in natural exteriors and interiors at more than 120 different locations. Shooting got underway last April in Valencia and the crew are currently on location in Columbia, South America, where filming is scheduled to continue until the end of summer.


Daniel Grao stars in the show alongside Ana María Orozco, Carolina Lapausa, Fernando Solórzano, Melani Olivares and Verónica Velásquez, who head up a cast of more than 100 actors from Spain, Colombia, Mexico and Cuba, including Jon Arias, Adriana Paz, Luis Miguel Hurtado, Juan Carlos Messier, Pedro Suárez, María Barreto, David Trejos and Mario Bolaños, among others.


Episodes of the Spanish thriller with an international reach have a duration of 50 minutes, as with all the new productions of the Atresmedia Series label.


“Perdida” is produced by Atresmedia Televisión in association with Big Bang Media (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) and was created by Natxo López, based on the original idea from Ruth García and David Oliva.


Executive producers Sonia Martínez and Alberto Carullo, while Juanma Manzanares and Natxo López are executive co-producers.

Screenwriters on the series directed by Iñaki Peñafiel, David Ulloa and Rafa Montesinos, include Natxo Lopez, Almudena Ocaña, Aurora Graciá, Carlos de Pando and Mikel Barón.


About “Perdida”

Bogota Colombia. Antonio, a Spanish national, swallows cocaine balls in a hotel room. He seems nervous. When he finishes, he makes his way to the airport, where the seemingly quiet and reserved man is arrested.

13 years earlier. Valencia Spain. Antonio prepares to have lunch at a beach bar with his wife Inma and his family. His daughter Soledad, five years old, plays in the sand. Her mother calls to the little girl, but she doesn’t answer… Everyone begins looking for the girl who has disappeared without a trace, as if the sea had swallowed her…
Perdida narrates the journey of two parents in a double timeline who will go to unspeakable ends to discover what happened to their daughter. The storyline develops between Spain and Colombia, where a father will make the difficult decision to enter the darkest of worlds inside a Colombian prison to find the whereabouts of his daughter.

Live Media Group Holdings Creates National Live Production Footprint With Three Strategic Acquisitions

In what promises to be among the more innovative strategic acquisitionplans this year, Live Media Group Holdings announces that TNDV: Television, Harb Production Services and Coastal Media Group will join its live production business portfolio effective immediately. The acquisitions will create the largest mid-level, full-service live production facilities provider andcompany in the broadcast and live event industry. The three companies join Live Mobile Group, anowned and operated division of Live Media Group Holdings, to create the new nationwide powerhouse organization.


The acquisitions were driven by the vision of Brad Sexton, President and CEO of Live Media Group Holdings, who recognized the lack of a national full-service, mid-level broadcast provider andproduction option for today’s most demanding, ever-changing world. The innovative strategy more thantriples Live Mobile Group’s fleet of production and uplink trucks, and expands the company’s business and technical staff with a diverse group of live production, systems integration and event management experts. The resulting company will change the competitive landscape for mid-level event live production facilities in a market dominated by a number of large providers and companies. Out of the gate, the consolidated company will consist of 18 mid-sized production hybrid units, with additional standalone smaller production uplink units.

Harb_Interior Live Media Group Holdings 

The expanded Live Media Group Holdings portfolio brings the following specialized companies and services together:

  • Live Mobile Group: A premier, full-service, mid-sized truck provider for sports, entertainment and music, offering mid sized 38’-42’ hybrid expando production and transmission units.
  • TNDV: A full-service provider of 38’-53’ mobile production and audio facilities, as well asproduction and secondary services for broadcast television, live entertainment, and AV-related productions including entertainment, corporate, worship and higher education.
  • Harb Production Services: A supplier of state-of-the-art, mid-sized 40’-45’ single and double expando production trucks, equipment and integration services to support sports, entertainment and other live event productions.
  • Coastal Media Group: A live event management services company specializing in fiber and satellite transmission, insert studios, control rooms and editorial facilities on the west coast.
  • Live Media Group: One of the best known companies offering a true, turnkey approach for the creative, production, encoding/transmission and broadcast of live events on any scale for entertainment, music and sports.

Live Media Group Holdings will retain the staff, facilities and structure of all organizations. Los Angeleswill serve as a west coast production and truck operation, with plans to relocate its corporate operations to TNDV’s headquarters in Nashville. The Harb Production Services facility in Knoxville, Tennessee will serve as a truck operations and integration facility. Sexton adds that “all companies will continue to operate under their current business names for the time being,” citing the strength of theirbrands, expert engineering execution, and professional reputations.


“We have long recognized the value of strategic partnerships in the live production world and have been actively seeking complementary companies to join our team,” said Sexton. “TNDV has built a national presence with an impressive roster of high-profile projects, clients and mid-to-large-sized production trucks. TNDV has a sterling reputation, with very strong relationships across the media and entertainment industry. I have worked with Harb Production Services for a number of years, and Danny Harb and his team bring a rare level of technical integration and engineering that matches the premium quality of their trucks and superior engineering services. Finally, Coastal Media Group expands our footprint in the active Los Angeles live production broadcast market while strengthening our portfolio of multi-site broadcasting, live streaming, uplink and backhaul services to our network operation centerfor secure and reliable transmission.”

Danny Harb, President of Harb Production Services, and his team are known for unique production units that offer the horsepower of a 53’ expando unit in a more efficient facility and footprint. Harb will join the expanded management team and sit on the Board of Directors of Live Media Group Holdings.

“Having always focused on exceptional mobile units, cost-efficient integration and superior engineering expertise, we have serviced every client need and grown our relationships exponentially over the years,” said Harb. “By joining forces, we look forward to providing our clients with expanded services and sharing our expertise with every member of the new team. Our experience integrating1080p and 4K into our existing fleet of trucks will prove especially valuable for the combined client base.”

Nic Dugger, President of TNDV: Television, will also join the management team of Live Media Group Holdings and sit on the Board of Directors. Dugger has watched his company grow significantly over the past decade and is enthusiastic about the new collection of companies coming together, forming a force within the industry focused on superior client service.


“We are creating a one-stop-shop of media and entertainment services for live production that will fulfill client requests for more trucks, more production equipment and more services,” said Dugger. “This brings together arguably the greatest collection of professionals and resources to form one of the industry’s most dynamic, versatile and flexible live production organizations. I’m really looking forward to this next chapter.”

Bob Adler, President of Coastal Media Group has helped power some of the largest broadcasts in the world, providing services to clients such as 24 Hours of Climate Reality, Echo Entertainment, the NFL Channel and CBS College Sports Network. The company specializes in full production services with anemphasis on transmission capabilities and data center deliverables. This includes a Network Operation Center that also provides full encoding and streaming services for many sports and entertainment partners.

“We are excited about all of these exceptional companies coming together to form one team to service our myriad of clients,” said Adler. “With the addition of all these assets and technical expertise, we will be afforded the opportunity to expand our work with our client base and service additional clients,growing our business with our 24/7 Network Operation Center.”

MEPTIK Unleashes Extended Reality Experience for New Fleurie Music Video

MEPTIK, an Atlanta-based experience design agency specializing in dynamic live environments, is modernizing the video production workflow through the use of Extended Reality environments — an innovative technique visualized in a powerful new music video by the Nashville-based singer/songwriter and musician Fleurie.


The powerful new video for “A World Beyond” places Fleurie in an XR (Extended Reality) experience that surrounds her with outer space and underwater elements, among other dynamic visuals. However, unlike traditional greenscreen productions, the greenscreen is replaced altogether with imagery that is generated in real-time, on-set.

Through the use of LED screens driven by disguise gx2’s, with content created in Notch and tracking done through BlackTrax, the environments were visualized in camera, on-set, but also interactive. This allowed changes to be made in real-time, and also allowed talent to interact with the visuals onscreen.

The MEPTIK creative team worked closely with director Elle Ginter to produce the imagery that would capture the desired musical moods. Both Elle and Fleurie were able to visualize exactly what the finished product would look like without having to go into post-production.


“This is a new innovation for the creative process that removes lengthy and expensive post-production processes, and instead allows us to make real-time editing decisions on the set,” said Nick Rivero, co-founder and CTO, MEPTIK. “We are saving our clients an enormous amount of time and money with one-and-done captures, while offering a new experience for the performer by replacing the empty green void with visuals they can see and believe.”

The MEPTIK team leveraged three primary workflow components for the XR production:

  • Disguise gx 2: Powering reliable, high-resolution content playout with real-time rendering, the gx 2 was the core, high-capacity engine driving the visual universe on the set. MEPTIK added disguise’s Extended Reality (xR) toolkit to deliver the AR/MR elements within the live production environment.
  • Notch: The MEPTIK team used Notch to very quickly and efficiently create the dynamic visual content delivered via the disguise gx 2, without any coding requirements.
  • BlackTrax: This real-time, highly responsive tracking software was used to capture positional data of characters in the video as they interact with the visual universe. All positional data was seamlessly delivered to gx 2.

Rivero adds that the disguise xR toolkit is especially valuable as it gives directors and designers more control within immersive production experiences, which he views as a game-changer for larger film, television and live event productions moving forward.


“We believe that this music video offers a blueprint for directors and designers of larger productions that have grown tired of the long hours and high costs of traditional post-production processes,” said Rivero. “These systems represent the future of production, allowing creative professionals to build engaging virtual worlds that we can all live and innovate within.”