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First images from ‘Perdida’, new original series from Atresmedia Televisión

Daniel Grao stars in the show alongside Ana María Orozco, Carolina Lapausa, Fernando Solórzano, Melani Olivares and Verónica Velásquez, in a cast to include more than one hundred actors The Spanish drama with an international setting is produced by Atresmedia Televisión in association with Big Bang Media (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO).

First images of “Perdida”, the new original series from Atresmedia Televisión for the prime-time slot on Antena 3. This highly-emotionally charged thriller narrates the journey of two parents willing to go to any lengths to discover what happened to their daughter. The storyline takes place in both Spain and Colombia.


The entire series was filmed on location in natural exteriors and interiors at more than 120 different locations. Shooting got underway last April in Valencia and the crew are currently on location in Columbia, South America, where filming is scheduled to continue until the end of summer.


Daniel Grao stars in the show alongside Ana María Orozco, Carolina Lapausa, Fernando Solórzano, Melani Olivares and Verónica Velásquez, who head up a cast of more than 100 actors from Spain, Colombia, Mexico and Cuba, including Jon Arias, Adriana Paz, Luis Miguel Hurtado, Juan Carlos Messier, Pedro Suárez, María Barreto, David Trejos and Mario Bolaños, among others.


Episodes of the Spanish thriller with an international reach have a duration of 50 minutes, as with all the new productions of the Atresmedia Series label.


“Perdida” is produced by Atresmedia Televisión in association with Big Bang Media (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) and was created by Natxo López, based on the original idea from Ruth García and David Oliva.


Executive producers Sonia Martínez and Alberto Carullo, while Juanma Manzanares and Natxo López are executive co-producers.

Screenwriters on the series directed by Iñaki Peñafiel, David Ulloa and Rafa Montesinos, include Natxo Lopez, Almudena Ocaña, Aurora Graciá, Carlos de Pando and Mikel Barón.


About “Perdida”

Bogota Colombia. Antonio, a Spanish national, swallows cocaine balls in a hotel room. He seems nervous. When he finishes, he makes his way to the airport, where the seemingly quiet and reserved man is arrested.

13 years earlier. Valencia Spain. Antonio prepares to have lunch at a beach bar with his wife Inma and his family. His daughter Soledad, five years old, plays in the sand. Her mother calls to the little girl, but she doesn’t answer… Everyone begins looking for the girl who has disappeared without a trace, as if the sea had swallowed her…
Perdida narrates the journey of two parents in a double timeline who will go to unspeakable ends to discover what happened to their daughter. The storyline develops between Spain and Colombia, where a father will make the difficult decision to enter the darkest of worlds inside a Colombian prison to find the whereabouts of his daughter.

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