HISTORIA premieres “ESTACIÓN APOLO”, new channel production that reveals the decisive role played by Spain in man’s reaching the Moon

July 20, 1969. Neil Armstrong lands on the Moon. His words “This is one small step for man, but a great leap for mankind” have become part of history. But what we don’t know at that moment is the decisive role played in this feat by a NASA station located in a small Spanish town of Fresnedillas de la Oliva.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of man’s lading on the Moon, next Sunday, July 21st at 22:00, HISTORIA exclusive premiere of “Estación Apolo”, the new HISTORIA Channel documentary production, made in association with producer 100 Balas (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO), which reveals the decisive role, and hitherto practically unknown, that Spain played in following the trajectory of Apollo 11. Using never-before-seen footage and interviews with Spanish personnel who worked at the Madrid station, the television channel addresses this eminent feat from a new and unprecedented perspective.

This is not the story of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. It’s the tale of José Manuel and Carlos, the Spanish technicians of the Apollo Station, who were responsible for controlling communications between Earth and Apollo 11 at the same time as the Eagle, the lunar module of the NASA spacecraft, touched down on the lunar surface. They were the first to hear Armstrong’s, “the Eagle has landed (the Eagle has landed)” and to see this image: the module landing on the surface of our satellite. This is their untold story.

“Estación Apolo” boasts the collaboration of a team of experts in scientific communication. The screenplay for the documentary is by Jose A. Pérez Ledo (“Órbita Laika”) and Jesús Mancebón (“Desafía tu mente”), while Pérez Ledo himself is responsible for his direction with Aitor Gutiérrez (“Órbita Laika”). “Estación Apolo” tells the story of this space station, the installation that NASA had in the Madrid town of Fresnedillas de la Oliva, and that guaranteed contact and communication with astronauts when Houston, because of the position of the planet, could not do what.

“The arrival of man on the Moon has been studied from multiple perspectives but perhaps one of the most original, and most unknown approaches is the role played by Spain in the achievement of this milestone. Using unpublished footage and testimonies from employees of the Apollo Station, HISTORIA analyzes this historical moment on the occasion of the 50th anniversary “, Carolina Godayol, General Director of The History Channel Iberia.

The premiere of “Estación Apolo”, on Sunday, July 21st at 22:00, is part of the Special – 50 years on the Moon, an exclusive program that also includes the documentary “The Nazis and the Moon Landing” on Monday July 22nd at 22:00 and “Moon Landing: The Missing Tapes” on Monday July 22nd at 23:00, productions which reveal never-before-seen audios, images and footage that reveal the incredible story of mankind’s greatest leap.

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Anevia to Launch NEA-CDN 5 Cloud-Native Content Delivery Network Solution into Europe

NEA-CDN gives operators the ability to scale their OTT services for peak viewing by adding their own CDN to their existing network infrastructure. Designed specifically for video streaming, it reduces network load by caching user requests and content to form a shield which protects origin servers from multiple requests.

“Version 5 reduces or even eliminates the need for capacity planning,” says Anevia NEA-CDN Product Manager David Tencer. “It is supplied as a container to be used with the Docker software platform. The container approach allows the service to be scaled for temporary or permanent requirements literally within minutes. This is also ideal for setting up a private cloud infrastructure to handle an OTT operator’s mainstream traffic. Users can also add external cloud resources on the fly ahead of sports events that are likely to generate high viewing peaks.”


“A second major benefit of using a container model is that processes are separated from the underlying hardware. In other words, it is no longer necessary to set up separate servers for the CDN and other processes. Operators can run their applications separately over the same private or public cloud infrastructure, within orchestrated containers. Combining a NEA-CDN with an Anevia origin server such as NEA-LIVE or NEA-DVR  makes video delivery even more efficient, especially for live and near-live TV.”

NEA-CDN 5 is orchestrated through the Kubernetes container management system. OTT operators can scale their service up and down by using virtual-machine hosts over an internal or external cloud infrastructure. All that is required is an accessible Kubernetes cluster, available on most public clouds, plus the NEA-CDN 5 configuration itself.

Anevia’s NEA-CDN 5 can be distributed geographically to cover multiple territories. When positioned close to end users at the edge of the CDN, it optimises bandwidth requirements within the network. Associating NEA-CDN 5 with a NEA-CDN Balancer allows large session amounts to be handled and maximises the output traffic to improve customer quality of experience.

Anevia will demonstrate NEA-CDN 5 on stand 5.B66 at IBC 2019, Amsterdam, September 13th-17th.

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GLOBAL Technologies selects Eutelsat to support West Africa Power Pool project

Established in 1999 by ECOWAS (Economic Community of West Africa States), the WAPP project aims to interconnect the power grids of 14 West African countries.GLOBAL Technologies was awarded the telecommunications part of the project, and through this contract signature, will leverage EUTELSAT 10A satellite’s dedicated coverage of West Africato monitor the main power distribution sites across the region.

Philippe Oliva, Eutelsat’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: “After a successful partnership in Mauritania three years ago, we are delighted to be working alongside GLOBAL Technologies once again with assisting WAPP in achieving its ambitious shared energy project in the West African region over the coming months.”


Jean-Paul Steinitz, CEO of GLOBAL Technologies, said: “To support WAPP in its vision to promote and develop power generation and transmission infrastructures across West Africa, we have teamed up with Eutelsat to leverage the prime capacity available on its EUTELSAT 10A satellite.Thanks to Eutelsat’s reliable and cost effective satellite coverage of the region, GLOBAL Technologies will contribute to offer a better and cheaper access to power for millions of people by delivering telecom infrastructure to connect the WAPP countries.”

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Riedel Solution Brings Flexible, Crystal-Clear Comms to Historic Le Couvent des Jacobins Convention

Together, the Riedel Artist digital matrix intercom system, Performer digital partyline, Bolero wireless intercom system, and Riedel SmartPanels enable flexible communications throughout the large-scale facility and handle the multipath reflections that naturally occur throughout the site’s stunning architecture.


“Working with Riedel’s wired and wireless communications solutions, we’ve been able to interconnect many different spaces — and their various events — over a single network architecture,” said Thomas Legros, Stage Manager at Le Couvent des Jacobins. “The installation provides the reliable and scalable communications system we need. And, given Riedel’s expertise in real-time media networks, we’re confident that it also will help us to meet future communications and signal transport requirements.”

Le Couvent des Jacobins convention center features 1,000-, 500-, and 300-seat halls, plus 4,000 square meters of exhibition space and 25 committee rooms located around the historic building and its modern extension. The technical audiovisual design was conceived by Vincent Taurisson on behalf of the scenography agency Architecture & Technique and perfectly blends state-of-the-art technology with Gothic and modern architecture. Fiber optic connectivity, soundproofing, and ultra-high-performance video broadcasting equipment are integrated throughout the facilities.


The Riedel solution gives the team at Le Couvent des Jacobins the benefit of crystal-clear communications with flexibility enabled by deployment over a decentralized IP network. The addition of Bolero wireless technology to the Artist system, SmartPanels, and Performer digital partyline system helped to address the many different requirements of various rooms and meeting halls.

“Riedel intercom is now ‘part of the furniture’ in our new convention center, making stage managers’ lives so much easier and enabling very agile programming,” said Laurent Knobloch-Bard, Productions Director at Le Couvent des Jacobins. “We really enjoy running such a reliable, easy-to-configure communication system in our facilities. We very quickly got used to the user-friendly wireless packs and SmartPanels — and the immense convenience they bring to our daily work. We cannot imagine how we’d manage our productions without such a great communications tool.”


“We are really proud to see how rapidly our communications systems were adopted in this wonderful convention center,” said Franck Berger, General Manager, Riedel France & Africa. “Our new Bolero wireless technology shows again its unique assets on this project, where its integration with Artist and Performer digital partyline system result in a very solid communications infrastructure.”

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Visual Media Broadcast Spain is the first European user of new LaON GENIE intercom system – distributed throughout Europe by Broadcast Solutions

Distributed in Spain exclusively by Broadcast Solutions, the GENIE intercom system supplied to VMB comprises a base station, several repeaters, 16 beltpacks and various accessories, and will improve VMB’s production capabilities.

Visual Media Broadcast was established nine years ago in Madrid, and has since become a leading strategic partner for TV networks, production companies, advertising and market research companies, as well as universities and educational institutions across Spain. Among the first television shows Visual Media Broadcast will produce using its new LaON GENIE system, is the third season of a very popular children’s entertainment show broadcasted by Spain’s biggest Pay-TV station.

BS1000 side and BP

Along with the VMB placement, Broadcast Solutions is experiencing a large demand for LaON intercom systems. Recently, Grupo ESA Sports has invested in an LT750 LaON system for use in all its sports productions in the north of Spain. During productions ESA Sports splits the system into groups (of up to five), to secure communication from the master control to all the moving cameras in a stadium/venue. In this way, a single repeater ensures broad signal coverage to connect with all wireless beltpacks.

With GENIE, six remote antennas, 60 speaker stations (1RU panels with gooseneck mics and eight direct talk buttons), 60 Ethernet beltpacks (wired beltpacks with four direct talk buttons) or 60 repeaters can all be connected to a base station using PoE and offering 128 wireless beltpack connections at the same time. Operating at 7.2kHz, GENIE’s offers excellent audio quality, and the system excels with a latency of just 23ms.

LaON’s digital wireless intercom system operates in the 5GHz UNII band, providing exceptional connection quality while avoiding interference.


World Premiere of “Perception”, a THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO Production at the Sonar 360º Space by MEDIAPRO

This year’s offer from the Sónar360º by MEDIAPRO space at Sónar+D is an all-new exclusive program that includes three world premieres highlighting the audiovisual piece “Perception”, produced by THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO.

“Perception”, by María S. Leiva with music by Miguel Arrieta, is an audiovisual piece produced by THE MEDIAPRO STUDIOto premiere exclusively and worldwide at the Sónar 2019 edition. It is an artistic approach where ideas are suggested implicitly through an exercise with clearly aesthetic intentions, the artists propose reflection evoking concepts using metaphorical language. The objective is to provoke a reaction in the audience, but also to invite members of the public to understand and freely perceive the initial proposal.

All the material featured in the piece are taken from audiovisual productions made by MEDIAPRO during its 25-year career. In addition to the images, the artists have also filmed exclusively for “Perception” and is sure to be one of the most innovative and powerful audiovisual experiences.

Mediapro 360 sonar

María S. Leiva comments: “‘Perception” will tell us about what we see, what we think we see and what lies in between; reality, the unreal and what we perceive. There’s an invisible space between the two where we swim when we try to communicate, transmit, move, create or invent What goes on there, in perception, between reality and fiction?”.

The Sonar360º by MEDIAPRO stage is dedicated to full-dome audiovisual work, an immersive experience where the audience is completely surrounded by 360º image and sound. The 19-meter diameter dome – one of the largest in Europe – will feature premieres and live shows for the public to enjoy with innovative and avant-garde creations from international artists.

Works to be premiered include the piece “Nebulae” by French artist Joanie Lemercier, who will introduce us to a unique journey through the cosmos; and “Factors”, by Japanese artist-programmers Daito Manabe and Satoshi Horii, an abstract piece of generative audio and video constructed from algorithms.

The immersive dome will also feature “Chain Opera”, the latest work by Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst, which unites artificial intelligence and voice; a piece by Vicent Houzé, a digital artist who explores the diversity of terrestrial life forms; and another by German composer Robot Koch and visual artist Mickael Le Goff, who will present a journey through space-time. In addition, festivalgoers can enjoy the daily live show in full-dome format by visual artist Alba G. Corral and musician Alex Augier.