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Visual Media Broadcast Spain is the first European user of new LaON GENIE intercom system – distributed throughout Europe by Broadcast Solutions

Visual Media Broadcast (VMB) has become the first user of the new LaON GENIE intercom system in Europe. GENIE is the industry’s first converged digital intercom system, reshaping the traditional concept of intercom systems.

Distributed in Spain exclusively by Broadcast Solutions, the GENIE intercom system supplied to VMB comprises a base station, several repeaters, 16 beltpacks and various accessories, and will improve VMB’s production capabilities.

Visual Media Broadcast was established nine years ago in Madrid, and has since become a leading strategic partner for TV networks, production companies, advertising and market research companies, as well as universities and educational institutions across Spain. Among the first television shows Visual Media Broadcast will produce using its new LaON GENIE system, is the third season of a very popular children’s entertainment show broadcasted by Spain’s biggest Pay-TV station.

BS1000 side and BP

Along with the VMB placement, Broadcast Solutions is experiencing a large demand for LaON intercom systems. Recently, Grupo ESA Sports has invested in an LT750 LaON system for use in all its sports productions in the north of Spain. During productions ESA Sports splits the system into groups (of up to five), to secure communication from the master control to all the moving cameras in a stadium/venue. In this way, a single repeater ensures broad signal coverage to connect with all wireless beltpacks.

With GENIE, six remote antennas, 60 speaker stations (1RU panels with gooseneck mics and eight direct talk buttons), 60 Ethernet beltpacks (wired beltpacks with four direct talk buttons) or 60 repeaters can all be connected to a base station using PoE and offering 128 wireless beltpack connections at the same time. Operating at 7.2kHz, GENIE’s offers excellent audio quality, and the system excels with a latency of just 23ms.

LaON’s digital wireless intercom system operates in the 5GHz UNII band, providing exceptional connection quality while avoiding interference.


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