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World Premiere of “Perception”, a THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO Production at the Sonar 360º Space by MEDIAPRO

The exclusive creation is available to View throughout the Sónar+D 2019 festival between the 18th, 19th and 20th of July in Barcelona The programming Schedule for the space will include premieres of work by Japanese artist-programmers Daito Manabe and Satoshi Horii and French artist Joanie Lemercier.

This year’s offer from the Sónar360º by MEDIAPRO space at Sónar+D is an all-new exclusive program that includes three world premieres highlighting the audiovisual piece “Perception”, produced by THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO.

“Perception”, by María S. Leiva with music by Miguel Arrieta, is an audiovisual piece produced by THE MEDIAPRO STUDIOto premiere exclusively and worldwide at the Sónar 2019 edition. It is an artistic approach where ideas are suggested implicitly through an exercise with clearly aesthetic intentions, the artists propose reflection evoking concepts using metaphorical language. The objective is to provoke a reaction in the audience, but also to invite members of the public to understand and freely perceive the initial proposal.

All the material featured in the piece are taken from audiovisual productions made by MEDIAPRO during its 25-year career. In addition to the images, the artists have also filmed exclusively for “Perception” and is sure to be one of the most innovative and powerful audiovisual experiences.

Mediapro 360 sonar

María S. Leiva comments: “‘Perception” will tell us about what we see, what we think we see and what lies in between; reality, the unreal and what we perceive. There’s an invisible space between the two where we swim when we try to communicate, transmit, move, create or invent What goes on there, in perception, between reality and fiction?”.

The Sonar360º by MEDIAPRO stage is dedicated to full-dome audiovisual work, an immersive experience where the audience is completely surrounded by 360º image and sound. The 19-meter diameter dome – one of the largest in Europe – will feature premieres and live shows for the public to enjoy with innovative and avant-garde creations from international artists.

Works to be premiered include the piece “Nebulae” by French artist Joanie Lemercier, who will introduce us to a unique journey through the cosmos; and “Factors”, by Japanese artist-programmers Daito Manabe and Satoshi Horii, an abstract piece of generative audio and video constructed from algorithms.

The immersive dome will also feature “Chain Opera”, the latest work by Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst, which unites artificial intelligence and voice; a piece by Vicent Houzé, a digital artist who explores the diversity of terrestrial life forms; and another by German composer Robot Koch and visual artist Mickael Le Goff, who will present a journey through space-time. In addition, festivalgoers can enjoy the daily live show in full-dome format by visual artist Alba G. Corral and musician Alex Augier.

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