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Filming gets underway for NASDROVIA, produced in association with Globomedia

Luis Bermejo, actor nominated on two occasions for the Goya Awards, joins the cast to play the role of Franky, a guy who’s down on his luck but happens to be a supreme chef specialist in Russian cuisine   The six twenty-five-minute episodes will be filming until the middle of August in Madrid and surrounding areas under the orders of Marc Vigil   Based on Sergio Sarria’s novel, El hombre que odiaba a Paulo Coelho, NASDROVIA was created by Sarria, Miguel Esteban and Luis Miguel Perez.

Filming for NASDROVIA, the new original Movistar + series produced in collaboration with Globomedia (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO), has already begun. This comedy revolves around the mid-life crisis that two forty-year-olds, Edurne (Leonor Watling) and her partner and ex-husband, Julián (Hugo Silva), go through when she, bored of working as a lawyer defending the corrupt, realizes that this is not the life she wants.


Shooting will last eight weeks on-location in Madrid, and its surroundings. Audiences will easily be able to identify well-known haunts of the capital, including the Mercado de la Cebada, Plaza de Santa Bárbara, Calle Reina and Calle Valverde and the Plaza de los Mostenses. The construction of Nasdrovia, the restaurant that lends its name for the title, has just been completed in a meticulous manner, controlling down to the very last detail, on a venue in the center of Madrid.

Created by Sergio Sarria (El Intermedio, Capítulo 0, Malaka, Perestroika), Miguel Esteban (El Intermedio,  El fin de la Comedia -for which he was nominated for an Emmy-, Capítulo 0) and Luismi Pérez (El Intermedio, Malaka y Capítulo 0) and directed by Marc Vigil (The Ministry of Time, Malaka, Locked Up, Vivir sin permiso, Red Eagle, 7 lives, etc.), NASDROVIA is based on the novel by Sergio Sarria, El hombre que odiaba a Paulo Coelho (La Esfera de los Libros), published 2016.

“Even though we’ve respected the universe of ” El hombre que odiaba a Paulo Coelho “, in the process of adaptation we have added significant changes with respect to the novel. While in the book the story was narrated from Julian’s (Hugo Silva) perspective, the series tells the story from the perspective of Edurne (Leonor Watling) since we wanted to have a powerful female character standing off against the testosterone-filled world of the Russian Mafia”, explains Sergio Sarria.


“However, we have tried to avoid clichés and instead of drawing the typical Russian mobsters, we have taken them to other, less common terrain. Our mobsters talk about Instagram, the last episode of Game of Thrones, gluten allergies … and they are scary when they have to be. Nasdrovia is an atypical comedy, where humor stems not from the jokes but from comical life situations.”


In addition, Sarria adds, “Marc’s vision has been key to take the series to another level and develop characters and the storyline further.”



Edurne (Leonor Watling) and Julian (Hugo Silva) are two deeply stuck-up, snobby, and successful lawyers. They were married for several years, childless and now divorced, both hold positions in jobs that completely absorb them, they have a terrible fear of the future and loneliness. Their small cynical universe is shaken when both hit a mid-life crisis and Franky (Luis Bermejo), a washed-up but exceptionally talented chef, specialist in Russian cuisine. The only way out for them is to leave their jobs and open a restaurant serving Russian cuisine. However, they hadn’t counted on it becoming the Russian Mafia’s favorite haunt, and that their previously boring life will soon become a delirious and dangerous thriller.

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