Eugenio Menichella Joins Riedel Italy as System Consultant

Menichella brings more than 20 years of experience in technical and quality assurance management to his new role, including almost 13 years at EVS Italia SRL. He is based in Milan and reports to Giuseppe Angilello, Sales Manager for Italy.

While at EVS Italia SRL, Menichella served as technical manager in charge of pre-sales and project management, and hardware and software support for OB vans and studios. In that role, he managed several high-profile projects, including new ingest systems and studio redesign for SKY Italia, and design, installation, and support of video server systems for RAI Radio Televisione Italiana. Prior to EVS, Menichella served for eight years as support and quality assurance manager for GruppoTNT SRL, where he provided technical support for the Mediaset on-air system and managed installation of the first HD virtual set in Europe at the Multimedia Laboratory at Palermo University. He holds a master’s degree in cultural anthropology from University La Sapienza in Rome.

“Eugenio is an outstanding addition to our team, and he brings a broad and deep base of experience managing high-profile technology projects for some of Italy’s largest media organizations,” said Angilello. “Eugenio’s expertise will be a great asset as we continue to expand our local capabilities and help our Italian customers roll out landmark new projects based on our award-winning video, audio, data, and communications networks.”

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ViSN Streams Live Remotes to Sports Betting Audience with TVU Networks’ App and Server

TVU Networks has announced the purchase of its TVU Anywhere app for capturing and streaming live video with the TVU Server by the Vegas Stats & Information Network (VSiN.) VSiN uses the TVU set up to produce live remote coverage and updates for its growing audience.

Dedicated to delivering actionable sports betting news, information and analysis, VSiN broadcasts live from its studio at the South Point Hotel Casino and Spa in Las Vegas. VSiN’s first use of TVU Anywhere and TVU Server was a live report from Churchill Downs during this year’s Kentucky Derby when a Derby favorite sustained an injury and was unable to compete. That news shifted the gambling odds. Using TVU Anywhere and TVU Server, the VSiN on-site reporter delivered the news immediately on the VSiN network. The TVU solution was also used for the network’s live remote coverage of The 2019 Preakness Stakes at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland.

“With TVU Anywhere and TVU Server we can set up live interviews and updates at a moment’s notice,” said Brian Rogers, Executive Producer at VSiN. “Due to the expansion of sports betting and the number of events in different markets, we must be able to set up quick and seamless live shots in many locations without full crews. Although we just started using our TVU gear in May, we already foresee expanding its use. It’s easy to operate and integrates smoothly into our workflow. We’re producing linear, broadcast-quality, live interviews and hits with iPhones and iPads. And our need for live and remote programming just continues to grow.”

Rogers believes the TVU Anywhere and TVU Server solution’s ability to quickly deliver late-breaking news and live interviews is of significant benefit to both the network and its audience. He said it will also enable VSiN to better cover sports betting markets across the country by allowing additional contributors to provide commentary and live updates prior to and during events.

“We’re thrilled to be part of this exciting venture of which live streaming is such a key component,” said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks. “Their fan base relies upon timely video updates as well as the expert commentary provided by the VSiN anchors to make informed betting decisions. Broadcast-quality video will attract viewers beyond their core audience to the site. Reliable, live video is absolutely critical to their current and future success.”

TVU Anywhere


Designed to turn a smart device or laptop instantly into a transmitter, TVU Anywhere is an app for capturing and streaming live video from anywhere, delivering picture quality usually reserved for more expensive professional video equipment. TVU Anywhere uses your smart device’s 4G/LTE wireless connection and WiFi when available to stream live video to a TVU Server video decoder. It uses TVU’s proprietary Inverse StatMux Plus (IS+) technology when aggregating all available 4G/LTE and WiFi bandwidth for streaming to ensure a superior picture. Users can go live instantly and monitor and control the stream from an easy-to-use interface. TVU Anywhere also features remote pan-and-zoom allowing an operator in a studio to control the camera remotely without intervention from the user in the field. Pan-and-zoom control allows for professional camera framing and exposure without degrading the HD picture quality.

TVU Server

The TVU Server (dual-channel VS3500/VS3100 models) can receive video signals from any TVU Networks’ transmission device as well as process IP streams of standard transmission protocol, SDI video, and store files in any MAM system. They are professional video hardware decoders designed for the centralized viewing, control and distribution of live video content.

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Autoscript WinPlus-IP News Gives University of Surrey Students Training on Industry-Standard Tools

Through an all-new integration with Rundown Creator software, WinPlus-IP News gives students in the degree program invaluable hands-on experience working with professional solutions for producing and prompting on-air TV programs.

“In my previous career as a studio director for major broadcasters like BBC News, I had become quite accustomed to working with Autoscript for TV studio prompting. It’s been an integral part of just about every production I’ve worked on,” said Susan Pratt, director of learning and teaching for the University of Surrey Film and Video Production Technology degree. “When I took the academic post at the University of Surrey, I was committed to bringing in industry-standard tools, like Autoscript, that the students will likely encounter when they begin their professional careers.”

A core component in the Film and Video Production Technology degree is the opportunity for students to produce and broadcast their own live entertainment programs. The University of Surrey students were among the first users of the new WinPlus-IP News/Rundown Creator integration, deploying it initially for a three-and-a-half-hour live broadcast of a dance competition modeled on a highly popular prime-time celebrity dance program. Since then, the students have adopted the solution for three more live transmissions: “Professor Challenge,” a game show pitting students against their professors; “SurreyFess,” a social media talk show based on local postings by current students at the University of Surrey; and “The World War Service,” a recreation of a news program that might have been broadcast during the years of World War II. All programs are streamed to the YouTube channel of the University of Surrey Department of Music and Media.


Pratt added, “WinPlus-IP News and Rundown Creator is a powerful combination that gives the students maximum flexibility in creating running orders for their live TV programs. The Cloud-based Rundown Creator means that students can work in the TV studio or at home to improve their scripts and running order. Then the changes are automatically updated on the scripts into the prompt, ready for the live broadcast. We’re proud that we were one of the very first users of this solution for the dance program, a show that required about 85 pages of scripts. But the system worked brilliantly.”

WinPlus-IP News software is a key component in Autoscript’s Intelligent Prompting range, a fully IP-enabled, end-to-end teleprompting system that is also compatible with all HD-SDI and composite video workflows. WinPlus-IP News enables instant script updates not only from Rundown Creator but all leading NRCSs and other newsroom systems.

At the University of Surrey, the WinPlus-IP News/Rundown Creator solution replaces a previously inefficient system in which rundowns were created on spreadsheets and scripts had to be manually input into the prompting system. Now, the students are able to create a rundown template for each program within the Rundown Creator cloud storage. When the students make changes in the running order, the changes are automatically updated in WinPlus-IP. The ability to manipulate and update scripts in real time means the students can adapt programs on the fly, even while on air.

“The fact that WinPlus-IP News is a native IP prompting solution is another huge plus, and one more way we’re able to give our students experience working with technologies that are rapidly become industry-standard,” Pratt said. “IP-based prompting with WinPlus-IP offers really significant advantages, such as greater connectivity and the ability to do remote prompting from any location.”


Robin Brown, product manager at Autoscript, commented, “The University of Surrey’s Film and Video Production Technology degree program is truly outstanding because of its emphasis on industry-standard tools and equipment. Students will have a big advantage when they graduate because of their deep training in the broadcast engineering and postproduction approaches that are used in television studios everywhere. Susan’s commitment to ensuring that her students have the best possible preparation for their professional careers is second to none, and we’re honoured that WinPlus-IP News is playing such an important role.”

Autoscript is currently offering a trade-in for customers interested in upgrading to WinPlus-IP from any prompting solution.

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Imagine Products Transforms Media Offloading With Updates to ShotPut Pro and New Imagine HQ iOS App

Imagine Products Inc. introduced several key upgrades to the company’s ShotPut Pro app, the industry standard for offloading video, audio, and photo files. Together, the new ShotPut Pro Mac 2019.2 release and the new Imagine HQ iOS app combine to give users even greater flexibility in any file-based media workflow.

“Customer feedback is always the central factor when we make changes and add features to any of our apps,” said Michelle Maddox, marketing director at Imagine Products. “We feel it is vital that our products be able to adapt to the varying requirements of different users, and the newest enhancements to ShotPut Pro — including integration with the new Imagine HQ iOS app — reflect our commitment to giving our customers the tools, performance, and flexibility that can make their lives easier.”

ShotPut Pro Mac 2019: Robust Functionality in a Proven Solution
Preferred by many major motion picture companies and used by more than 50,000 people worldwide, ShotPut Pro ensures reliable and secure offloading of media. The series of new features and capabilities in ShotPut Pro Mac 2019 supports handling of various file types, enables versatile reporting, and simplifies offloading for anyone in charge of data management.

With the ShotPut Pro Mac 2019.2 update, users realize benefits including:

  • Real-time status updates via the Imagine HQ iOS app for iPhone and iPad
  • Support for ARRI .ARI file offloads with Codex HDE integration, perfect for the soon-to-be-released ARRI Alexa Mini LF
  • A redesigned simple mode for quick and efficient offloading
  • Media Hash List (MHL) reporting
  • More PDF reporting options, including the ability to designate first frame versus percentage sampling
  • Thumbs for Codex .ARX RAW frames
  • A new RED dropped-frame flag
  • Support for Blackmagic RAW and Canon RAW formats
  • An updated RED SDK for the most current metadata retrieval

Imagine HQ iOS App: Mobility and Flexibility
Available as a free download from the Apple App Store, Imagine HQ iOS app gives users the freedom to walk away from their computers to perform other tasks or just grab lunch with the crew as media is offloaded with ShotPut Pro. As long as both the computer and the user’s iPhone or iPad are connected to the internet and logged in under the same username, the new Imagine HQ app can provide remote access and real-time status reports.

The Imagine HQ iOS app offers ShotPut Pro users benefits including:

  • Real-time job status and push notifications for completed jobs
  • Listings of both completed and active jobs for quick reference
  • The ability to link multiple workstations together for a team experience and shared visibility across all offloads
  • Availability with any ShotPut Pro license type, whether perpetual, rental, or company-owned (rather than user-owned)
ShotPut Pro Trinity of Devices

“People are moving faster than ever, and workflows need to be more flexible and accessible,” Maddox added. “Our new iOS app transforms ShotPut Pro users’ day-to-day work experience, bringing them much greater mobility while giving them peace of mind with real-time data and notifications. Going forward, we anticipate that the integration of these two solutions with our forthcoming cloud solution will have the potential to change workflows forever.”

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PlayBox Neo Channel-in-a-Box Goes Live at Life TV Asia

The new installation forms the core of an infrastructure upgrade designed to maximize the station’s operating efficiency.

“We have invested in two PlayBox Neo 1U Dual Xeon Channel-in-a-Box servers to provide full transmitting via terrestrial digital, direct-to-home satellite and cable,” says Life TV Asia Station Engineer Rexor B. Garcia. “They provide the full channel branding, broadcast playout and social media playout capabilities we need to transmit live and scheduled content in standard definition and high definition. It is a great system, integrating easily with our existing equipment and giving us the freedom to expand our facilities easily if or when needed to support additional channels. Our staff find the PlayBox Neo graphic interface very easy to work with, providing all the information needed to support each phase of the playout process without pushing them into mental overload. The GUI is also easy on the eyes which is very important when you are monitoring display screens during a long duty session.”


“Life TV Asia chose us as its technical partner for this project,” adds Loreto Dela Cruz Jr., CEO at 8BTSI Corporation. “We recommended PlayBox Neo’s Channel-in-a-Box system as an industry-proven solution powering many highly successful television channels around the globe. The system we designed and configured incorporates TitleBox Neo graphics and text management which allows the playout team to produce all the logos, titles and onscreen scripts they need when scheduling programs, creating promos or finessing existing content. Also included is SocialMediaBox Neo which provides a complete toolset for coordinating comments from multiple social networking feeds. Comments can be selected and moderated from a variety of different social media outlets, integrating sources such as Facebook and Twitter on a single feed for transmission. SocialMediaBox Neo is also very useful for live television shows which produce auxiliary-screen pages for viewer feedback. The custom feed can be output as an RSS feed and used in other systems, or sent to TitleBox for on-air presentation. Direct ‘push’ control to the TitleBox character generator allows better live interaction.”

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MEDIAPRO, nominated for IBC2019 Innovation Awards in the Content Everywhere category

MEDIAPRO has been nominated for the IBC2019 Innovation Awards, the coveted mark of recognition from audiovisual and broadcasting industry peers worldwide taking place September 15th in Amsterdam. The group has been shortlisted within the Content Everywhere category for LaLiga distribution services in the Indian Subcontinent through Facebook and the production of the LaLiga on Facebook Watch program.

Thanks to a pioneering and innovative agreement between LaLiga, Facebook and MEDIAPRO, audiences in India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Maldives can now follow the 380 LaLiga Santander matches since last via the official LaLiga on Facebook profile and crossposting managed by LaLiga on the different club pages.

This unprecedented alliance also includes the production of the LaLiga on Facebook Watch program from an interactive studio presented by one of the best-known faces for football fans in the Indian subcontinent, Joe Morrison. This space has revolutionized the way of interacting with fans through surveys and comments in real time, managed by the technological partner GUUD.

With this nomination, the IBC organization recognizes MEDIAPRO commitment to adapting new technologies with innovative formats and boosting Spanish football consumption through digital environments. An investment that projects the effort to improve the audiovisual experience of audiences and fans of the best league in the world.

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