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SnappyTV – the end is near

Twitter has announced SnappyTV will be fully depreciated by 31st Dec 2019. Features of the service will be rolled into the new Twitter Media Studio service - LiveCut.

“This has been coming for a while. Twitter had previously announced that some of the features from SnappyTV would be rolled into the new Media Studio service. The challenge for many broadcasters and publishers is that they distribute to multiple platforms at the same time, and speed and flexibility are important.

Media consumption habits and social video formats have evolved significantly since Twitter acquired SnappyTV in 2014. Audiences are now multi-platform, multi-device and expect content to be tailored for each of those platforms. SnappyTV required publishers deliver to Twitter first, and then other platforms afterward – which may not be the right strategy for all. Publishers need to engage audiences in real-time across all the platforms they live on.

There is a need to deliver high quality, premium content to multiple digital platforms that are optimized for viewing on mobile. Audiences want video in vertical, square and horizontal formats. Longer-form content works best on YouTube, while IGTV videos need to be vertical. Speed and flexibility matter for effective content publishing.

If rights holders cannot be the first to deliver quality content to their audience, in a format they prefer and on a platform they want, someone else will.  Social platforms tend to reward those who get there first. If content is king, then distribution is now queen. Flexibility and speed matter, not just for Twitter but for all social media platforms.”
Gareth Capon CEO at Grabyo.

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