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Anevia Shortlisted for Three CSI Awards

Anevia, a leading provider of OTT and IPTV software solutions, is pleased to report that it has achieved shortlisting for CSI Awards in three categories.

Established in 2003, the CSI awards are designed to recognise and reward innovation and excellence in the cable, satellite, broadcast, IPTV, telco, broadband/OTT video, mobile-TV and associated sectors.


In the Best TV Everywhere category, Anevia’s entry is for an end-to-end OTT HD and 4K video-delivery solution with ultra-low latency at levels that are as low as, or lower than, broadcast. This offers all the benefits of anytime, anywhere television without spoiler effects from viewers’ neighbours or from social-media posts. The technology makes full use of Anevia’s expertise in the CMAF-LLC protocol which is applied to each component in the system, from the encoder to the CDN. It has already resulted in the first commercial ultra-low latency OTT-based service in the US, launched just before the 2019 NAB Show.

Anevia’s entry in the Best Cloud category is the NEA-CDN 5.0 cloud-native solution for creating a private content delivery network. This enables operators to build a centrally orchestrated and elastic CDN, making it easy to scale (up and down), to deploy and to operate. Viewers get the best-quality video possible (4K HDR) and operators can deploy advanced services such as time-shift, video on demand and ultra-low latency live streaming. NEA-CDN 5.0 is natively multi-tenant and compatible with hybrid infrastructures. Operators can use their existing infrastructure to deploy a private CDN while ensuring they deliver high-quality services, even during peak traffic. They can also rent CDN nodes to content providers without affecting their viewers’ experience.

Anevia’s Embedded Distributed Storage (EDS) is the company’s entry in the Best Data Storage Solution category. EDS is a zero data loss storage solution for Cloud DVR which enables operators to store large amounts of video at minimal cost, using the existing origin-server disks instead of separate Network Attached Storage. The solution is scalable: as a service increases in popularity, it needs more storage but also more origin servers, which meet the increased storage requirements. And it uses a unique erasure coding algorithm to enable software management of storage with minimal impact on the CPU, which remains available for just-in-time packaging.

“Following on from our recent success in winning a Futur40 award, these shortlistings are further examples of our engineering team’s commitment to excellence and innovation,” says Anevia CEO Laurent Lafarge. “We look forward keen

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