Telson.Tres60 (MEDIAPRO Group) reinforces its fiction department with the incorporation of Pelayo Gutiérrez

Pelayo Gutiérrez, one of the most prestigious sound designers in Spanish audiovisual production, has joined Telson.Tres60 (MEDIAPRO Group) as the head of sound for the fiction department. With 3 Goya awards and 14 nominations, Gutiérrez is leading an important renovation of human and technological resources at the veteran post-production studio, whose sound department has expanded its team of professionals in line with its evolution within the sector.

Along with Pelayo Gutiérrez, Telson has added renowned professionals in the sector to its fiction sound team, including Eduardo Castro, sound supervisor with two Goya Award nominations, winner of a Macondo Award, nominated for the Golden Reel Awards and a résumé that features sound work for more than 75 films; Alberto Ovejero, sound mixer and dubbing specialist, with two Goya Awards and Premios de la Academia Argentina nominations, providing sound for more than 90 films; Ana Belén Martín, sound production coordinator and responsible for more than 75 films and series; Miguel Huete, editor of more than 40 films and series; Abraham Fernández, editor and ADR recording technician; Miriam Pedregal, sound editor; Ana Caparrós, sound assistant; Valeria Arcieri, dialogue editor and assistant mixer; and Kaihiamaru Martínez, Foley artist with more than 75 films and series under his belt.

Telson has become a reference within the audiovisual industry thanks to its advertising and cinematographic post-production services, its corporate communication and management of TV channels, in addition to being a pioneer company in content digitalization. The addition of new talent to its fiction sound team reiterates MEDIAPRO Group’s confidence in its quality content and comes at the same time as one of the most important technological renovations in Telson’s nearly 45 years of operation, which will increase the company’s current number of studios for sound design–with new Dolby Atmos Home certifications–, dialogue editing and Foley.

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