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ORANGE and THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO join forces to produce the operator’s first drama series in Spain

The agreement between the companies represents the telecom company’s national production debut for its Orange TV service.

Developed by 100 BALAS, part of THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, filming on the gender-based series is scheduled to begin this coming fall

THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO and ORANGE announced an agreement for the production of what will be the first series of the telecommunications company in Spain to be made available on its Orange TV platform. 100 BALAS, the production company owned by THE STUDIO will be responsible for the production.

Series creator and screenwriter José A. Pérez Ledo is the author of two novels (Esto no es una historia de amor, Un lugar al que volver), as well as creator and director of Órbita Laika, and screenwriter on several programs and series for Spanish television. The show will be an adrenaline-packed gender-based series targeting younger audiences. The production, which is scheduled to begin filming this fall, will introduce a novel narrative structure, supported by the use of new technologies, which will play a prominent role in the production both from a visual as well as a dramatic point of view.

“THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO’s tried and tested experience in the field of production makes it the best travel companion we could have asked for to launch the first series project for our television platform, which, in this way, further enriches its already excellent content offer”, said José Antonio Guzmán, Director of Orange TV.

In addition to this initiative, Orange TV takes another step towards confirming its position as one of the most comprehensive and differential television offers on the Spanish audiovisual market, with entertainment options for the whole family.

“We’re delighted to have been chosen by ORANGE to develop its first series in Spain in association with our 100 BALAS label, which enables us to undertake a new style and gender option we are keen to explore,” said Alejandro Flórez, General Manager of 100 Balas (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO). “It’s excellent news to be accumulating new partners in content production here in Spain, which is experiencing a real golden age for series with international projection, a project we’re truly excited about being involved in as a strategic partner.”

For THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, the agreement with ORANGE signals the beginning of a new stage of collaboration with the operator and represents a further step in its strategy to consolidate its position as a national and international production studio of reference with 34 series currently underway including titles that have already been announced and are currently in production like Malaka, Perdida, Locked Up: El Oasis, Por H or por B or the international production The Paradise.

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