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The Pan American Games, live on YouTube for the first time ever

A pioneering agreement between YouTube and MEDIAPRO will allow fans in more than 150 countries to follow the world’s most important sporting event behind the Olympic Games.

As international rights manager, MEDIAPRO has reached an agreement with YouTube to broadcast the Lima 2019 Pan American Games live for the first time ever via the online video platform. The MEDIAPRO channel (youtube.com/mediapro) will bring all the emotion the competition has to offer to fans throughout the world (except the Americas and Turkey), providing a 24/7 broadcast to ensure viewers won’t miss a minute.

Up until the 11th of August, the official MEDIAPRO YouTube channel will come to you live from Lima, televising the biggest events in America’s largest multi-disciplinary sporting competition, with more than 6,000 athletes taking part across 39 sports and 62 disciplines.


Just a few days into the broadcast, the content from the Lima 2019 Pan American Games has already totalled 200,000 impressions and 400,000 minutes of watch time. Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Japan and Australia head the list for the most views by country.

This alliance was all made possible thanks to the Peruvian Olympic Committee assigning the rights, trusting MEDIAPRO’s vast experience in managing channels on the video platform. The group has been in charge of producing LaLiga’s YouTube channels since 2012 and has been behind live broadcasts of huge tournaments including the UEFA Champions League, the Copa del Rey or the Brasileirao.

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