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THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO signs LORENZO SILVA to produce series content based on his novels

The agreement gets underway with the adaptation of the writer’s latest novel, “Si esto es una mujer”, written in association with Noemí Trujillo, and the long-awaited series about the saga starring popular characters Bevilacqua and Chamorro.

THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, through its production company GLOBOMEDIA, has signed a collaboration agreement with writer Lorenzo Silva for the adaptation of fiction content inspired by his novels. The first two projects included under the agreement are to be a series based on his latest book “Si esto es una mujer” (published by DESTINY), written in collaboration with Noemí Trujillo, and the long-awaited series about his two fetish characters and members of the Central Operations Unit (UCO) of the Guardia Civil, Rubén Bevilacqua and Virginia Chamorro, protagonists of nine novels and two stories (published by DESTINY).

Author of more than 30 novels and numerous works of non-fiction, as well as children’s stories and titles for younger readers, Lorenzo Silva, one of the top best sellers of the Spanish creative scene, also has experience as a series and documentary screenwriting, including the cinematographic adaptations of his novels. He was nominated for the 2004 Goya for the screenplay of La flaqueza del bolchevique and co-author of 20-N. Los últimos días de Franco, which received Spanish Television Academy’s Best TV Movie award in 2009. As a multi-award-winning writer, Silva won the Planeta Award for “La marca del meridiano”, his seventh novel in the Bevilacqua and Chamorro series, and El Nadal, for “El alquimista impaciente”, the second novel of the saga. The author is a reference of the Spanish modern narrative and a pre-eminent author among the contemporary classics of the literary gender.

In association with GLOBOMEDIA (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO), Silva himself will be responsible for these adaptations at the helm of the writer’s room in charge of each one. In the case of “Si esto es una mujer”, the author will also collaborate with Noemí Trujillo, co-author of this new fiction saga, starring Inspector Manuela Mauri, who in this novel investigates a chilling case that reveals the worst scourges of our society.

With regard to the adaptation as a television series of the investigations of Bevilacqua and Chamorro’s cases, the announcement comes as welcome news for fans, who have long called for a televised version of the characters. The project involving Lorenzo Silva and GLOBOMEDIA (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) will be based on a storyline that will merge two of the titles published to date.

“It is with great pride that we announce this collaboration with Lorenzo Silva. We admire his story-packed career where he combines mystery with relevant social issues while doing so from a very human perspective about the character. We ‘re certain that all his current fans, plus those who’ll be discovering his work for the first time in the series created with Noemí Trujillo and our team, and who will have the opportunity to see the full scope of his talent like never-before-seen on television”, said Javier Pons, General Director of GLOBOMEDIA and Television Director of THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO.


“I’m delighted to reach an agreement to launch a series about Bevilacqua and Chamorro with the guarantee, experience and industrial strength The Mediapro Studio and Globomedia bring to the project. Over the past twenty years, there have been several projects in the pipeline in relation to the two characters, who for me, are much more than fictional creatures, but none of these projects quite convinced me until now and I think that many of the series readers would have liked. This is an excellent opportunity to settle this outstanding debt with them and myself, by proposing a show that allows me to explore the potential that as a writer I have found in them to offer a complete and complex account of my time and my place “, said Lorenzo Silva.


The author went on the say, “there’s no greater joy than seeing how an almost newborn character, Inspector Manuela Mauri, protagonist of only two stories; “Si esto es una mujer” and “Carabanchel blues”, will also get her chance to make the leap to the screen, and to bring her peculiar perspective on her city, Madrid, and some of the darkest areas of contemporary society. I share with Noemí Trujillo, my partner in the adventure of creating and giving life to her, the satisfaction of witnessing how she has gained a significant popular base in such a short time, readers who demand to know more about her and whom I hope will be just as excited about the series as we are. The reality here in Spain provides stories as powerful and universal as any other. I’ve drawn on this reality for inspiration in my work and it’s comforting to see that these stories can give way to another narrative language, with a similar ambition”, he continued.

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