Two new lenses from Cooke Optics make Worldwide debut at IBC2019

The new S7/i Full Frame Plus T2.0 16mm prime lens is currently the widest focal length lens in the S7/i range of lenses, designed for shooting Full Frame — including up to at least the full sensor area of the RED Weapon 8K (46.31mm image circle), as well as the Sony VENICE full frame digital motion picture camera system and the ARRI ALEXA LF large format camera system.

The new Anamorphic/i 135mm Full Frame Plus T2.3 joins the Anamorphic/i prime lens range bringing The Cooke Look to large format productions with anamorphic characteristics, including flare and oval bokeh

These two new lenses and more will be available to view on the Cooke stand (12.D10) at IBC2019.

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Telestream Announces 25GE Network Support for PRISM Media Processing Platform

At IBC 2019, Telestream® (Booth 7.C16 & 7.C14), a global leader in file-based media workflow orchestration, media streaming and delivery technologies, will showcase major new functionality in its PRISMmedia processing platform. Telestream acquired PRISM recently when Tektronix’s video test, monitoring and quality assurance solutions for the broadcast and digital media markets were integrated into Telestream.

Image courtesy of Mission Digital / Pablo Garcia Soriano

PRISM is the industry’s first hybrid IP/SDI media processing platform that bridges the gap between traditional SDI and IP media networks and now comes with a new mixed media card that enables support of 25GE networks. This approach allows existing installed units to be easily upgraded in the field with simple to install hardware, and new units with the new mixed media card an even simpler software update. Both upgrade routes are available at the same affordable price.

The addition of the 25GE interface within PRISM provides support for a variety of media networks from SD all the way to 4K HDR and WCG – enabling the transmission of the new generation of super high-resolution video and audio signals.

“PRISM has led the way through the SDI to IP transition. The new 25GE capabilities of PRISM allow users to directly connect to, and look at, uncompressed 4K signals being carried on IP networks,” commented Tsuyoshi Kitagawa, Product Manager at Telestream. “Users can transition to this 25GE capability at any time which de-risks initial purchase decisions and protects their investment.”

PRISM has been designed to meet the needs of engineering, operations and content creators on a single platform. A choice of software options allows greater flexibility on configuration and ease of future upgrades. PRISM is a single box solution from SD to 4K regardless of it being carried on SDI or IP. Using the same platform, UI and measurements across the whole team enable collaborative working and faster times to resolution.

Telestream offers the 25GE option in both PRISM form factors – the 3RU 9” full touchscreen, MPI2-25 as well as the 1RU rasterizer, MPX2-25. The proven PRISM IP measurements available in all models. All HDR /WCG features such as STOP waveform, CIE Charts, and a variety of False color displays can be used for the 4K content creation that carried through 25GE.

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Lawo Debuts World’s First AES67 Stream Monitoring Software

“Radio professionals have embraced AoIP. The majority of new facilities are based upon IP technology,” says Lawo Radio Marketing specialist Clark Novak. “Broadcasters are also vocal about their support for the AES67 standard. But they’ve had no easy way to inspect and monitor critical audio streams. AES67 Stream Monitor addresses this issue and fills their need.”

AES67 Stream Monitor displays detailed information for as many as 16 user-definable audio streams, each of which can contain multiple audio channels. The main display presents audio levels and alarm indications at a glance for all monitored streams; selecting an individual stream display allows users to do a “deep dive” to discover detailed stream information. Functions include:

  • The ability to audition AES67 streams on-demand using the PC sound card.
  • Monitoring of two Ethernet NICs simultaneously for true ST2022-7 compatibility.
  • A Stream Health Monitor that keeps track of jitter, dropped packets and data errors.
  • LUFS metering with detailed tracking of Loudness Units over time.
  • Alarms for silence-sensing, under-level or over-level alerts, with user-definable thresholds.
  • SDP interrogation of each monitored stream, with information copyable to clipboard for documentation purposes or for use with other applications.

Per-stream Status Window with display of audio level content over time, errors over time, and file-based error report – ideal for keeping informed about deviation from loudness compliance for outgoing streams.

AES67 Stream Monitor is intelligent, informative and easy to use — a perfect diagnostics tool for any engineer, installer or integrator who works with AES67 networks, or as a Master Control tool for tracking stream health and loudness compliance over time. The program runs on standard Windows® 10 PCs, and is VMWare compatible, allowing multi-instance deployment on virtual machines to facilitate high-density stream information.

Visitors can see AES67 Stream Monitor, along with the entire line of advanced Lawo radio, TV and live-sound products, at IBC 2019, 13-17 September, at the RAI Center in Amsterdam, Stand #8.B50.

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ENCO to Unveil Cloud-Based Radio Automation Disaster Recovery Solution at IBC2019

ENCO today announced DAD Disaster Recovery (DAD-DR), a cloud-based companion to the company’s renowned DAD radio automation system that is ready to take over program and ad playout on a moment’s notice in case of a natural disaster or critical technical failure. Providing a fully-featured clone of the broadcaster’s on-premises DAD deployment, DAD-DR stays in continual synchronization with changes made on the local DAD system to ensure that backup content is up to date and that all scheduled ad spots will run. DAD-DR will make its world exhibition debut at IBC2019 in stand 8.A59.

“Disasters that threaten broadcasters’ on-air operations aren’t limited to natural occurrences such as weather-related events, but also include power outages, targeted cyber-attacks, computer viruses, and even equipment failure,” said Ken Frommert, President of ENCO. “Having a complete, up-to-date disaster recovery solution is essential for keeping stations on the air and protecting their advertising revenues. We have already deployed cloud-based fault tolerance for some stations on a customized, individual basis, and with radio enterprises increasingly confident in using the cloud for backup and disaster recovery, the time is right for us to offer it to all of our customers as a packaged solution.”


DAD-DR works seamlessly with ENCO’s browser-based mobile control interface, WebDAD, allowing users to remotely update playlists, add new content, voice track shows, and perform library maintenance – even if the station is completely out of commission. The transition from the station’s main DAD system to the cloud backup can be automated or controlled from a web browser, ensuring customers are able to switch over to DAD-DR even if they can’t get to the studio in person.

The benefits of having a fully-synchronized backup automation and playout environment in the cloud extend beyond just handling unexpected operational interruptions. DAD-DR also makes routine systems maintenance less disruptive, as stations performing on-premises upgrades can switch over to their cloud-based backup during the process to eliminate any risk of on-air impact.

“This may end up being the most common usage of DAD-DR,” added Frommert. “While actual ‘disasters’ may have the greatest risk of business impact, they are fortunately relatively few and far between. In contrast, stations frequently update their systems, software or infrastructure, and having DAD-DR at the ready helps them avoid any downtime. Plus, with DAD-DR, broadcasters have a constantly updated, offsite backup of all of their valuable assets.”


The subscription-based DAD-DR service will be hosted on ENCO partner StreamGuys’ broadcast-grade cloud infrastructure. StreamGuys’ proven infrastructure was built and optimized specifically to meet the 24/7 reliability and performance needs of broadcasters and premium media organizations, making it an ideal platform for cloud-based disaster recovery. DAD-DR can also be deployed on other popular cloud platforms if requested or required by customers.

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Macnica Accelerates Development of Interoperable SMPTE ST 2110 Solutions

Macnica, a leader in live video over IP transport technologies, will bring its latest innovations for broadcast and commercial AV interoperability to IBC2019 next month (September 13-17, RAI Amsterdam). Macnica continues to expand its SMPTE ST 2110 and NMOS OEM developer products, which includes the global debut of its first System on Module (SoM) solution specific to broadcast applications.


Macnica will also showcase its existing VIPA range of accelerated network interface cards, including its ultra-wideband 25Gb/s VIPA25 module introduced at the 2019 NAB Show in April. The demonstrations will also include Macnica’s MPA1000 module for 1Gb/s AV over IP transport applications.

“Macnica aggressively investing in its portfolio of OEM and develop products, and active in the community effort to develop open standards for the AV over IP transport in the broadcast and AV markets,” said Andrew Starks, Director of Product Management at Macnica. “Our goal is to offer our customers a flexible range of 1Gb/s, 10 Gb/S and 25 Gb/s solutions to cover virtually any transport application and bitrate. We are building these solutions using an open standards, such as ST 2110, to ensure interoperability across the next generation of video products and systems, and the best possible long-term value proposition for our customers worldwide.”

SoM Innovations

IBC2019 marks the global unveiling of EASYSS10, a 10GbE ST 2110 to SDI gateway System on Module. Designed for hybrid routers, signal processing systems and gateway devices, the EASYSS10 and the available reference board make the transition to standards-based Broadcast IP products simple and efficient.


The EASYSS10 includes six SDI inputs and six SDI outputs that are compatible with HD-SDI and 3G-SDI. On the networking side, dual SFP+ ports support redundant media networks.

At its IBC2019 stand (2.A18), Macnica will exhibit the robust designs and resiliency of EASYSS10 in a live demonstration, showcasing its seamless protection switching over redundant networks. This ensures compliance with the SMPTE 2022-7 standard, which protects broadcasters against dropped packets by moving signals over two parallel networks.

Macnica will also show MPA1000, a full-stack AV over IP module that brings low-latency IP video transport to OEM manufacturers and an array of professional AV products. Macnica’s MPA1000 transports compressed UHD 60P 4:4:4 video, audio and control over a standard 1GbE connection.

Macnica AVoIP Module

The module is field-configurable to transmit or receive signals; once connected to the network, the media traffic is discoverable through the included NMOS IS-04/05 services – an open standard for publishing and discovery of content streams.

The MPA1000’s innovation is enhanced through simple configuration and control – a core design principle of the module. The module features an integrated web server that will host a RESTful API along with a web application that is fully customizable for each user. Macnica additionally offers an MPA1000 Development Kit for testing and development purposes, with design files available on request.

Network Interface Cards

IBC marks the introduction of Macnica’s VIPA 25 PCI Express (PCIe) card, a wide-bandwidth solution for uncompressed 4K transport. The VIPA 25 is a full-stack ST 2110/NMOS solution that accelerates ST 2110 media flow network processing and timing workload from the CPU. It provides a straightforward, simple API that includes NMOS IS-04/05 and GStreamer filters (source and sync)—making it ready for developers to start creating next-generation, IP-networked broadcast applications on open standards. An optional 12G-SDI daughtercard adds SDI support with seamless API access alongside ST 2110.

Macnica will also show its recently introduced 10GbE card, the VIPA 10, at IBC, including. some of the new capabilities of its software development kit (SDK). Both VIPA solutions support all ratified standard subtypes to optimize flexibility for developers.

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