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VuWall Helps Security Pros Easily Deploy State-of-the-Art Command and Control Rooms at GSX 2019

VuWall Introduces Modular Control Room Kit at GSX in Partnership With TBC Consoles and AG Neovo in Infragard and FBI Booth.

VuWall, a leader in video wall control and AV network management solutions, will present an affordable and innovative approach to equipping command and control rooms with state-of-the-art technology in collaboration with Infragard and the FBI in Booth 1187 at Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2019, September 10-12, in Chicago. With the increased demand for video walls in the security market, especially within small- to medium-size control rooms, VuWall has simplified deployments, allowing security professionals to quickly and easily build a modular system that scales to their needs. At the show, the company will demonstrate its ecosystem along with partner solutions from TBC Consoles, AG Neovo, and Matrox Graphics Inc.

“Creating a control room has traditionally been an expensive and complex project considered only for the largest and most mission-critical applications. But as the need to monitor and interact with multiple sources has become essential to more organizations, we found a way to extend our technology in order to address smaller security deployments,” said Paul Vander Plaetse, CEO at VuWall. “Regardless of the room size or budget, security professionals can now leverage the same powerful features of VuWall that have been vital to these high-end installations but bundled in an easy-to-deploy kit.”

At GSX 2019, VuWall will demonstrate how it supports the security requirements of organizations through its high-performance technology and a fully integrated software platform. Attendees will see VuWall’s video wall control and AV network management ecosystem, which is comprised of the VuStation KVM control workstation, the VuScape video wall controllers, and the TRx AV network management system. Highly configurable, modular, and flexible, the platform allows operators to harness the capabilities they need to seamlessly monitor, analyze, and respond to incoming information from various sources across multiple sites and on multiple video walls.


The company will display its complete control room kit that integrates VuWall products with the TBC SmartTrac Console and AG Neovo PN-55H video wall displays. TBC Consoles offers world-class modular furniture designed for 24/7 control rooms. AG Neovo is an international LCD monitor manufacturer for various vertical applications including IT, security, healthcare, industrial, and digital signage. Engineered to simplify the design, quoting, purchasing, and installation process, the control room kit includes everything customers need to deploy a state-of-the-art control room, despite the size.

VuWall has partnered with Matrox to demonstrate integrated solutions designed to deliver the highest quality visualization experience with the most advanced technology on the market. VuWall will demonstrate its VuStation visualization and control workstation with Matrox’s Extio 3, a high-performance IP KVM extender, across four full HD displays. The KVM solution for personal video walls, VuStation, enables operators to interact seamlessly with multiple sources from a single KVM station, having all critical controls and information at their fingertips.


Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn about VuWall’s video wall control system integrations with the world’s leading security surveillance and video management platforms, including Genetec, Milestone Systems, and ISS, also exhibiting at GSX 2019.

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