V-Nova announces first implementation of upcoming standard MPEG-5 Part 2 (LCEVC) as part of its P+ SDK

The solution will be demonstrated at IBC 2019 on Stand 14.A07 in Amsterdam (September 13-17).

The development of the LCEVC standard is expected to be completed next year. When enhanced with LCEVC, any existing encoding pipeline – using codecs such as AVC/H.264, HEVC, VP9 or AV1 and in the future VVC – will achieve the same or better quality as a next-generation codec at the same bitrate and at up to 4x lower computational complexity.

P+ incorporates fully optimized encoding and decoding for the upcoming MPEG-5 Part 2 (LCEVC) standard which is set to transform the codec landscape by providing operators a way to deploy substantially better video quality with lower encoding costs to existing (and future) workflows. The software-oriented implementation also means that P+ will continuously optimize its implementation to benefit different solutions.

“P+ represents the culmination of years of research and advancement” said Guido Meardi, CEO and co-founder at V-Nova. “We have implemented a broad range of new features and optimizations. Most importantly, it includes the world’s first implementation of MPEG’s most exciting new standard, MPEG-5 Part 2 (LCEVC), a brand new approach in video compression, demonstrating its benefits and ease of adoption. Unlike a typical codec standard rollout, due to the software nature of the approach, operators and broadcasters will be able to deploy LCEVC immediately.”

P+ is available as a containerized transcoding microservice, as an SDK for x86 (Linux, Windows), ARM (Android, iOS), FPGA and HTML5 scripted decoding, pre-integrated into a number of open-source options (including FFmpeg) and also directly from the V-Nova Platform in AWS.

A new era of “Zapeando”

The set will also undergo a complete revamping complete with an entirely fresh graphics line

One more season and then there were six. “Zapeando” is back, without having ever left. But this is no ordinary return as, in addition to some fresh faces around the table, the show will also feature an entirely new studio set and revamped graphics line, kicking off a whole new era with the arrival of the show’s new presenter: Dani Mateo, a man who has been yearning to make a radical change in his career and says he’ll do his best to make it work. Joining Dani will be the usual cast of contributors including Cristina Pedroche, who has promised to dedicate herself mind, body and soul to the program, provided her other commitments don’t get in the way; Anna Simón, who claims to be delighted to work with Dani and literally said, “I can finally ask him if he’s really like that or does he have someone doing it for him”; Miki Nadal, who when asked about the reunion with his former partner from “Sé lo que hicisteis” said “I’m excited, eager to see who has matured less”; Quique Peinado, revealed that this season he will refrain from wearing shirts that spark epileptic fits and Lorena Castell, who has sworn to do everything for “Zapeando” at least until something better comes along.


The magazine brought to you from the desktops at LaSexta and produced by Globomedia (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) will also continue to enjoy weekly visits from our very own special dandy and elegance guru, Josie, and Marián, Garcia’s Pharmacy with her somewhat off-beat clinic.

But, there’s more. The show will feature some new faces including actor Jesús Vidal, who’s weekly hand-picked news section will provide audiences with a more optimistic outlook on the world we live in.

Isabel Zubiaurre who, in her condition as physicist, will prepare some of the very best highlights of what can happen when there’s a camera recording nearby. And, we’re especially excited about Isabel joining us at “Zapeando”, as we’ll finally have someone on the team with a college education.

Valeria Ros will be our test pilot in the world of online shopping and, consequently, the battle between expectations and reality in a section we’ve named “What you order, and what you get in the post”.

Santiago Alverú joins us in the role of audience ombudsman who will receive complaints, questions and opinions from viewers about every TV program…except ours.

Maya Pixelskaya loves history. So, that’s why we’ve asked her to talk to us about the future and, using videos, help us to answer the question on everyone’s mind.. Why can’t kitchen robot chefs clean up after themselves?

Gotxon Mantuliz, adventurer and animal lover will guide us through the fascinating world of pets.

Our musical expertise will be provided by rapper El Chojin and we’ll be demanding the greatest feat that could be requested of any rapper; avoid serious talk at all costs.

And finally, Javier Cansado will visit us every week to do what he only he can do best: play Javier Cansado.

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Christian Snilsberg Joins Soundware

He will be instrumental in fulfilling Soundware’s responsibility as the exclusive distributor for DHD products in the Nordics.

“Christian has an excellent background both in audio technology and in sales and project management roles,” comments Soundwares Managing Director, Øivind Iversen. “He shares our strong interest in all aspects of electronic media including television and radio production, studio systems integration and IP networking.”

“Starting as an audio engineer at The Norwegian Theatre almost 25 years ago, Christian progressed to a sales role supplying Norwegian and Swedish theatres and broadcasters with equipment. During that period he established Studer as the preferred broadcast sound mixer in Norway. Working with Studer products for over eight years, and for the past seven years with Lawo, has given him a deep insight into our industry and of the markets we address. He has the social as well as the technical skills our customers appreciate.”


“Soundware is one of the brightest lights on the Nordic media circuit,” says Christian Snilsberg. “Audio is an essential element of all media activity and looks set to grow in importance as the video displays themselves expand in size and quality. I look forward to working with the Soundware team as the media industry moves forward to embrace the opportunities arising from OTT streaming, IP, 4K and 8K. The industry’s ongoing integration with IT makes the whole enterprise even more exciting.”


“This is a very pleasing appointment which we are confident will strengthen DHD’s visibility and level of support,” adds DHD’s International Sales Manager Christoph Gottert. “The Soundware team will be promoting our full range of mixing, routing and IP products to existing and potential customers in the broadcast and wider electronic media markets.”

Soundware caters for people who work professionally in broadcast, music, film, video and audio post production. Our employees have many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the media industry. Our product range is carefully selected and under constant development. We also offer full service and support on the products and systems we supply. Soundware is an integral part of Danmon Group AS.

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Bannister Lake’s Chameleon Closings Module Utilizes Web Connectivity to Alert Viewers

As the school year kicks off, Bannister Lake is ensuring that audiences across all platforms are properly and consistently informed about school closings. The Closings module within Bannister Lake’s Chameleon data management solution works in concert with the company’s Community cloud-based public access portal to make it easier for local television and community information channels to aggregate and distribute closing alerts to their viewers. When inclement weather, emergency situations, or labor disruptions arise, Closings provides schools, houses of worship, community centers, and other institutions the ability to quickly alert the public of cancellations or schedule changes.

The Closings module is included with Chameleon and enables broadcasters to group and playlist sets of institutions by type or geographic region. This capability allows tickers and other graphics to display organized sets of impacted institutions to inform audiences more effectively. A status function within Closings allows institutions to quickly and easily update their status when conditions change, ensuring that viewers are always kept up to date.

The Community portal is also included with Chameleon and provides an easy-to-use and secure gateway for institutions to enter predetermined closure-related details for broadcast. In addition, Google Sheets can be used to create a collaborative closings notification workflow that can be shared across an entire campus, or with a multi-location institution, spread over a large geographic area that requires a centralized management process.

“Chameleon’s Closings and Community modules work in tandem to deliver crucial closing information to viewers,” said Georg Hentsch, president, Bannister Lake. “We’ve developed a solution that allows broadcasters and the public to join forces and get this specific kind of news on the air quickly and accurately.”

Chameleon’s on-board RESTful API allows users to create subsets and reformat closings data and distribute content to webpages, mobile devices, and digital signage systems. Data can also drive custom web widgets to take advantage of animation and mapping to improve the dissemination and presentation of information to reach more viewers online.

Beyond Closings, Community can also be used to drive a variety of hyper-local content types that originate with viewers, including local sports scores, community events calendars, and public service announcements.

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Magewell to Reveal New NDI Hardware Decoder Model at IBC2019

The new Pro Convert for NDI® to HDMI model will make its global debut in stand 8.A84 at the event, taking place September 13-17 in Amsterdam.

While Magewell’s Pro Convert encoders enable users to bring traditional video signals into IP workflows, the low-latency Pro Convert for NDI to HDMI decoder completes the chain by transforming a live NDI stream into a high-quality HDMI output for connection to a monitor, projector or other baseband device. This simplifies the use of NewTek’s popular media-over-IP technology in presentation and delivery applications such as digital signage, video walls, image magnification (IMAG), multi-site video distribution and long-distance, network-based media transport.

The Pro Convert for NDI to HDMI decodes NDI streams up to 2160×1200 at 60 frames per second for output over its HDMI 2.0 interface. Leveraging built-in, FPGA-based video processing, the device can also up-convert HD or 2K source streams to 4K for viewing on Ultra HD displays. The plug-and-play decoder features DHCP-based network configuration and can detect the video and audio characteristics of the target display device via EDID metadata, automatically selecting optimal output parameters or providing the user with a range of compatible choices.


Users can control advanced settings, select between NDI source streams and monitor the status of the decoder through a browser-based interface; wired or wireless keyboard or mouse; or using two on-device buttons that overlay an intuitive menu on the HDMI output. The device supports eight channels of audio in the NDI stream, with user control of audio gain, sample rate, channel selection and on-screen VU metering. Additional convenience and integration settings include image flip for inverted projector installations; safe area controls for ensuring the display of important content; and remote control of PTZ source cameras.

The Pro Convert for HDMI to NDI is the eighth model in Magewell’s growing Pro Convert product line, which also features six encoders with a flexible choice of input connectivity and encoding resolution. The company’s first-announced NDI decoder, the Pro Convert AIO RX, was recently named as “Best AV Accessory” in rAVe’s prestigious 2019 Best of InfoComm awards.

  “Our Pro Convert products continue to earn industry accolades and customer acclaim for helping video production, broadcast and professional AV end-users and integrators easily and cost-effectively join the IP workflow revolution,” said James Liu, VP of Engineering at Magewell. “We are pleased to continue expanding it with new models and feature enhancements that add more value and allow customers to choose exactly the right configuration for their infrastructure needs.”

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