A new era of “Zapeando”

The set will also undergo a complete revamping complete with an entirely fresh graphics line

One more season and then there were six. “Zapeando” is back, without having ever left. But this is no ordinary return as, in addition to some fresh faces around the table, the show will also feature an entirely new studio set and revamped graphics line, kicking off a whole new era with the arrival of the show’s new presenter: Dani Mateo, a man who has been yearning to make a radical change in his career and says he’ll do his best to make it work. Joining Dani will be the usual cast of contributors including Cristina Pedroche, who has promised to dedicate herself mind, body and soul to the program, provided her other commitments don’t get in the way; Anna Simón, who claims to be delighted to work with Dani and literally said, “I can finally ask him if he’s really like that or does he have someone doing it for him”; Miki Nadal, who when asked about the reunion with his former partner from “Sé lo que hicisteis” said “I’m excited, eager to see who has matured less”; Quique Peinado, revealed that this season he will refrain from wearing shirts that spark epileptic fits and Lorena Castell, who has sworn to do everything for “Zapeando” at least until something better comes along.


The magazine brought to you from the desktops at LaSexta and produced by Globomedia (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) will also continue to enjoy weekly visits from our very own special dandy and elegance guru, Josie, and Marián, Garcia’s Pharmacy with her somewhat off-beat clinic.

But, there’s more. The show will feature some new faces including actor Jesús Vidal, who’s weekly hand-picked news section will provide audiences with a more optimistic outlook on the world we live in.

Isabel Zubiaurre who, in her condition as physicist, will prepare some of the very best highlights of what can happen when there’s a camera recording nearby. And, we’re especially excited about Isabel joining us at “Zapeando”, as we’ll finally have someone on the team with a college education.

Valeria Ros will be our test pilot in the world of online shopping and, consequently, the battle between expectations and reality in a section we’ve named “What you order, and what you get in the post”.

Santiago Alverú joins us in the role of audience ombudsman who will receive complaints, questions and opinions from viewers about every TV program…except ours.

Maya Pixelskaya loves history. So, that’s why we’ve asked her to talk to us about the future and, using videos, help us to answer the question on everyone’s mind.. Why can’t kitchen robot chefs clean up after themselves?

Gotxon Mantuliz, adventurer and animal lover will guide us through the fascinating world of pets.

Our musical expertise will be provided by rapper El Chojin and we’ll be demanding the greatest feat that could be requested of any rapper; avoid serious talk at all costs.

And finally, Javier Cansado will visit us every week to do what he only he can do best: play Javier Cansado.

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