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Wisdom Audio to Showcase Ultra-High-Resolution Wisdom Series Reference Theater at CEDIA Expo 2019

Company to Provide an "Amazing Experience" Showcasing the Superior Speed, Clarity and Dynamics of Planar Magnetic Driver Technology.

Wisdom Audio, a designer and manufacturer of loudspeaker systems tailored for the most discerning audiophiles, announced today that it will demonstrate the benefits of line-source loudspeaker design and the superior clarity and dynamics of the Wisdom Series loudspeakers in its reference theater in High Performance Room 401 at CEDIA Expo 2019 in Denver.

This twenty-seat, three-row theater will feature a 13.7.8 immersive audio presentation using the bi-amplified Wisdom Audio LS4i Reference Planar Magnetic Driver Line Source Loudspeaker for all 13 layer-one channels. In addition to the LS4i, the system includes eight Sage Series Point 2 V2 Point Source Loudspeakers for height channels, and seven STS Regenerative Transmission Line® (RTL) Subwoofers.

Wisdom audio iX6HYS9Q

The front LCR and subwoofers will be driven by Wisdom Audio SA-3 500 watt-per-channel amplifiers, while all other channels will be supported by Wisdom Audio’s new SA-8, a high-current, eight-channel power amplifier, 200 watt-per-channel, delivering a combined 20,000 watts of power. Two SC-3 System Controllers will allow 28 channels of Dirac live-room correction.

A Kaleidescape 4K player will provide scripted 4K content to a Trinnov Altitude 32 to render 22 channels of audio. Rounding out the demonstration, the theater features a Barco Loki native widescreen 4K video projector paired with a Seymour Screen Excellence 230-inch wide (250″ diagonal) 2.4:1 acoustically transparent video screen.

“We are very excited to run this ‘over-the-top’ demonstration and look forward to being the talk of the show,” said Luc Guillaume, managing director, Wisdom Audio.

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