ATEME Debuts New and Upgraded Solutions at IBC2019 to Support Changing Media Landscape

Visitors to ATEME’s booth (Hall 1. D71) will be able to find out more about TITAN Playout, which is the ideal answer to the growing demand for tailored video content: enabling both the origination of 24/7 linear TV channels and the easy creation of popup channels for short-term events or personalized programming on D2C/OTT services.

Additionally, ATEME will demonstrate its latest video quality improvements across all codecs and major latency reductions, as well as:

  • the latest additions to its feature-rich TITAN modular family and how it helps customers to migrate to full-IP workflows thanks to high-density SMPTE 2022-5/6 and SMPTE 2110;
  • its Content Adaptive Encoding set of tools built on Machine Learning algorithms which allow service providers and pure OTT players to reduce bitrate, and so CDN costs, by up to 50% with the same video quality;
  • ATEME’s linear/file full microservices converged headend running live on the booth from hybrid cloud and covering all use cases for delivery to any screen, up to and including UHD, HEVC, Dolby AC-4 and DASH for 5G;
  • its AMS application, which offers new views like service management and a scheduler for ad insertion/blackout used by content and service providers to monetize their channels’ line-up;
  • an end-to-end AV1 processing chain based on TITAN for encoding and decoding using Broadcom’s BCM72180 AV1 set-top box prepping a new era for OTT services;
  • its ‘Future Zone’ which will display 8K streams encoded in various use cases by TITAN and how it has a key role in upcoming standards like VVC and AV2 to make this new end-user experience a success.

After months of live trials using the award-winning Kyrion and TITAN solutions, ATEME will also showcase how BISS-CA, the EBU’s open, interoperable and secured standard, allows broadcasters to secure high-value content in contribution and distribution to combat streaming privacy.

Remi Beaudouin, Chief Strategy Officer, ATEME said: “We’ll be exhibiting a number of exciting developments at this year’s IBC, including our new product, TITAN Playout. Ahead of the event, we will also be making our latest white paper “The Single Critical Factor for High-Quality Streaming, Now and Forever’’ available to download which will explain how our technology allows those in the broadcast industry to go beyond the classic cost vs quality debate to enable a simpler and more fundamental concept: value.”

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Finepoint Broadcast Team Gears for IBC 2019

Key personnel attending will include Giles Bendig (Managing Director), Clive Northen (Hire Manager), David Gill (Broadcast Sales Manager), Andrew McKenzie (Chief Engineer) and Nico Iriate (Hire Coordinator).

“IBC continues to be worthwhile for face-to-face networking and as a venue in which to try out products from upcoming innovators,” Giles Bendig comments. “It is also useful for experiencing new technical developments before these are tested in the competitive marketplace. Production companies tend to have the strongest interest in new technology because shooting high-budget content in the best possible quality always makes long-term sense.”


“A lot of companies in the OB sector are making their plans for the 2020 round of sports,” adds Clive Northen. “Next year is going to be very busy with the UEFA Euro 2020 and the Summer Olympics in Japan along with our already contracted business for the UK domestic market. Will we be discussing potential additions to our hire fleet with vendors at IBC and also meeting with some of our biggest clients at the show. Interest in 4K-UHD continues to grow both because it is becoming more affordable and as it has obvious advantages for long-term archiving.”


“The ability to make HD cutouts from 4K is attracting growing interest among production companies,” comments Andrew McKenzie. “The recommended technique is to capture a sports match by streaming two matched side-by-side 4K camera feeds to a control room which can be located a few metres away or on another continent. Sourcing HD cutouts from 8K is a much more attractive option than dual 4K as you only need a single camera and a single delivery channel. No synchronisation issues and no need for graphic stitching. I hope at least one of of the major camera manufacturers will pick up on this application at IBC.”


“We will also be looking at the latest developments in product areas such as OB camera lenses, camcorders, production servers and post production equipment,” says David Gill. “IBC is also great opportunity for direct meetings with suppliers and potential as well as existing customers.”

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nanocosmos Takes Interactive Live Streaming to the Next Level With New Features for nanoStream Cloud

At IBC2019, nanocosmos will introduce new enhancements to its nanoStream Cloud end-to-end solution for ultra-low-latency (ULL) live streaming that enable a more interactive and engaging experience for end users, supporting a range of interactive business use cases such as iGaming, webcasts, and auctions. nanoStream Cloud features H5Live Player for plug-in-free, low-latency playback (about one second) on any mobile and desktop browser, including Safari on iOS; a scalable CDN with a global footprint; and advanced analytics and metrics that provide improved insights throughout the entire workflow to ensure a superior quality of service.

“In today’s video streaming world, businesses, platform operators, and content creators are looking to gamify business and OTT content to increase audience engagement, interactivity, and monetization,” said Oliver Lietz, CEO and founder of nanocosmos. “nanoStream Cloud is the ultimate solution, offering ultra-low-latency that is critical for interactive live streaming, with a scalable CDN, analytics, and flexible player in one platform, all at an economical cost with no additional streaming servers or infrastructure required. The new enhancements to nanoStream Cloud take the platform to the next level, opening up opportunities for interactive use cases on a global scale.”

New capabilities to be demonstrated at IBC2019 for the nanoStream Cloud ULL live-streaming platform include multi-bit-rate (MBR/ABR) streaming; transcoding, improved live streaming and screen sharing in the browser; tagging; secure streaming; and synced playback. Next-generation MBR/ABR and analytics capabilities expand operators’ reach and make it easy to deliver ULL live video on any device, anywhere in the world. The company will also showcase new flexible live encoding options for its platform, giving operators the choice to use the nanoStream Webcaster or third-party live encoders. nanoStream Cloud is also perfect for offering instant live streaming for multiple camera streams 24/7.

Efficient and scalable, the end-to-end solution includes support for the entire video streaming workflow, from live encoding to streaming and playback. The nanoStream Cloud platform is easy to use and integrate into existing firewalled and enterprise environments, offering a global footprint and player that is compatible with any mobile and desktop browser. By reducing setup, hardware, and maintenance costs, as well as eliminating vendor fragmentation issues, nanoStream Cloud provides a lightweight, cost-effective solution for businesses that want to create more interactive live video streaming experiences and gamify their content.

nanocosmos will demonstrate its nanoStream Cloud platform at IBC2019, Sept. 13-17 in Amsterdam, at Stand 14.B17. In addition, Lietz will participate in a panel discussion on “Streaming Live Events: When it MUST Be All Right on the Night.” The session will take place Monday, Sept. 16 at 1 p.m. in the Content Everywhere Hub — Presentation Theater located on Stand 14.C15.

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BCE, Take Media To The Next Level

Live stream and manage your OTT platforms

Discover BCE’s online video solutions for both live and on-demand high-quality content serving customers such as TV and radio broadcasters, brands, event organizers and sport and cultural events.


Live streaming massive events such as Tomorrowland and the fashion weeks, BCE has acquired a leading position on the market with a solid player, multiple features and global delivery.

Thanks to BCE’s Online Video Platform (OVP) and services, the customer can create video platforms (VoD, Replay, PayTV, etc.), manage and distribute its content, monitor and analyze its audience.


Produce and broadcast with StudioTalk

StudioTalk is an all-in-one solution to produce shows, manage content, add special effects, control sets and broadcast your programs on any existing platform. Experience live production and 360° distribution through an easy touch interface and powerful system.

StudioTalk touchscreen interface
  • Thanks to an intuitive Graphic User Interface and a touchscreen, the customers are able to control cameras, feeds and studio sets.
  • An automated mode can let StudioTalk work on its own to ensure seamless production and broadcast.
  • An advanced Content Management System is built-in and can easily be connected to your workflow.
  • Encrypt the content with BCE DRM.
StudioTalk at RTS

Itstored, BCE’s cloud backup and storage solution

With S3 (Simple Storage Service) protocol being a worldwide standard, BCE ensures the protection of the files as well as its immediate availability as itstored is directly connected to the customer workflow.

  • The customer can perform unlimited actions on your content with a single, flat rate
  • Thanks to BCE’s bandwidth, The customer can access your content at any time
  • With more than 22 PB, the customer can backup all its content
  • The content can be stored on two redundant datacenters


Discover as well BCE’s recent system integration projects for Groupe M6, BNJ, RTS and Antenne Reunion, the remastering of Baywatch for Fremantle, BCE’s DRM services and our 4K Broadcast services of Altice and

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InSync Technology Partners With Qvest Media For Cloud-based Standards Conversion

Qvest.Cloud is an advanced management platform for media that radically simplifies the shift to fully integrated multicloud architectures by enabling replacement of on-premise with multicloud or hybrid production capabilites, centralizing control through powerful media management services, providing seamless integration with private and major public clouds, and being the center of a constantly growing ecosystem of third party media applications.

Integral components of Qvest.Cloud, that have been designed as cloud native applications, include workflow orchestration, cloud automation, user management, monitoring, cost control and billing, and comprehensive IT security.

Standards conversion is an essential requirement for all domestic and international content distribution targeting the widest range of display devices, including TV, desktop, and mobile screens. A high quality, motion compensated standards converter is the only solution for handling the multiple formats and frame rates needed for each service and application.

FrameFormer from InSync Technology is a high quality, motion compensated standards converter that offers frame rate conversion, including cadence management, for all types of content, from sub-QCIF up to 8K and beyond. Unlike other solutions, FrameFormer runs on CPU-only processors, giving the user the flexibility to scale up/down the service in the cloud quickly, orchestrated by Qvest.Cloud.

“Cloud-based standards conversion is central to extending the global reach of your content,” said Daryl Blair, Product Manager, InSync Technology. “Access to FrameFormer within Qvest.Cloud enables users to transform their assets rapidly and efficiently into the format needed for onward distribution in any country or region.”


“We’re delighted to announce another partnership with a leading media processing solution,” said Theo Peters, Partner Manager, Qvest Media. “Standards conversion is an important part of our customers’ media processing chain. Integration of InSync’s FrameFormer into Qvest.Cloud provides an easy to use solution, which can be managed by Qvest.Cloud’s powerful media orchestration.”

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Widespread Adoption of Embrionix IP Solutions Fuels Company Growth – 2019 Revenues Up 29%

Embrionix has experienced significant year-over-year growth and widespread adoption of its IP-to-IP processing, gateway, and monitoring solutions with annual revenues growing over the past three years by 23%, 25%, and 29%, respectively.

“Our focus on miniaturization and on enabling deployment of processing directly in COTS hardware has allowed us to develop solutions that meet a wide variety of broadcasters’ current and future requirements,” said Renaud Lavoie, Embrionix president. “In addition to providing convenient, configurable processing and monitoring in the IP realm, our products are very compact, with a small power footprint, allowing users to lower opex with both space and energy savings.”

Embrionix pioneered use of the small form-factor pluggable (SFP) form factor for signal processing early in the company’s history and since has been granted 20 patents for its innovative technologies. By building miniaturized and field-updatable signal-processing technology into SFP modules that plug into commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) IP switch ports, the company brings its customers a unique combination of flexibility and functionality in solutions that reduce equipment count and costs. Customers including the CBC and the NEP Group have invested in IP gateways and processing solutions from Embrionix to support their leading-edge implementation of SMPTE ST 2110 for live applications.

“At Embrionix we are completely committed to IP,” added Lavoie. “We’re always looking at our customers’ current and future needs and providing versatile solutions that support their evolution in the IP realm.”

Embrionix will showcase its full range of products at IBC2019 (Hall 8, Stand B.37) with a host of new features and products for the SMPTE ST 2110 world.

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RIST Forum to Host Free Session at IBC2019

The RIST Forum will host a free “Lunch and Learn,” followed by presentations and panel discussions, on Monday, 16 September, at IBC2019 in Amsterdam. The RIST Forum is an independent association focused on promoting the open, interoperable, and technically robust RIST protocol for the delivery of low-latency live video over unmanaged networks.

The session will give attendees the opportunity to learn more about RIST and its potential for live video delivery. Starting with the “Lunch and Learn,” where RIST experts will be on hand to discuss the forum and protocol, the day will also feature presentations and a panel discussion from Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elemental, Cobalt Digital, DVEO, Net Insight, Open Broadcast Systems, VideoFlow, and Zixi.

Topics will include the RIST Main Profile, encryption, high-end live media workflows, delivery of content to tens of millions of people using RIST, as well as how RIST and the cloud are transforming content distribution and the future of the format.

“RIST is all about the combination of interoperability and innovation, giving the broadcast industry a simple yet highly effective method for interchanging professional signals between different vendors,” explained Alexander Sandström, co-chair of the RIST Forum. “RIST has the potential to solve a lot of the complexity with live media workflows.”


“This session is about educating attendees about RIST and its potential, helping them determine whether they should be implementing it in their own workflows,” added Jacob Kinsey, co-chair of the RIST Forum. “We are taking the same collaborative approach with the RIST day at IBC as the technical activity group has done when developing the RIST specification. Speakers and panelists are from a wide range of companies, and all sessions are interactive and to give everyone a chance to meet and discuss with the experts and innovators behind RIST.”

RIST has been developed jointly by a group of experts, combining real-world experience into defining workable specifications. Technical recommendations are posted from the Video Services Forum (VSF), an independent group of vendors, end-users, and service providers.

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