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InSync Technology Partners With Qvest Media For Cloud-based Standards Conversion

InSync Technology announced a new partnership with Qvest Media enabling integration of FrameFormer, InSync's motion compensated frame rate converter, into the multicloud manangement platform Qvest.Cloud.

Qvest.Cloud is an advanced management platform for media that radically simplifies the shift to fully integrated multicloud architectures by enabling replacement of on-premise with multicloud or hybrid production capabilites, centralizing control through powerful media management services, providing seamless integration with private and major public clouds, and being the center of a constantly growing ecosystem of third party media applications.

Integral components of Qvest.Cloud, that have been designed as cloud native applications, include workflow orchestration, cloud automation, user management, monitoring, cost control and billing, and comprehensive IT security.

Standards conversion is an essential requirement for all domestic and international content distribution targeting the widest range of display devices, including TV, desktop, and mobile screens. A high quality, motion compensated standards converter is the only solution for handling the multiple formats and frame rates needed for each service and application.

FrameFormer from InSync Technology is a high quality, motion compensated standards converter that offers frame rate conversion, including cadence management, for all types of content, from sub-QCIF up to 8K and beyond. Unlike other solutions, FrameFormer runs on CPU-only processors, giving the user the flexibility to scale up/down the service in the cloud quickly, orchestrated by Qvest.Cloud.

“Cloud-based standards conversion is central to extending the global reach of your content,” said Daryl Blair, Product Manager, InSync Technology. “Access to FrameFormer within Qvest.Cloud enables users to transform their assets rapidly and efficiently into the format needed for onward distribution in any country or region.”


“We’re delighted to announce another partnership with a leading media processing solution,” said Theo Peters, Partner Manager, Qvest Media. “Standards conversion is an important part of our customers’ media processing chain. Integration of InSync’s FrameFormer into Qvest.Cloud provides an easy to use solution, which can be managed by Qvest.Cloud’s powerful media orchestration.”

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