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MultiDyne Unleashes Next-Generation SMPTE-HUT Series at IBC2019

Latest generation of universal camera transceivers enables long-distance transport over a single strand, with built-in optical budgeting and power cycling.

MultiDyne Fiber Optic Solutions comes to IBC2019 this week with a new generation of its legacy SMPTE-HUT system, a universal camera transceiver that frees camera operators from the limitations of hybrid cabling. The latest iteration streamlines connectivity, reducing the dual-strand architecture to a single fiber strand.

The latest SMPTE-HUT generation also integrates optical budgeting and remote power cycling, removing the need for external docks to regenerate signals for long-distance camera-to-studio transmission.

“There are certainly cost- and labor-saving benefits through using a single fiber strand, notably in stadiums or metropolitan areas where it’s necessary to lease fiber,” said Frank Jachetta, CEO, MultiDyne. “The real value comes through the SMPTE-HUT’s ability to regenerate optical power within the fiber. The optical budget is also now viewable on the device, giving camera operators a detailed troubleshooting tool to quickly determine if there is a power issue or another problem. The ability to remotely cycle power adds further value, allowing operators to reset cameras and make power adjustments as required.”


The next-generation SMPTE-HUT also integrates a higher level of intelligence than previous versions. For example, the devices will now operate with every SMPTE camera model and vendor, and translate important settings and details to the built-in display.

The SMPTE-HUT remains one of MultiDyne’s popular product lines with outside broadcast and mobile production companies for long-distance transmission. The devices eliminate the need to mix copper connectivity with fiber, enabling faster setup and strike times while reducing weight on trucks. The elimination of copper also removes RF, EMI and grounding issues from the infrastructure, ensuring the best possible signal integrity over very long distances.

MultiDyne will demonstrate the SMPTE-HUT alongside other new and existing innovations at IBC2019, beginning this Friday, September 13 through Tuesday, September 17. MultiDyne exhibits at Stand 11.D40 in the RAI Exhibition and Convention Center.

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