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MEDIAPRO and the Association of Spanish Racecourses sign agreement to promote Spain’s horseracing industry

The Group is set to produce the 74 horseracing meetings and manage the national and international sale of media rights and advertising, resulting in a significant growth stimulus for the country’s horseracing industry.

MEDIAPRO and the Association of Spanish Racecourses have reached an agreement whereby the group will produce and broadcast all the horseracing fixtures and manage the organization’s national and international distribution and commercialization of its range of advertising formats. Viewers can now follow the 74 horseracing meets via streaming, thanks to the creation of an OTT platform, where all race days will be broadcast in full.

With this agreement, the Spanish turf industry takes a qualitative leap thanks to the MEDIAPRO Group’s expertise and experience in the production, management and distribution of media rights internationally and the commercialization of advertising for major sporting events and competitions.

The MEDIAPRO Group will produce the retransmission and the one-hour television program featuring the day’s fourth and fifth race and will create the OTT platform where the entire day’s racing will be streamed. In addition, the Group will produce the racetracks closed circuit for racecourse judges, stewards and screens, supported by an especially in-house designed graphics system called EQUO; a tool that provides instant replays, similar to the VAR, so judges and stewards can review each race. The complete production for each race will feature a device consisting of a main set, two interview positions in the paddock, two production teams, 12 cameras, a drone and a camera with radio link.


The horse racing season begins on 1st March at the Zarzuela Hippodrome and ends on 27th December at the Dos Hermanas Racecourse. TEN will broadcast the fourth and fifth race of the circuit’s opening day live this coming March 1st.

Viewers can enjoy the full broadcast of the entire race card and exclusive content on They will also have the possibility to interact live and keep up with all the goings-on at the different events via social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

The presentation of this historic agreement took place today at the Zarzuela Hippodrome, attended by Rafael Márquez Ojea, president of the Association of Spanish Racecourses, Juan José García Pérez, of the MEDIAPRO Group, and Álvaro Gutiérrez de la Fuente, president of the Zarzuela Hippodrome and vice president of the Association of Spanish Racecourses.

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