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Go behind the scenes to discover the world and sets of “THE HEAD”

The Mediapro Studio previews footage from the making of the series “The Head”, directed by Jorge Dorado and screenplay by Álex and David Pastor.

“The Head”, an international production from The Mediapro Studio, in association with Hulu Japan and HBO Asia, is directed by Jorge Dorado with a screenplay written by Álex and David Pastor, together with Isaac Sastre.

A 2,000 m² set in Tenerife became the principal location for the production, with most of the series being shot on location at these expansive facilities, where the Polaris VI polar station was recreated on a real scale to best simulate the action that takes place onboard. In addition, the team also travelled to Iceland to shoot exterior locations.

In this short video, director Jorge Dorado, executive producer Ran Tellem and actor John Lynch explain what filming at both locations was like.

As well as John Lynch, “The Head” features an international cast including Katharine O’Donnelly, Tomohisa Yamashita, Alexandre Willaume, Laura Bach, Sandra Andreis, Amelia Hoy, Chris Reilly, Richard Sammel, Tom Lawrence and with a special appearance by Álvaro Morte and Mònica López.

The series will have its worldwide premiere on 12th June in Spain on the OrangeTV platform.

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