Lockdown boosts digital content consumption

With such a large portion of younger audiences sheltering in place, the volume of online videogaming and eSports consumption has sky-rocketed.

Lockdown in response to the Covid-19 pandemic has boosted consumption of digital content among young people, especially when it comes to videogaming and eSports. With far more time available and the inability to travel abroad, in the first complete month of sheltering in place (April 2020), the number of games played on videogaming competition platforms such as ArenaGG, has increased by 266% compared to the data prior to state of emergency, and reproductions on the videogaming and entertainment OTT, UBEAT have grown 64%

Specifically, the videogaming competition platform ArenaGG, which belongs to LVP (MEDIAPRO Group) and with a presence in more than 80 countries, closed April with a growth of 326% in page views compared to February and a 90% hike compared to the figures for March. As such, the platform completed the fourth month of the year with 14.7 million-page views and 119,169 games disputed (+ 266% compared to February and + 107% compared to March) and currently has 1.46 million players, after registrations growing by 124,000 since mid-March.

ArenaGG’s main market is Spain (+ 90% in April compared to March), but Latin America has contributed significantly to the increase in traffic: in Argentina page views have increased 258%, in Colombia they have grown 360%, in Mexico a spectacular 540% and in Chile 196%. In terms of the games being played, League of Legends is the flagship game on ArenaGG, while Rainbow Six, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, Fortnite, Free Fire and FIFA 20 have also experienced growth.

eSports and entertainment

Consumption of eSports and entertainment is also growing and notably so. In this sense, UBEAT, the MEDIAPRO Group’s eSports and entertainment multiplatform, closed out April with the best data in its history.

With so many young people sheltering in place as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the commitment to quality content, the number of reproductions increased by 27% compared to March, which had been the record month to date. The increase in reproductions last month is even greater when compared to the data for February (+ 64%), and even more spectacular compared to the same month the previous year (April 2020 vs. April 2019): in the past 12 months, the volume of video views on (Mediapro Group) has increased by 433%.

The highlights from this period include the excellent results of several flagship in-house shows, including “Hoy No Se Sale” (hosted by Ibai Llanos and Bruno Pol Feliu) and “Todo Mal” (Goorgo and Nil Ojeda), as well as “Ubeat Crew”, a format where content creators of different genres (Robleis, Esttik, Pol Gise, Didac Ribot, Los Buyer, Viole Franco, Borja Pavón, etc.) give free rein to their creativity.

eSports on LVP (Liga de Videojuegos Profesional)

Meanwhile, audience numbers for LVP’s eSports competitions on Twitch have also witnessed exponential growth. The month of April began with all-time record audiences for a national competition: more than 238,000 people followed the League of Legends Superliga Orange final, representing a growth of 12% compared to the previous final, which had also been record-breaking. LVP’s broadcast in Spanish of the European Masters, the European League of Legends competition, which pits champions of the regional leagues against each other, closed the month of April with an average of 187,000 viewers per program.

Audiences also joined to watch the national finals of CS:GO, the Orange Unity League. During the month of April, broadcasts of the Orange Unity League exceeded 139,000 viewers per broadcast day (each matchday runs between Tuesday and Wednesday), 58% increase compared with the figures for February, prior to lockdown.

The success of LVP eSports competitions is also groundbreaking in Latin America. Finals of the national League of Legends competitions took place in Argentina, Mexico, and Chile during the month of April, with audience numbers of more than 140,000, representing growths of 26%, 33% and 56%, respectively.

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