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Kosta (The Paradise) premieres exclusively in Spain this 25th June on Orange TV

MEDIAPRO STUDIO AND ORANGE TV have reached an agreement for the acquisition of a content package to include the series, in addition to dramas THE HEAD, CAMINANTES and movies RIFKIN’s FESTIVAL and OFFICIAL COMPETITION.

“KOSTA (THE PARADISE)”, the series produced by THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO in association with Finish public television network YLE and also Finish production company MRP (Matila Röhr Productions Oy), has announced its Spanish premiere date, exclusively on ORANGE TV (the TV platform of Orange), this coming 25th June.

The drama, starring Malaga’s Fran Perea, is part of a broader content acquisition agreement signed between ORANGE and THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO. Under the agreement, Orange has also bought the premiere rights for its television platform to full-length features RIFKIN’S FESTIVAL (Woody Allen’s latest movie shot on location in San Sebastián last summer), and OFFICIAL COMPETITION (the film from Argentine directors Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn, starring Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Oscar Martínez). The deal also includes the series THE HEAD (international series directed by Jorge Dorado, whose international premiere is set for 12th June), and CAMINANTES (the horror drama from Koldo Serra and José A. Pérez Ledo, filmed using footage from state-of-the-art smartphones set on the Camino de Santiago, due for release this summer).

Josep Maria Rabés, Director of Orange TV stated, “our company is wholeheartedly committed to promoting the production of quality content in Spain and this alliance with Mediapro allows us to strengthen this objective, as well as to bolster the offer for customers of our television platform, one of the most evolved and innovative services in recent years in Spain, from a functional point of view as well as content”.

“The greater the interest in original content from platforms and operators, the greater the opportunities we have to fortify the production. ORANGE TV is investing heavily in its television offer, of which we are delighted to be involved in with a significant selection of our best film and television productions this year.”, commented Laura Fernández Espeso, Corporate & TV Director at THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO.

“We are proud to be a guarantee of quality for all our partners. Agreements like this not only confirm the confidence of the sector, but also strengthen our position as a key partner in the production and distribution of content internationally”, said Javier Méndez, Global Content Director at THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO.

Nordic noir set on the Costa del Sol and in Finland

“KOSTA (The Paradise)”, a thriller straight out of the Nordic noir textbook was filmed at locations on the Costa del Sol, such as Fuengirola, and in the city of Oulu, in Finland, responsible for police thrillers “Hooked” and “Black Widows”, winner of the prestigious Golden Venla Award, and with main screenwriter Matti Laine, author of the crime novels series “Border Town” and “Bullets” and nominated for “KOSTA (The Paradise)” at the Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize 2020, which are awarded to recognize screenwriting excellence in Nordic countries. Ran Tellem, Head of International Content at THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, also played a significant role in the series development.

Executive Producers from THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO are Laura Fernández Espeso, Javier Mendez, Ran Tellem and Bernat Elías, YLE’s Executive Producers are Jarmo Lampela and Suvi Mansnerus, with Marko Rohr as MRP Delegate Producer and Tiina Pesonen as Producer.

The series was released to great success in February on YLE, where all eight episodes reported audience figures above two million, both for the linear broadcast on YLE TV1 as well as via its VoD service YLE Arena, marking a record audience share in the country with a population of five million in which 40% of viewers made contact with the series at some point.

“KOSTA (The Paradise)” revolves around a series of crimes that take place within the largest community of Finnish residents outside Finland, located in southern Spain. Two policemen, detective Andrés Villanueva, played by Fran Perea (“The Serranos”, “Luna, el misterio de Calenda”, “La sonata del silencio”, “The Last Circus”), a man affected by a deep feeling of loss and with strong ties to the Nordic residents, and Inspector Hilkka Mäntymäki, played by Finnish actress Riitta Havukainen (Fakta homma, Harjunpää ja heimolaiset), one of the best detectives in the city of Oulu, who is close to retiring and dealing with a complicated family situation, will take the lead in the case.

Coming from very different cultures and used to such different methods, the relationship between both police sets the stage for the common thread of a plot in which the contrast between the cold North and the warm South of Europe plays a prominent role also, a fact that is highlighted by the cinematography work itself with dark environments and gray in the Nordic country and with the sun and the light of the Mediterranean, very present in the series with images shot on the Costa del Sol.

The list of actors featuring in the production includes a mixed cast of both Spanish and Finnish stars including Maria Romero (“Historias románticas (un poco) cabronas”, “El olivo”), Oscar Zafra (“Victim Nº 8”, “Side Games”) and Emilio Palacios (“Servir y proteger”, “La zona”), and Finland’s Risto Tuorila, Carl-Christian Rundman and Armi Toivanen.

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