MEDIAPRO sign agreement with Hospital Clínic de Barcelona

The Clinic team of professionals, a world reference center for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, will advise the Group on measures to prevent COVID-19 and safety protocols.

The Hospital Clínic de Barcelona will provide the MEDIAPRO Group with operational advice, assistance, development of prevention and risk reduction protocols and policies against COVID-19. As such, MEDIAPRO will have the advice and consultancy of a centre of reference worldwide in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases when it comes to decision-making concerning the initiatives the company adopts to fight the coronavirus pandemic. This collaboration will enable the Group to design a bespoke plan for easing of lockdown restrictions adapted to the nature of the activities carried out by the Group’s professionals, and thereby increasing their safety. The Group, with offices in 36 countries on four continents, will draw on the experience and scientific expertise of the Clinic’s professionals to establish action protocols in all its fields of activity, preventive measures, and health safety protocols implemented for the more than 7,000 professionals who are part of the Group.

MEDIAPRO will avail of direct advice from Hospital Clinic specialists in the areas of preventive medicine, epidemiology, infectious diseases, internal medicine, intensive medicine, occupational medicine, and occupational risk prevention. The Hospital Clínic is a center of reference for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, including those classified as high-risk. Since the appearance of this new disease, the Clinic has carried out intensive primary care, diagnosis and treatment, of thousands of patients with COVID-19, developing a wealth of research activity in all areas.

The agreement signed between the MEDIAPRO Group and the Hospital Clínic includes carrying out a preliminary study into the occupational characteristics of each area of activity carried out by the Group (provision of audiovisual services, content production, digital projects, etc.), and their adaptation to this new environment. The team of professionals at the Clinic will advise those responsible for each MEDIAPRO area at the operational level with the validation and updating of protocols implemented to fight COVID-19, and regulations in the event of travel, through training Group professionals, as well as monitoring potential cases.

MEDIAPRO will have ongoing advice on strategies for reopening programs and reincorporation into the workplace, which include validation and updating of protocols, risk analysis of on-site work, definition of the type of controls to be carried out, reincorporation and follow-up protocols, detection of professionals vulnerable to COVID-19 due to underlying health issues, and preventive measures in the workplace. The agreement also affords MEDIAPRO consultancy for the procurement of materials and also logistics for cleaning and disinfection protocols for its installations.

Specialists at the Hospital Clínic will provide training to MEDIAPRO professionals, as well as follow-up of positive cases, contact studies, monitoring of those in isolation and adapted health examinations.

In the case of business trips, MEDIAPRO will have specific protocols in prevention, advice and monitoring. Thus, its professionals can have detailed information on where, how and when to recommence traveling, preventive measures and risks for each country and its specific characteristics, with access to a health application for travelers.

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