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BCE and Freecaster produced and live-streamed RTL Group’s Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of RTL Group, held on 30 June 2020, was produced by BCE and live-streamed by Freecaster, from Luxembourg and London, to RTL Group’s shareholders.

In light of the global spread of the coronavirus disease and in accordance with the Grand Ducal Regulation of 20 March 2020, RTL Group’s AGM was held without the shareholders physically present. Voting rights were exercised electronically during the AGM, by correspondence beforehand, or by proxy.


“While the coronavirus disease is still spreading worldwide, it is crucial to adapt to the situation using modern technology. With its growing variety of services, BCE was glad to support RTL Group with its first virtual Annual General Meeting,” comments Frédéric Lemaire, CEO at BCE.

Using its modern/state-of-the-art outside broadcasting van, BCE produced the AGM in high definition, with feeds from RTL City in Luxembourg, including the integration of the meeting’s presentation, and a feed coming from London. Thanks to its streaming platform and advanced player, Freecaster integrated the live production and ensured the live stream. In addition to the adaptive bitrate allowing a seamless experience for the viewers, the player featured simultaneous translation from English into French and German and was integrated in the voting portal for the shareholders.


A large conference room at RTL City in Luxembourg, where RTL Group’s Executive Committee and the representatives of the statutory auditor were present, was equipped with three Panasonic PTZ robotic cameras. RTL Group’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Martin Taylor, was cut in live via video conference from Fremantle in London, UK, where the headquarters of RTL Group’s content business is located.

“Our media expertise and advanced services allow seamless live production and streaming. Thanks to numerous modules and a highly flexible platform, we were able to live-stream the event integrating a multi-language selection as well as the voting system provided by Lumi, ” explains Xavier Thillen, Head of Production & Digital Media Operations at BCE.


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